Blessed Imbolc 2021

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

Brigid by Emily Balivet, Etsy

Imbolc is a sabbat which is celebrated roundly by most Wiccan folk.  As it happens, all the sabbats seem to be celebrated more so by those who identify as Wiccan than any other neo-Pagan group.  Witches by and large do not necessarily celebrate sabbats unless they do identify as Wiccan.  All that said, the most predominant group of Imbolc celebrants are Irish, past and present. It is not hard to see why… the Goddess any of us identify as being the go-to goddess in an Imbolc celebration is Brigid.  And Brigid as many of you may know was the “hook” for the early Catholic church to bring the Celtic/Gaelic Pagans into the church by naming their beloved Goddess as a saint.  Whilst the Christians now celebrate Candlemas with St Brigid, we neo-Pagans and Wiccans celebrate Imbolc with our Goddess Brigid.  Either way, she is the Goddess of light and beginning 1 February the light shines for the so-called beginning of Spring.  I think of it more as a “pre-beginning of Spring”.  You might get the oddly determined Bluebell peeking its head through the snow in late February, but Spring proper is still a good bit off. 

Still, this is the time of year when the days become noticeably longer… more sunlight, that is! It is not a huge difference at the first, but we start noticing we have a few minutes less darkness now.  And that is the promise of ever lengthening days until warmer weather will be back.  I am sure many of you like me, are not completely opposed to a moderately warm day as, if you have had to go without heating this winter, as I always do, it can be quite uncomfortable at times.  A word of advice – fleece lined leggings!! Oh, and fleece lined tights as well!

The Gaelic Irish would often leave a bed for Brigid and food and drink so as to receive her blessings should she visit them. And most of you are familiar with the straw Brigid’s Cross.  The girls of the town would weave these, and they would hang from doors or above them or in windows for Brigid to see and bless the home it hanged from.  Brigid was many times invoked to bless a family’s livestock as well therefore it would never be odd to see a Brigid’s Cross hanging somewhere on a barn.

Imbolc also marked the beginning of the planting/sowing season.  Blackthorn begins flowering to produce sloes.  It is also the onset of lambing season.  To mark the occasion of Imbolc, and what it represented to everyone, fire rituals and festivals and the lighting of candles were and still are today, a custom which has endured the ages.  This represented the return of warmth and the increasing power of the Sun over the coming months.

Spring cleaning is a large part of the Imbolc process and we here at the Covenstead are no different, especially with a new baby on the way.  Yes, my eldest daughter, Rhiannon, is expecting her first child, a boy, in April! So, it has been a flurry of scrubbing and washing and ridding the house of the Winter cobbies and cat fur tumbleweeds [as we laughingly call them].

Traditional Imbolc eve repast would often include colcannon, dumplings, barmbrack, and in some homes, sowans – which I could never stomach.  I think my Scottish ancestry left me short-changed in the ability to like many things they are known for.  Not a haggis fan, either. Still, I loved the colcannon which is mashed potatoes with either cabbage or kale mixed in and who doesn’t enjoy a lovely ‘brack?

However you choose to celebrate Imbolc tonight and tomorrow, please do so responsibly and not with others outside your household. Please wear your masks, socially distance, and wash your hands.  And obviously be careful with bonfires and candles.  I wish everyone the blessings of Brigid and her protection of you and yours for good health and abundance.  Many thanks for reading and warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x

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First Day of the New Year

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram: @thewandcarver

Many of you watched the New Year celebrations from your home on your televisions last night. Same here. They were certainly not as full of the fanfare as New Year’s Eve celebrations in the past have been. All countries, from what I could tell, scaled back their usual flamboyance and opted for socially distanced – or no revellers at all – celebrations. The fireworks displays were cut back from 15 to 20 minutes down to 7 or 8 minutes. But, you know what they say… good things come in small packages? I think that is exactly what Britain went for this year. And, I could not be prouder or more enthralled with how it went.

The fireworks spectacular was cut down severely, however, the light drones were put to the most inspiring use. I truly enjoyed, and shed tears during every minute. I can’t share video of the event with you but I can share pictures, in order of what happened. Mind, the full experience of watching the actual show will be lost on you unless you did watch it last night, but I have curated the best of the the night so you can get an idea of why I am so proud of the UK.

Big Ben, Elizabeth Tower, Westminster, 2021

Big Ben is always ready on special occasions. Since 2017, our iconic big clock has been under repair and still has repairs to be done, however, it has been chimed during every Armistice Day and New Year’s Eve since repair work began. Last night was no different. A balm for the soul to hear it.

Blue Dove above the Millennium Dome, London 2021

Next a beautiful blue dove of peace, drone-lit, of course. Amazing how they get these to all fly in a correct formation at the same speed and equal distance from each other. It was quite breathtaking to see when you’re not expecting it.

Black Lives Matter, 2021

Black Lives Matter. Let us turn our backs on racism from now on. Let us learn from the past mistakes of others. Let us now go forward knowing we are all human and must join together in preventing history’s most disgusting side of itself from continuing.

Drone lights the NHS over Millennium Dome, London

A tribute to the NHS. The work done by NHS doctors and nurses is a comfort to us all. When we say “NHS Heroes” we mean it from the bottoms of our hearts. Thank you, NHS!

Join together… we are always better together than divided. Let us put our differences aside, no, let us understand our differences and heal… together.

Hope together. Let us have our hopes but let us act upon them positively. We can make our hopes and dreams real.

Love together.

A big explosion over Tower Bridge! See, there were fireworks. More than this but I just didn’t capture them all…

Cue the tears…I tend to get weepy when Sir David Attenborough speaks. I love his kind and gentle voice and how, despite the mucky mess we have put our world into over the years, he always reassures us we can work together and put it right again…

I hope you have enjoyed my little recap of last night’s “celebrations” in London. I do hope that on the eve of 2022 we can all spill out in the streets again because Covid is well and truly behind us. Still, if not, we can take comfort that we can do our bit every day to make that day a reality faster. We can do this by washing our hands, using hand sanitiser, socially distancing, wearing masks, and staying home as much as humanly possible. And, please take advantage of receiving a Covid vaccine as soon as it is made available to you.

Many thanks for reading and please stay safe. Warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x

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Happy New Year 2021

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram: @thewandcarver

We wish everyone a happier New Year in 2021 than many had during 2020.  It has been like nothing we have seen in our lifetimes.  It has changed us, mostly, and I hope that change is for the better overall.

My hope for 2021 is that we have learned the Universal lesson that we are better together than divided. We certainly have had a few harsh lessons to point us to that conclusion. And, when I say “better together” I do not mean as a cult kind of thing.  I mean as in working together, despite our differences, to reach goals of better understanding, acceptance, and genuine care for each other.  We fear what we do not know… so it is time to learn. Learn about what makes you afraid because if you understand, your fear will dissipate. You will then be able to stop hating whatever or whomever it was that you hated before.

from Google Images

We are all human.  The very fact of our basic existence is that we are human, first.  Then we spread out into various colours, belief systems, and languages. There is no purpose to hating people whom you do not understand apart from wounding yourself and others. Learn about those whom you think you despise.  You will find they are very much like yourself. They have families and work to provide for them, if able. They want a better world for their children, the same as you. Yes, there may be history which has pitted “us against them”, but do you not believe that history can be improved upon for future generations? No, we cannot change the past, but we can change each day which will soon enough be history for future generations. Let us be the point in time where we begin moving on from the chains wrapped round us by our predecessors.  Let us begin this freedom from hatred for the sakes of our descendants now.

Madame Marie Curie, one of the most admired women in history, once said, “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less”

Happy New Year 2021.., and warmest blessings to all whom this way wander. With love, Isabella and family x

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Yule Blessings, Happy Solstice, and a Great Conjunction to Boot! 2020

by Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram: @thewandcarver

Ah, what a perfect ending to a miserable year for most people. It has been filled with bad politics, bad politicians, bad manners, bad virus, bad moods, and bad feelings by all. Some are not terribly bothered with lockdowns and self-isolation [such as myself for I am a truly solitary Solitary Witch and am pleased with my own company and that of my cat] but most of you are very social creatures [I was once one of those in my youth] and that, particularly at this time of year can be ever so difficult. A Zoom Christmas is surely not the same as going to visit family, even if you don’t practise yourself. Still, today we not only begin Yule, but it is also Winter Solstice and it is the day of the Great Conjuction, which many of you read my blog regarding this two or three weeks ago. I am sorry that I haven’t had time to write since, nor do I now, but I can’t let the Sabbat pass, nor the rest of the reasons to be happy pass by without wishing all of you the very happiest “beginning of the end” of 2020.

First of all, I truly thank each of you who sign up for updates when I blog and those whom faithfully return to read them. I have never felt I could turn a phrase, nor come up with a plot or a storyline worth a tinker’s dam, so writing the book I have always wished I could has never materialised. However, if I try really hard, I can just about make some sense in a short story or blog. Having some fans, like your good selves, makes me want to write more… but there is always that old “time” which somehow saps the best out of us all. I love every one of you for sticking with me. I really shall try to do better in 2021.

I wish for every one of you to be healthy, prosperous, and protected. May the rest of this year, short as it is, be the best you can make of it. And, although I do want to send New Year wishes to you all in just over a week, I shall say now what I hope and believe – that your, our, year coming will be a happier one. I don’t think we should “go back to normal”. There never was anything useful in going backwards. How about we go forward. Let us make a new normal. One where we can be kind to each other. One where we let go of our egos and embrace our inner angels. Let us be empathetic. Let us remember the manners that someone in our lives taught us. Let us not be rude to anyone. There will be wind-up merchants always who just want to take the mick out of you but just walk away. Keep your dignity. Hold your head up. Believe in yourselves. You really are worth believing in. My mentor, Eckhart Tolle, says that people are not bad. People allow their egos to take them over and from that sometimes bad things happen; this is not the true person. When you gain the control and lose the ego, you are the true person that you are. And that person is wonderful.

I know… it is hard to believe some people, whom I shall not name, are really good people deep inside. Still, I think we all know that it is true. But we soon forget that when we are given to anger [ego-driven] over some new thing these people do. We can’t awaken anyone but ourselves.

Go out just after the sun sets tonight. Face the western skies. If you have binoculars, take them with you just so you can see Saturn and Jupiter separately and not like it is one planet. If you don’t have mountains or very tall trees in the way, there is a very good chance you will see the Great Conjuction and the best part is, it doesn’t matter where in the world you live. We can all stand together, we brothers and sisters, and see the dawning of the Age of Aquarius as one, even if we are seeing it at different times in different time zones. Just be still and know that we are truly all together; we are family.

I hope everyone will say a little prayer for each other to the Universe and thank the Universe for the beginning of a much happier, healthier and caring time ahead, Long may it last.

Many thanks for reading and warmest Yule blessings all whom this way wander x

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This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

When I was 12 years old [with the mind and looks of an 18 yr old], the flamboyantly beautiful rock opera, Hair, made the scene… and I could not get enough of it! An older, but still quite young herself, married neighbour loaned me her LP record.  I really did not want to give it back, but of course, in due time, I did.  It was energising and wild. Although I don’t believe I quite understood all the nuances of the lyrics – but a deal of the naughtier bits, I did – all I could see coming in the Age of Aquarius was a wilder, freer, and more youthful future. We, the children of love and peace, were going to set the world to rights. We see how that turned out for us now, here in our dotage.

Hair LP cover October 1967

Still, we are now in a new dawning of the Age of Aquarius in case you have not heard.  Many astrologers believe that the monumental “great conjunction” taking place on 21 December 2020 is the cosmic event that is officially heralding it in. On that date, the two largest planets in the solar system, Jupiter and Saturn [which are known as the greater benefice and greater malefic planets, respectively] will align in the sign of Aquarius for the first time in nearly 400 years. [And there was me believing I had already lived through the first coming of the Age of Aquarius at 12!] Both Jupiter and Saturn represent social issues in our lives and relate to authority and leadership, and they only form a conjunction aspect every couple decades — so when they do, it’s a big deal, which is why it’s known as a great conjunction. This is the standout cosmic event of the latter half of 2020, and it will catalyse some serious shifts.

Remember the date – 21 December 2020.  A British astrologer named Jessica Adams [@jessicaadams] predicted the very date when Coronavirus would take centre stage over a year before it happened.  She predicted a virus would take over the world on 10 January 2020 – which turned out to be when the first confirmed victim of Covid-19 died in Wuhan, China.  But, as things like this often do, it was swept aside by naysayers believing that no one could accurately predict the future.  Still, Ms Adams did just that… through astrology and because she is a psychic as well.

She also predicted Donald Trump’s downfall – the date? 1 October 2020 – the date he fell ill with Covid-19.  His luck has repeatedly run out since then and we here at the Covenstead are so incredibly happy that Mr Joe Biden and Mrs Kamala Harris are the President and Vice President elects for the US.  Long may they reign! Well… for a maximum of eight years, anyway. Well done, America!

Jessica Adams, BA ~ Daily Mail UK

Now, for future things to come.  Ms Adams says that Christmas will be fantastic.  Things will begin to change three days before Christmas.  “There will be Christmas and it will be a fantastic Christmas.  Things start to change about three days before Christmas Eve [remember the date I asked you to remember earlier?] – we see cycles we have not seen in decades – all about friendship and the group and global security,  Finally we get the Earth Coming together!”  Well! That is a turn up for the books! Enter the Age of Aquarius!

“In December of 2020, we are in for the beginning of a new age, [as] Saturn and Jupiter will be aligning in the sign of Aquarius,” astrologer Aaya Samadhi [@aayasamadhi on Twitter]. “This alignment is so significant because it means we’ll continue to have these two planets come together in air signs until 2059.” This alignment is in contrast to the intense Capricorn stellium that took place back in January [and kicked off the rise of global pandemic], during which Jupiter, Saturn, and several other significant points and planets were clustered together in rule-oriented Capricorn.

But the energy that these planets will express through an air sign like Aquarius differs greatly from the traditional and authoritative vibe they brought forth in Capricorn, which is the sign they resided in during the start of the year. “Air signs represent intellect and ideas, and Aquarius is the sign of innovation, technology, and revolution,” Samadhi says. While this alignment is inarguably going to be intense, the Aquarian focus on collective well-being, logical thought, and innovative growth feels like a breath of fresh air — and it could deliver some much-needed glimmers of hope for the future.

Aaya Samadhi, Astrologer from

“This great conjunction will spark the beginning of many new advancements in technology, medicine, and ideas — and we’ll also see a spotlight on more humanitarian issues, since Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian,” Samadhi says. “If you thought humanitarian issues came to the forefront in 2020, you can expect a lot more after the Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius alignment this December.”

You can see the two astrologers are in remarkably close agreement – without having consulted one another to my knowledge.  It should give us all pause to give thanks to the Universe… and maybe a small celebration. 

I am not an astrologist; however, I am not without my psychic abilities and I reckon that is because of being in nearly constant contact with my dearly departed… many centuries full of them. I do not go round making my predictions public because I would scare the life out of many.  Still, many will be heartened by what I can tell you.  Without the astrological backing, I felt the shift coming before Mars moved out of retrograde recently.  I knew/felt great things were afoot.  I also knew that there would still be much strife to overcome but it would be overcome indeed. It was not mentioned when speaking of astrologist Jessica Adams, but she predicted no Covid-19 vaccine and that we would just need to learn to “live with it” like AIDS. I disagreed with her on this.  I knew we would… and happily we have two different drugs manufacturers, Phizer and Moderna, whom have vaccines in final trials with one being at least 90% effective and the latter being at least 94% effective.  Mind, it will take an abundance of time to get these made and distributed worldwide, but every journey begins with one small step.  It would not surprise me a bit if the small step came around the 21st of December. 

Also, by that time, with any kind of luck, the world awaits and hopes for Donald Trump’s concession to President elect Joe Biden’s win.  Then again, it could be more around the 2nd of January… leaving so little time for Mr Biden to collaborate [!] with Mr Trump on a range of issues, not least of which, Covid-19.

I do know and feel with all my heart and soul that people worldwide will have a much happier Christmas than one would have thought only months ago.  And, apart from the few here and there, sensible minds will prevail in combatting not only Coronavirus but also in coming back together better than before as nation after nation begins to realise that we are better together than apart. We shall probably never have 100% peace on earth; however, I believe we shall be closer to it now than in centuries past.  I also believe that most nations will become profoundly serious about combatting Climate Change… no more greenwashing. 

Another thing.  I wholeheartedly believe in the Universe as the giver of abundance and the lesson giver to those who get too far out of line.  When one rails at the Universe that they are being treated unfairly or that the Universe “always” treats them wrongly, it my considered opinion that the person kicking up the fuss has probably done enough wrong-headed things to make the Universe seek to teach them a lesson. This is not a punishment, which many seem to believe.  This is a time to think about the things you have done wrong and to “atone” by putting them right and moreoverly, to learn not to make the same mistakes again.  As the Universe sees you are actively and caringly correcting what you have done and most importantly, learning a lesson from it, you will see things becoming easier for you.  The Universe never puts upon you more than you can handle and whilst things may seem terrible for a bit, it is not the Universe’s fault… it is your own. I know this very well, being the recipient of the Universe’s lessons. Now, I thank the Universe for those… they have helped make me a better person.

That said, I believe it is up to us all to learn our lessons when it comes to Climate Change, racism, negativity about other’s religions, fascism, xenophobia, rudeness, sociopathic tendencies, and more.  I’m not painting everyone with the same brush.  Everyone of us has our “cross to bear” as my Nan would have said.  No naming and shaming here. I’m guilty, you’re guilty, we’re all guilty of something.  But we can mend this, and we must.  The Universe wants to give us more carrot, not stick.

It is truly the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius again. Join me in making it work x

“Harmony and understanding

Sympathy and trust abounding

No more falsehoods or derisions

Golden living dreams of visions

Mystic crystal revelation

And the mind’s true liberation



Whilst I [hopefully] still have your attention…. I would like to share my dear youngest daughter, Alexis, GoFundMe page.  I wrote it for her but it’s her page.  The story on the GoFundMe will reveal all but I will just say that I ask each of you to please just share her page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you will be so kind. They have a minimal amount of time to receive enough donations to get through their plight… I wish I could do more for her myself, but sales do not add up to enough. I am not asking for you to donate – I know many of you are in the same fix or one worse. If you can donate, any amount will help, whether 5, 10, etc. But sharing everywhere possible would be the most help as someone, somewhere will see it who can afford to donate and this is all I ask. Many thanks.

Many thanks for reading and warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x


Daily Mail UK

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Samhain and All Hallow’s Eve Blessings 2020

by Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram: @thewandcarver

A new Celtic New Year is arriving and I’m here early to wish everyone a most blessed Samhain. It is a most somber time in our home as I ready myself and my ritual room for my All Hallow’s Eve hedge walk amongst my ancestors. I am always in great anticipation of this upcoming event but do not place expectations too high in my thoughts for that would put too much emphasis on the result rather than the journey… and the journey is always well worth taking at a savoury pace. There is everything to be learned.

Also, we have much to be grateful for here! My daughter is expecting her first child and my ninth grandchild in late March. She and her fiance are over the moon, as you would expect. For now we only call the baby “bump” but I predict “bump” is a girl… call it Nana’s intuition 🙂

Not to mention this is my favourite time of the year – the dark half. Not many people feel this way, I’m sure, but I love the early nights. I was born at night and have ever since been happiest in the darker hours of the day. It feels cosier, less hectic. When others are complaining about it becoming “night” at 4pm, I am embracing it. Surely I must have been an owl in a past life! Or, as I suspect, a cat, for they are most happy to prowl at dusk and early dawn.

This blog isn’t going to be full of witchcraft doings, I’m sorry. Just a solitary witch’s meanderings before the most important night of her year begins. It’s a night I live for – to be able to be in close contact with my ancestors and to feel their presence, their words, and to learn more about the people who made me. I would not be here without them, after all. And, they fill in many gaps for me in my genealogical pursuits.

Samhain Prayer ~ from The Fairie Review

I have been very fortunate in working out my genealogy. Having had a fairly good start working back from my parents through about ten generations was very helpful. Obviously it gets more difficult as you dig deeper, however, some lines were better preserved on paper than others. Those lines are always the ones of more affluence – Lords, Ladies, Barons, Dukes, Kings and Queens. Pedigrees were very commonly kept penned in the earliest of times with those but the commoner lines are harder to find unless you can hopefully find baptismal, marriage, and burial records from churches back in the day. Still, down the lines, I have been most fortunate although there are a few nuts I am finding hard to crack… no, I’m not calling my ancestors “nuts” but sometimes I think I am for taking on such a lengthy process! I have been at this for just about twenty years now. Thank Goddess for ancestors whom are willing to talk!

My Samhain hedge walk is not entirely about finding out more about who I am. It is more about the advice and wisdom of my long ago relatives. Through them I feel I know myself so much better and it is through knowing them better that I can see where my personality traits come. I see where even in royal lines witchcraft played a huge part and filtered down through the ages. I see where my eternally tenacious [some call it stubborn] temperment comes from. I can even see where my sometimes bloody mindedness comes from… don’t be scared… I keep that one well and truly in check, but yes, I can be.

Bloody mindedness: 1 : inclined towards violence or bloodshed. 2 chiefly British : stubbornly contrary or obstructive : cantankerous.

That is me in a nutshell 🙂 Cantankerous!

In a few hours I shall begin. I strongly encourage anybody whom has had a view to discovering their ancestry to give it a go. And, even more so, try contacting your ancestors on All Hallows Eve. If that isn’t your bag, the most important thing of all is to please honour them on this night. If you wish, a small ancestral altar is wonderful to do. Burn a white candle and some incense and just meditate on your gratefulness to them. I am sure they will be pleased.

beannachdan samhain as blàithe dha na h-uile a tha an dòigh seo a ’siubhal x

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Why Doesn’t my Spell Work?

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

This is not a question relegated to baby witches.  As many of you know, the very first spell you create and perform could be a winner… many times it is, and it gets you well and truly hooked into witchcraft.  Whether you were 5 years old like me at the time or 50 years old, if you are beginning your road to spellbinding and sorcery, you were a baby witch at some point in time… and if the first spell worked, no doubt you felt you had the knack and it would all be plain sailing from there. Eh eh. No. Not always.

So, why is it that sometimes, subsequent spells fall flat?


  1. Divining for the “go ahead” from the Universe
  2. Aligning with the right day and time for a spell
  3. Moon Void-of-Course

Television makes it all look really simple… you watch old episodes of Charmed or watch films like The Craft and it seems all you need to do is cook up some potions to throw at a problem in your kitchen or just do a lot of blood-letting and trying to be good when there is always that “one”…. But good really does win the day, doesn’t it? Not always. So…

1. Divining for the “go ahead” from the Universe

If anyone is going to send you the help you desire, it will likely come from the Universe.  One thing I try to do before I commit myself to gathering up a lot of things – sometimes expensive things – to work up a fabulous spell is to “divine” for the seal of approval from the Universe.  You can draw tarot cards or cast runes, or even dowse with a pendulum if you prefer.  Ask the Universe if this desire of yours is necessary to your well-being. You are looking for a yes or a no but sometimes you also get the reasons why it is or is not for you.  Take it or leave it, it is up to you. But if it is not in your best interests, and the Universe does not agree, it could be a good reason why some spells fail.

2. Aligning with the right day and time for a spell

So easy yet so overlooked.  King Solomon devised the well-known Table now known to all as the “Table of Planetary Hours”, which is related to the working of the planetary Spirits.  These planetary relationships he codified in the forms of magical squares, which represented the consciousness of their respective planetary entities, as well as their tiny conscious representatives known as the planetary spirits, whom have been actively performing their evolutionary work in the solar universe since an uncountable long time. So, each planet has a numerical value.  It is why Neptune’s symbol looks like a 2, Jupiter’s number looks like a 4 but the rest do not look like numbers at all, although they are each assigned a numerical value. Mars’ number is 5, Saturn’s is 3, Uranus is 1, the Moon is 9, Venus is 7, Mercury is 8, and the Sun is 6. Yes, I could have put these in order.

I won’t go into explaining the formula for the magickal squares, but there are books such as The greater Key of Solomon : including a clear and precise exposition of King Solomon’s secret procedure, its mysteries and magic rites, by Lauron William De Laurence [it is also on – I checked!] and reference sites to learn more about how to choose the right day and hour to do a spell.  For instance, any spell to do with wealth is best done on the day of Jupiter [Thursday] during the hour of Jupiter. Unless you are doing a spell for Business for which you would do your spell during a Sunday and the hour for the Sun.  And there is a perfect website to help you to quickly choose the right time and planetary hour day and hour to perform a spell

3. Moon Void-of-Course

Haha… no, the Moon does not disappear like some have thought. She merely goes for a little rest sometimes which can be as little as a few minutes to a few hours.  I’m not going to tell you that no spell will ever work during a Moon Void-of-Course but many witches’ having gone before me have written they think it unwise to do so.  We always like to practise on the side of safety when we need a spell to work, therefore, here is how you can check this little phenomenon before you settle down to do the business.

Now, for a few little things you might have missed…


How do you enchant your herbs, spice, flowers, crystals, and any other items you may be planning to use in your spell jar, mojo bag, or witch bottle?  Maybe “How do you?” is not the right question but “Do you?” is more to the point.  In days gone by, back when many the witch or cunning person was Christian, everyone sang psalms or litanies as they harvested their herbs or flowers for a spell or healing work. Often, they might even place them on the local church altar and pray over them.  There were also times of the morning, day, or night at which they were to collect their needs. Even to collect water for making mead had to be collected during a very early hour of a morning or it would not be worth drinking. So, I am told.

Witches nowadays may or may not go to this trouble, I do not know.  My Nana probably did to some degree but never made a big show of it.  But here in the 21st century, most witches do “enchant” their herbs and such before using. Personally, I just hold whatever I need to enchant in my power hand – right handed, me, and say my enchantment [mainly consisting of what the herb, etc is known to do best] to it to strengthen its power.  I don’t want the herb to forget what it is there for after all. Seriously, you do want to call to the Spirit of anything you wish to empower for its use and help in your spell work.  I say my enchantment nine times.

To Circle or Not to Circle

I am not much of one to cast a circle to do spell work inside of.  I do not knock it for others, but it seems a bit more Wiccan to me than I identify with.  Not to say that I have not cast the odd circle to perform a spell but if I’m honest, the one or two spells I did cast in a circle did not work.  Does that mean casting a circle could be your problem? Not at all.  It could just have meant in my case that I put too much emphasis on the ritual than the intention of my spell.  But I learned from this.  All you can do is learn from each time. 

Intention, Intention, Intention

You can do all the above, my darlings, and still fall flat on your sweet witchy faces if your intention is not strong enough.  We each have our own ways of building intention and I do not think that talking about how I do so will help you.  Still, I think we may all agree that to strengthen your intention could benefit from some of the following:

  1. A strong desire for a certain outcome
  2. Writing down what you expect and want
  3. Meditating on what you need and or want
  4. Meditating and listening to the answer you receive from the Universe,
  5. Focus more intention into your spell than fancy ritual

And, if all falls into place, you may have yourself a winner. Still, if at any time you receive a message, a feeling, anything that makes you feel it is not a good thing to do, it is alright to walk away from the spell.  You DO have the power to make things work, however, some things might be better left alone.  Have the wisdom to accept that and the courage to walk away. 

I hope this has been of some help.  Blessed spellcasting to you and warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x

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The Wortcunners Cabinet – Moss [and a spell!]

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

Oak Moss – isn’t it beautiful?!!

Never did I think as I began writing this blog that there were so many varieties of Moss!  For my own purposes and practise I use Oak Moss exclusively.  I am not a Moss for Dummies kind of girl, still, there is one hell of a lot of Moss in the world!  Over 12,000 species to be in close range!

As my favourite physician, Nicholas Culpeper said in his book, The Complete Herbal, “I shall not trouble the reader with a description of these, since my intent is to speak only of two kinds, as the most principal, viz. Ground Moss and Tree Moss, both of which are very well known”.

Although I plan on giving the magickal properties of Oak Moss, I feel I should mention most mosses will align magickally with Oak Moss and can be interchangeably, in case you are unable to procure Oak Moss.


I have used Oak Moss extensively in spell work.  One other thing Nicholas Culpeper stated in his book is that with Tree Mosses, the Moss takes on the nature of the tree itself and his belief was that Oak was most binding.  Therefore, I have always felt most compelled to use Oak Moss in my practise.  He also stated that “most Mosses are under the dominion of Saturn”.  In that case, no matter which kind you prefer to use in your practise, the Correspondences below should be closely related.  As far as powers are concerned if you use a Moss from a different tree than Oak you should likely find the powers for that particular tree to align it properly with your spell work.

One of my favourite ways to use Oak Moss is in a spell jar.  As Oak Moss is intricately linked to the acquisition of money, here is my Extra Money / Business Spell Jar formula:

One medium sized jar with lid [I save curry sauce jars for this purpose!]

Green or gold cloth

Green or gold ribbon, two of each whichever colour you use]

Green or gold candle [a small spell candle will do]

A small piece of paper, parchment or other

Oak Moss, as much as you wish

A stick of Cedar or if unavailable, a Cinnamon stick

Patchouli herb

A pound coin or any denomination of money in your currency

A piece of Whitby Jet or a piece of Jet that is easily attainable where you live

On a Saturday for wealth, on a Sunday for business growth.  Saturday being the day for Saturn is wonderful for gaining extra money and you would use the green cloth, green ribbon, and green candle for that spell.  If you are wanting more money for your business, you would use the gold and do your spell on a Sunday as it is the day for Business spell work.  Keep those aside for the end.  Light your candle and say a prayer in your own words to your God, Goddess, the Divine Parents, the Universe [whomever you pray to] or just visualise money coming to you.  Enchant your Moss, Cedar or Cinnamon, Patchouli, money, and Jet, placing each into the jar in that order.  It will not matter if they get jostled about and rearranged later, it is only important that you put them in this order.  Once all items are in, write on your parchment paper the amount of money you need [don’t go too over the top… the Universe doesn’t do greedy] and tie it with one of your ribbons then put it inside your jar. Holding your jar in both hands then take a nice deep breath in thinking “poverty be gone” and slowly release your breath into the jar thinking “prosperity come home”, Do this three times then put the lid onto the jar and tighten.  Next, cut a square of the colour of cloth you are using that will fit over the lid of the jar, hanging over the top by a bit – enough where you can tie the ribbon round the jar neck tightly and as you tie the ribbon into a bow say “so mote it be”.

A protection spell jar ~ only an example if you are not familiar. Your spell jar won’t look like this one.

Leave your spell jar on your desk if for business or any safe place for extra money. It is important not to unseal it ever because your spell will not work and this is a lasting spell so you can charge in the light of the waxing moon to give it more power each month.  It is perfectly acceptable to keep it in a sunny place as well as the masculine power of the sun works well with the spell jar.  Only do be sure not to leave it where a child or a pet or roommate would potentially knock it over or open it.

I have also used Oak Moss in sachets for money that I can carry with me in my handbag and for luck.  For my Yule loose incense blend I add Oak Moss – did you know that Oak Moss is used in many perfumes? Any one of them with a woodsy scent likely have Oak Moss. It is no wonder that kind of perfume is my favourite.

There are plenty of other ways to use it in magick. Perhaps some of you know of ways you may want to share? Just leave a comment below!


Planetary: Saturn

Gender:  Masculine

Zodiac:  Capricorn, Aquarius [pre-discovery of Uranus]

Element: Earth

Chakra:  Base/Root

Powers:  Luck, Money, Prosperity

Deity:  Shiva, Kali [Hindu], Brahma, Yama [Vedic]


Nicholas Cunningham had much to say about Moss as a curative… I am not certain if anybody these days would care to try them.  However, whether you would or not, I think you will at least find some amusement from these. As afore mentioned, he speaks only of Ground Moss and Tree Moss in late medieval England.

The Ground Moss is held to be singularly good to break the stone, and to expel and drive it forth by urine, being boiled in wine and drank The herb being bruised and boiled in water, and applied, eases all inflammations and pains coming from an hot cause; and it therefore used to ease the pains of the gout.

The Tree Mosses are cooling and binding, and partake of a digesting and mollifying quality withal, as Galen[1] saith, But each Moss partakes of the nature of the tree from whence it is taken; therefore that of the oak is more binding, and is of good effect to stay fluxes[2] in man or woman; as also to vomiting or bleeding, the powder thereof being taken in wine  The decoction thereof in wine is very good for women to be bathed in that are troubled with the overflowing of their courses[3].  The same being drank, stays the stomach that is trouble with casting, or hiccough; and, as Avicena [sic][4] saith, it comforts the heart.  The powder thereof taken in drink for some time together, is thought available for the dropsy. The oil that has had fresh Moss steeped therein for a time, and afterwards boiled and applied to the temples and forehead, marvellously eases the head-ache coming of a hot cause; as also the distillations of hot rheums[5] or humours[6] in the eyes, or other parts.  The ancients much used it in their ointments and other medicines against the lassitude, and to strengthen and comfort the sinews; for which, if it was good then, I know no reason but it may be found so still.

Many thanks for reading and warmest blessings upon all whom this way wander.  Please stay safe x


The Complete Herbal and English Physician, by Nicholas Culpeper

The Encyclopaedia of Magical Herbs, by Scott Cunningham


[1] Galen, Greek Galenos, Latin Galenus, (born 129 ce, Pergamum, Mysia, Anatolia [now Bergama, Turkey]

[2] A pathological flowing of blood (or humours, excretions, discharges) from any part of the body; ~ blod, ~ of blod, profuse bleeding; ~ of the womb, dysentery, diarrhoea, or lientery.

[3] A Tudor England term for a woman’s menses – “A woman’s monthly bleeding, otherwise known as “courses”, was believed to be the womb ridding itself of excess blood. If this did not happen the womb could become overrun with blood and could possibly drown the woman.” [hahaha, how silly!]

[4] Avicenna, an Iranian philosopher and physician of the tenth and eleventh centuries [4th and 5th century AH] His scientific fame and influence was not only spread in Iran and the Islamic world, but also extended to the whole world. According to some researches, the views of Avicenna in diagnosis and treatment of some diseases, such as asthma is more precise and effective than the findings of modern medicine, or in jaundice, biliary obstruction and liver indigestion, his prescribed medicines are in conformity with the findings of new researches

[5] Pronunciation /ruːm/ – A watery fluid that collects in or drips from the nose or eyes.

[6] Greek physician Hippocrates [ca. 460 BCE–370 BCE] is often credited with developing the theory of the four humours—blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm—and their influence on the body and its emotions.

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The Magickal Cinnamon Tree

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

Do Cinnamon trees grow in the UK? Yes!  But to my knowledge, not just anywhere but in Birmingham, West Mids at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, they do. The Cinnamon tree [Cinnamomum verum – which translates to “true Cinnamon] is native to Sri Lanka, however, in 2016, Indonesia and China produced 75% of the world’s supply of cinnamon. The aromatic spice was once one of the most expensive spices to procure in western countries.  Nowadays you can get a small jar of it for under a pound in some shops. 

Cinnamon Trees by

Many people love a sprinkle of Cinnamon over their porridge or toast of a morning. Of course, there are also many kinds of drinks, hot or cold, alcohol based or plain, which benefit from the flavour of a bit of Cinnamon.  And it is used in many kinds of curries and other favourite Indian and Middle Eastern foods we all enjoy. And that Cinnamon stick everyone enjoys in a hot Christmas / Yuletide toddy is the bark of the Cinnamon tree! 

According to the website for Birmingham Botanical Gardens:

To make cinnamon sticks or “quills” the stems have to processed soon after harvesting whilst the stems are still wet. Again, the outer bark is removed, then the stems is hammered evenly to loosen the inner bark, which can be separated into 1 metre long rolls, 0.5mm thick. These are dried in a well ventilated, warm area for 4 to 6 hours before being cut into 5 to 10 cm lengths for sale. The cultivated trees are coppiced or cut back to the ground to encourage new stems. This is done on a two-year cycle so that only two-year-old stems are used. Cinnamon can be used to flavour cakes, biscuits, and other deserts as well as curries, stews, soups, meats and pickles. It is also used in drinks like teas and mulled wine for Christmas.”

At first I had thought of writing about Cinnamon the spice in a Wortcunner’s Cabinet blog, however, the more I thought on it, it seems that is what everyone does, and in most instances leaving out the tree altogether.  We would not have the spice if not for the tree, therefore, the tree itself needs some attention.

So, what makes it magickal?


Burning the wood or the bark in an incense will bring about high vibrations and it is also a good ingredient to use to stimulate your psychic powers.  It is excellent in loose incense for money drawing purposes.  Carry a stick of Cinnamon bark with a piece of paper and an amount you need in your currency written on a piece of paper wrapped round it and then wrap a low denomination bank note around that and tie a piece of string round to hold it all together.  Keep this in your coin purse, wallet, or anywhere you keep money until you receive the money you need. [You can also do this with a piece of Cedar wood].  Cinnamon bark, wood, spice, or oil are all excellent to use for empowering yourself with healing, love, protection, psychic powers, and success.  They can be used in sachets, spell bags, incenses, and infusions.  I have read of some people anointing their currency with Cinnamon oil with great success. 


Planet:  Sun

Zodiac:  Leo

Gender:  Masculine

Element:  Fire

Powers:  Healing, Love, Lust, Protection, Power, Psychic Power, Spirituality, Success, Wealth

Sabbat[s]:  Imbolc, Litha, Yule

DeityEgyptian: Ra, Sekhmet, Greek: Hephaestus, Hestia, Hindu: Agneya, Agni, Celtic: Aed, Brigit, Norse: Glöð, Logi, Roman: Vesta, Vulcan,

Other Names:  Sweet Wood,


In my home growing up, if you had a toothache [as too many did in those days!], if pure Clove oil weren’t around and you had some pure Cinnamon oil available, it would work nearly as well.  However, pure Cinnamon oil should not be used topically on one’s skin.  Generally speaking, I believe it would just be best to drink your Cinnamon and leave the oils to add to loose incenses or smearing on your bank notes. 

Cinnamon is proven to relieve upset tummies, however, if you are pregnant, it is best not to imbibe Cinnamon at all. Otherwise, Cinnamon tea after a meal is said to regulate your blood sugar and aid in digestion.  Cinnamon is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  It has shown hopeful signs in helping Diabetics by dramatically reducing insulin resistances well as those with heart disease by lowering high blood pressure.  There are studies in effect presently which are looking to prove that Cinnamon may have beneficial effects on neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

And Cinnamon is also being looked into as a possible candidate for slowing the growth of some cancers, and HIV. 

For a Bit of Fun!

I try not to be very “sell-y” in my blogs, although I do write the occasional blog flogging our wares.  As many of you know, my daughters and I make witchcraft supplies which we sell online but we also make a range of rustic Yule decorations as well. And, as several items are made from Cinnamon wood as well as Cinnamon bark, I would like to share them at this time, if anyone is interested.  You can click here to visit and see all the items we have to offer. Thank you for the indulgence 🙂

Many thanks for reading and to all whom this way wander x


Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Encyclopaedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham

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Blessed Mabon 2020

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

Today we begin Mabon and celebrate in many ways. Let us not forget why we celebrate.  Which leads me to “Can we celebrate”?  Of course, I needed to find out.

One of the first shocking headlines in my quest was from The Guardian – UK facing worst wheat harvest since 1980s, says farmers’ unionNFU [National Farmer’s Union] predicts yields could be down by a third as extreme weather hits crops.  And this being down to consecutive seasons of tumultuous weather conditions, most likely – very likely, brought on by Climate Change. We have had storms, high temperatures, too much rain, not enough rain… oh, nothing new, I assure you.  It has been progressively getting worse since I can remember a summer in  1990 where I felt overly warm all the time and put it down to being peri menopausal.  It was not that at all, it was Climate Change which caused the hottest summer since 1911.  I somehow could not get my head around it at the time for to be fair, seasons and temperatures, for the most part,  were about as average as they seemed when I was a child until that year. Of course, I had to blame the change in how I felt on myself.  And for the record, it really was not the menopause creeping up. 

I don’t pretend it is the worst the UK has been through.  And I have been looking around at other countries and I see worse going on within their borders. No way can there be viable crops this year if you are a farmer in Northern California, Oregon, or Washington in the US.  Nor in some parts of the states of Louisiana or Texas. I have seen bits in the news about the mid-western farmers having a hard go of things as well.  Hurricanes and storms are everywhere.  If you want to venture down into South America, people can barely raise enough food to sustain their families in many cases, let alone raise enough to sell. I don’t like pointing fingers, but a certain President cut off their agricultural aid some time ago and now wonders why everyone is trying to get into North America… they are hungry is why!

I could bang on about every country in the world, but I will not.  Let me just say I know everybody is having a very hard go of things and of course the Pandemic does not help.  All I wish to do is to point out that we are all in this together and together we should act.  We must do all we can not only for ourselves, families, and friends  but our neighbours, both near and abroad as well.  If we can just all begin trying to see each other’s side of things it would be a fabulous start. To be kinder to everyone. Not to bully others. Learn about other people’s race, cultures, religions before tarring them all with the same brush.  Fear makes people hate.  When 3,000 plus people lost their lives during 9/11 in New York City, there became a hatred of Muslim people all over the world like I would never have imagined.  And although since it has been proven these were not your average Muslims [obviously!] but terrorists doing things in Allah’s name that in no way did Allah approve, many people are still wrong-headed about them.  Because they have cultivated this fear within themselves.  Many Conservatives in many countries have also fomented this fear and hatred against black people [and Jewish people, the Chinese, and others].  It is because they don’t understand, nor do they want to understand.  How can it be right that we privileged whites could bring a race of people to our countries just to enslave them to do our bidding and never try to understand? Worse still, to now blame them for everything wrong?  I do not speak to all white people on this for many are happy to learn about their black brothers and sisters… for we all are brothers and sisters… to learn about their cultures, their struggles, what makes them unique.  But sadly, there seems to be too many who do not care.

How did bringing in the harvest amount to all of this, you ask?  This is how my brain works.  Sorry if it makes no sense to you.  But my point is – we must all pull together and work together. We must learn about each other and care about each other.  We must begin to love each other and help each other.  And this is on all points of things that are  on the minds of everyone in this way we live now.  Whether it is Climate Change, racism, the pandemic, we must all work together and make things right. Because I promise you this, the Universe does not help those who do not try to work toward the kindest end.  You can believe all you want that things will improve just by your wishing and willing  for it to happen.  But it is not going to happen unless all of us put in the work for it to happen.  That is the magick we need.

If you stayed to the end, many thanks for reading and warmest blessings to all whom this way wanders. I truly hope everyone has much to be thankful for this Mabon and may your harvest of large or small be just what you need. x

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