Auntie Moon

Little Isobel sat by her Nana’s modest farmhouse window one night, gazing silently at something she had never recalled seeing before in her life…it scared her just a little, still, it was too beautiful for her to be completely afraid.

Aunie Moon picture 1

from Google UK – unknown artist

“What has your attention so, child?” asked Nana as she picked the 4-year-old Isobel up and planted her firmly in her lap.  Isobel sank back into her Nana’s arms and pointed to the enormous, scary, beautiful light in the inky night sky.

“What is it, Nana?”

Nana kissed the top of Isobel’s head and said, “Why, Isobel! Have you never seen Auntie Moon?”  Isobel shuddered slightly, yet feeling safe in Nana’s arms, she replied, “Mummy told me about ‘Man in the Moon'”.  Nana smiled.  “Isobel, my love, there is no Man in the Moon.  That is simply a fairy-tale.  I will tell you about Auntie Moon!”

Isobel loved Nana’s stories, so she curled up, still staring at the full, golden saucer in the sky. “Please tell me, Nana!”

“Each month, the Moon becomes huge and round.  Most people call it a Full Moon.  But! Not everyone knows that she is our Auntie, in a way”.  When she is full and bright, she calls down to her Sister Earth.  Auntie Moon says, “Sister, I have been given our Father, the Sun’s light so that I may watch over you and your children tonight, so that you will know that you are loved and protected.”  Then Mother Earth replies, “Come closer, Sister, so that we may embrace! Tell our Father Sun thank you for his light and love.  My children and I are very thankful to you both and we send our warmest regards and love to you!”  Then, Mother Earth’s children, whom are just like you and me, go out and make wishes, have festivals and much fun and love are shared as they play beneath Auntie Moon’s light!  And of course, being good children, they give their thanks to Auntie Moon, as well.

Isobel normally fell asleep during a story, yet, she was energised by this tale!  “Nana!  May you and I go outside and have a ‘fessible’?”

Nana laughed till tears formed in the corners of her eyes and when she contained herself she said, “We may have a small festival, Isobel, my darling!  We can take some cakes and juice outside, you can make wishes!  And then, poppet, I will draw down the moon…just for you!”

Isabella Macy ©2013

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Free Business and Money Spells. Really.

Need a little extra for a holiday? Or is your business not bringing in as much as you need? Maybe I can help. Money is always in short supply for those of us what weren’t born with the proverbial silver spoon. Just for you, I have compiled a set of tried-and-true spells to help bring in the extra money or permanent cash flow you need. But remember, you don’t get money for nothing. You will have to work for it. And you will need to be able to visualise it in your life and believe you are worthy of it, entitled to it. You already have access to millions of pounds (dollars, euros, wherever you are). You simply need know how to draw it to you. And, it would also never hurt you to swot up on the Seven Laws of Attraction, either. But please! Never pay a “witch” to perform a money spell for you…or any kind of spell, for that matter.

You don’t have to be a dyed-in-the-wool generational Witch to perform a spell.  And, if you EVER pay a “Witch” to perform a spell for you, then shame on her or him.  You will get what you pay for – in some form or another.  And, it may not be what you want.  No self-respecting Witch will ask for money these days for his or her spell work.  Oh yes, the cunning women of old did do.  Seamen paid many an old dear for safe journeys by sea once upon a time.  You can bet that she did her job right, or there would be a very angry sailor come a-calling when he returned! Nowadays, if you Paypal your dosh to someone for a spell, you can’t very well go looking for the hag what took your money and did nothing in return for you, can you? And most sensibly, it is best to do your own spell work for the best reason of all – you have control of it, you put your passion into it, the Universe feels your need better. So, lesson Number one:  Don’t pay for spells.


I’ll tell you what works, for nothing.  If it doesn’t work for you, then the one thing you may be lacking is Intention.  No matter if you’re doing a full-blown, cast a circle, banging drums and ringing bells spell or just lighting a candle and chanting, it is only with the strongest of Intention that a spell will work.  You really, really must want and believe in something to have it.  Lesson Number two:  Have Faith.

I will assume that whomever is reading this blog is not favourable toward casting a circle and doing the entire Witch bit.  That’s alright.  I’ve had as many non-circle spells work as the ones with all the bells and whistles.  You may need to purchase a few items locally to perform your spell, the main ones being:

For money spells:  either a large green candle that can burn for an hour over 7 or 8 days, or 7 or 8 green small spell/chime candles which can burn for an hour each

For business spell: small gold chime/spell candle

Herbs/woods:  cedar wood, dried orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, bay leaf, cloves, maple bark, ash bark, oak bark,  galangel root (all have money & success drawing attributes, choose any 3 for your talisman)

Oils:  Patchouli, Orange, Ginger, Bergamot, Clove

Crystals:  green aventurine, pyrite (pyrite is good for setting near one’s computer if you have an online business), garnet, jet, hawk’s eye

And, rest assured, you don’t need to purchase everything I list here.  After you have read this entire blog, you can make your choices according to which spell you prefer to use, then buy what you need accordingly.  I don’t want you spending a shedload of money to try to receive a shedload of money.

For Money:

Simple things you can do:

  1. Carry a piece of cedar wood or ginger in your wallet, money purse, or pocket to draw wealth
  2. Keep a small jar of alfalfa in your food cupboard and you’ll never be without food
  3. Rub Patchouli oil on your money, sprinkle it in your handbag or pockets

An easy little money spell anyone can do is to take a handful of coins and place on the floor (not where dogs, young children, or people thinking they’ve found spare change to use at the laundrette can pick them up) whilst chanting (at least three times) “Money on the floor brings money in the door”.

This one takes a bit more work, but very effective:

This must be done on the proper Day and Hour of Jupiter. The best place I’ve found to go is Lunarium for the planetary days and hours. You will need a Green Candle and a White Candle. The Green candle represents the money, and the white candle represents you. You may draw/carve money symbols on the green candle (£ or $ or whatever you use in your country) and then anoint the candles with a money-drawing oil, such as Orange, Patchouli, Clove, Bergamot, or Ginger, thinking of your desire for money to come to you. Set the candles on your altar or table 8 inches apart. After doing this, say… (saying it 3 times or more is best)

“Money, money come to me

In abundance three times three

May I be enriched in the best of ways

Harming none on its way

This I accept, so mote it be

Bring me money three times three!”

You need to start this Spell on a Thursday which is the Day of Jupiter and at the proper hour of Jupiter for your Latitude and Longitude. Repeat this for 8 days. Each day move the White Candle one-inch closer to the Green Candle.  Allow the candles to burn for one hour before extinguishing and during this time, visualise money coming into your life. When the Candles touch on the eighth day, your spell is finished. This will end the Spell on a Thursday as well.

Each day you should find the proper Planetary Hour of Jupiter and do the Spell at that time. This will give it much more power. Jupiter is associated with money. Be sure you visualise the money pouring in from the Universe, but also make sure you imagine a source of where that money will come from (your business, job, etc) … and don’t ask for the Lotto…. it’s not going happen. And please do not ask to “find” money! If you find money it means some poor soul has lost their money and their need just could be more so than yours.

List of days and their corresponding planet:

Monday – Moon (voyages, travel, anything to do with water)

Tuesday – Mars (to acquire courage, overthrow enemies)

Wednesday – Mercury (answers about the future, divination)

Thursday – Jupiter (money)

Friday – Venus (love)

Saturday – Saturn (to acquire learning)

Sunday – Sun (business)

Keep these in a convenient place or memorise them as they will be used again.

Business Spell:

Firstly, whilst Jupiter (Thursday) is the best day for doing a money spell, funnily enough, Sunday is the best day for business spells.  As you may have come to expect by now, the Planetary hours are a huge part of this plan.  See the link above for the Planetary hour of the Sun for the Sunday on which you plan to do your Business spell.  They do change daily as the days hours are always adjusting by minutes.

When you have chosen the Sunday and the Planetary hour of the Sun during which to do this spell, collect beforehand these items:

A small pouch

A coin – a 50p piece or a quarter or whatever you use in your country

Patchouli oil

small green aventurine crystal

herbs:  any 3 of the above-mentioned herbs

gold spell candle

patchouli incense

a tiny bowl of water

a tiny bowl of salt (kitchen salt will do)

Place the herbs, green aventurine, and coin into the pouch and drop 3 drops of Patchouli oil over the items inside.  Draw the pouch closed and tie it.  This is never to be opened again.  Pass the pouch (now a talisman) over the bowl of salt and say, “Element of Earth, cleanse this talisman”

Pass the talisman over the incense and say, “Element of Air, cleanse this talisman”

Pass it over the burning candle and say, “Element of Fire, cleanse this talisman”

Pass it over the bowl of water and say, “Element of Water, cleanse this talisman”

Blow on the talisman three times, draw in the air an equal-armed cross over the talisman and say, “Thou art cleansed, consecrated, and empowered in the name of (God, the Divine Source, the goddess – if you have a favoured one, or just say the Universe, if none of the others suit).  This magick is sealed. So mote it be.”

Spend a few moments bringing up within yourself the desire to see your business succeed.  Visualise it being successful, making all the money you could ever need.  See yourself as the most successful businesswoman or man you’ve ever known.  Bring up every ounce of belief within you that your business will be successful not just now, but always.  See yourself always making the right business decisions to make it successful.  Get really excited about your success. Own it!  When you feel you are ready, say three times, with belief and feeling:

“Slow business be gone

I (we) need business success and money to come

Business was weak

Now business is strong

Bring customers in need

of my (our) services (or goods) agreed

Let money & success come fast

And let money & success last

Let our success harm none

But to help all who come!”

So mote it be!

Take a few minutes in thanks giving with your Deity. You can speak to Whomever you believe in, it need not be a Pagan God or Goddess.

Allow your gold candle to burn for an hour before extinguishing (or if it’s a small spell candle, until it burns out on its own).  Keep your talisman on your desk by the computer if that is where you do your business or in the till at your shop, or under the telephone if that is where your business is done.  NEVER allow the talisman to be opened and always leave it where business is done.

Another thing I should note is, after a while the spell will slowly loose the energy you charged it with initially. If you sense this happening, by all means, repeat the spell.  All spell work needs a re-charge from time to time…there is no set number of months or years one will last on its own. Simply repeat the spell as you did before, only in the business spell you will not need to make a new talisman, simply recharge the one you made the first time doing the exact same as above. By the same token, if your phone isn’t ringing off the hook or you don’t suddenly have thousands pitching up on your shop’s web site, do not immediately rush to re-do the spell. Give it time! And by all means, do not lose faith. If, after a couple of weeks you’re still hearing crickets, you may want to have a re-do. It could simply be that you didn’t believe strongly enough last go. You really must put it out to the Universe that you believe in yourself and you need paying!

I know this spell works as I did it for a company I once worked for that was in over-draught when I did the spell and within a very few days, we had business like never before and money pouring in.  This did go on for a few months until one night after I had left, some tit took the talisman from underneath my phone and emptied it!  Business went down the plug hole after that and I was made redundant about a year later due to lack of …money.  Ah well…

So, my best wishes go with you as you endeavour to make a little extra money for the bills or to bring your business to success!  Lesson Number 3?  See Lesson Number Two again.

Good Luck and Blessed be )O(

I wrote this blog four years ago and it is one of the most popular blogs I’ve written, according to my stats. I suppose I could leave well enough alone in that respect because “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” comes to mind. Still, when one has writer’s block and nothing is ticking over in the brain cells, a cheeky re-blog of something very popular can’t hurt, can it? Especially if it can provide you with the tools to bring about the help you need. Warmest blessings and good luck!



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Do You Think You Need a Witch Bottle?

In long-ago times, healers or “cunning women” were sought out regularly by all, even the most devoutly God-fearing Christians, sought to be “helped” by one when some strange malady had befallen them or their families. Or perhaps some evil blight had made times hard for them…perhaps, even, they had reason to believe someone in particular wished ill-tidings upon them. When the cunning woman (or cunning man – although it was generally believed the Mister was the contact or go-between for his Missus and her clientèle) was contacted by the client,  they were often in need of a charm – a witch bottle – or a potion to help them rid the evil from their lives and give them protection for a time to come. Depending upon whether the need was related to health or just general protection, the cunning folk would usually tell the client to come back in a few days, in which time she would concoct the necessary remedy for their ills.

For health-related problems, most often she would make a tincture, potion, or charm to rid the client of their illness. But for need of money, love, or to ward away evil, she would most often create what is now called a witch bottle filled with what would bring to, or ward off, depending upon the need. Most likely in those days they were just called charms as no one wanted to say the “witch” word too loudly, lest they be hanged, drowned, or burned!

Because it is so literal and so beautifully explained, I am copying and pasting an excerpt from Wikipedia:

One of the earliest descriptions of a witch bottle in Suffolk, England, appears in 1681 in Joseph Glanvill’s Saducismus Triumphatus, or Evidence concerning Witches and Apparitions:

“For an old Man that Travelled up and down the Country, and had some acquaintance at that house, calling in and asking the Man of the house how he did and his Wife; He told him that himself was well, but his Wife had been a long time in a languishing condition, and that she was haunted with a thing in the shape of a Bird that would flurr [sic] near to her face, and that she could not enjoy her natural rest well. The Old Man bid him and his Wife be of good courage. It was but a dead Spright, he said, and he would put him in a course to rid his Wife of this languishment and trouble, He therefore advised him to take a Bottle, and put his Wives Urine into it, together with Pins and Needles and Nails, and Cork them up and set the Bottle to the Fire well corkt, which when it had felt a while the heat of the Fire began to move and joggle a little, but he for sureness took the Fire shovel, and held it hard upon the Cork, And as he thought, he felt something one while on this side, another while on that, shove the Fire shovel off, which he still quickly put on Again, but at last at one shoving the Cork bounced out, and the Urine, Pins, Nails and Needles all flew up, and gave a report like a Pistol, and his Wife continued in the same trouble and languishment still.

Not long after, the Old Man came to the house again, and inquired of the Man of the house how his Wife did. Who answered, as ill as ever, if not worse. He askt him if he had followed his direction. Yes, says he, and told him the event as is above said. Ha, quoth he, it seems it was too nimble for you. But now I will put you in a way that will make the business sure. Take your Wive’s Urine as before, and Cork, it in a Bottle with Nails, Pins and Needles, and bury it in the Earth; and that will do the feat. The Man did accordingly. And his Wife began to mend sensibly and in a competent time was finely well recovered; But there came a Woman from a Town some miles off to their house, with a lamentable Out-cry, that they had killed her Husband. They askt her what she meant and thought her distracted, telling her they knew neither her nor her Husband. Yes, saith she, you have killed my Husband, he told me so on his Death-bed. But at last they understood by her, that her Husband was a Wizard, and had bewitched this Mans Wife and that this Counter-practice prescribed by the Old Man, which saved the Mans Wife from languishment, was the death of that Wizard that had bewitched her.”

The tale is supposedly true but gives me a chuckle to read it. However, witch bottles have been found with varying objects inside and through x-ray have been found to have needles and nails inside them in many cases. I should not doubt that someone’s urine may have once or still be inside a fair number of them. But truthfully, unless you simply want to create yours in this way, it’s not necessary.

london witchbottle greenwich

X-rays showing contents of the witch bottle found at Greenwich
(Image: Alan Massey/R. J. Bostock)

Was a time you may have sought me out to fix you up with a witch bottle to protect you from harm. I do make them, but in a portable size and I promise no urine. But nowadays so many are finding their power and making their own charms and witch bottles. If this is something you feel you need to do, only be careful to stick to naming what you wish for with no harm toward others or yourself. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, it is best to leave it to someone who does, however, if you are just learning and wish to make an effective witch bottle for home protection then what you can do is either buy a witch bottle from us or make your own out of a discarded jar with a lid. Put inside it:

Your fingernail clippings

Earth from your land/garden/path to your front door

Three rusted nails

9 dress pins

Oak bark




A little red wine

As you put each item or object into the bottle or jar, tell it what you want it to do. Your fingernail clippings represent you, so you ask that the bottle protects you. The earth from around your home represents your home and you ask that your property is protected. The three rusty nails, 9 pins, Oak bark, salt, and Obsidian are all items of protection and the Oak bark is also for strength, so you ask of each to protect and defend you and your home/property. The rice is for protection, luck, and longevity; therefore, you ask for those of the rice before placing inside. Take a sip of the red wine and don’t swallow it, spit it into the bottle. This seals it to you so that it does your bidding. Hold the sealed bottle in both your hands and carry to a pre-determined place around your home. If you live in a house, you can bury it in the farthest corner of your property or, as I did when I lived in a maisonette, I buried mine to the left of my front door. It is best to have decided beforehand where you want to keep it and have the hole already dug. Make sure you make the hole at least a couple of feet deep so that nothing can break the bottle. As you carry the bottle simply say, “protect me, protect my home, protect my family (if they live with your), protect my pets” – basically whomever lives in your home. Just carry on repeating this until you feel it working, until you feel it is ready to be buried. Then, simply bury the bottle and say whatever you wish…”amen”, “so mote it be”, “this shall be done” – whatever it is you would say at the end of any spell or prayer. The best time to perform this ritual is on the waxing full moon, best still to perform it on one of the three days of the waxing full moon closest to the actual full moon. As long as the bottle stays intact it will keep you protected. You may even dig it up to move house and bury it again once you’re moved into your new home.

If you should live in a flat/apartment with no actual land at your disposal to bury your witch bottle you can keep it inside your home but you must place it in an area where it won’t be a conversation starter or where anyone, including pets, can get to it lest it be broken. In the corner of a cupboard or even inside a wall would be best.

So, there you are. Your first witch bottle! May it protect and keep you from harm always. So may it be.

Sources: Wikipedia and my Nana


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What Really Goes into Creating a Pendulum?

Have you ever wondered why your pendulum, if you are a pendulum dowser, is made from the crystal or the wood, or even a metal, that was used in its creation? Maybe you only purchased it because you thought the pendulum was beautiful…or perhaps you bought it because you resonated with the crystal used. Just maybe you had deeper thought into why you chose your pendulum.  If you did, I am one of those who think about “why” as well.

I don’t know what other people who make pendulums think about when they create some of the stunning pendulums they make, I only know what goes through my own mind as I choose the wood or the stone/crystal with which I create ours. It’s not very likely I’ll create something simply for its looks. I don’t choose woods or crystals for any reason, whether for a wand or a piece of jewellery, or as in this topic, a pendulum, simply because it is pretty. Of course, from a customer’s point of view it helps for it to be attractive…otherwise some items could sit upon the shelf for an eternity if the customer finds it appallingly ugly.

So, what do I think when creating pendulums for our customers? First, I look at the crystal or wood’s meaning. For example, I try to choose a crystal / wood which has links or properties, if you will, which will help facilitate dowsing. For instance, one crystal I love to use for dowsing pendulums is Obsidian which is known as “the stone of truth”. Whatever you are seeking cannot be kept secret from with Obsidian. And, it shows both the positive and negative sides, so be prepared to take the answers as they are. Another crystal I believe to be beneficial to the dowser is Smoky Quartz. One of its properties is that it is a grounding stone, which is something the dowser needs to be as they work. It can keep away negative energies from the dowser as he or she works to find answers either for themselves or someone else. I believe my favourite crystal for pendulums, however, is Lapis Lazuli. Not only is it a stunning colour but it also has the capacity to activate the higher mind, to enhance and assist communication on all levels. All things very important to the pendulum dowser.

Lapis Lazuli Crescent Moon

photo by i. macy

But, what about wood dowsing pendulums? As it happens, wood was probably the first material used for pendulum dowsing. Of course, many beautiful stones and crystals have been available to man/womankind throughout the ages but we must also remember that in many cases very far back in the past, many stones and crystals were only allowed to be used by royalty and people of prestige. So, wooden pendulums were most likely the pendulum by necessity. My personal favourite is my Yew pendulum. However, unless I’m able to find Yew to be at my disposal it isn’t terribly likely we’ll have Yew pendulums in our shop. My second favourite? Oak!

The Celtic people have always revered Oak. In the Celtic Ogham, Duir is the word or name for Oak. There are accounts that trace the name “druid” to duir from Oak. More interestingly, the actual translation of duir is “door” and lore indicates the spiritually advanced Celts would access the ethereal planes of higher thought (psychic vision or soul-thought) by “opening the oak door.”


photo by i. macy

Therefore, we felt that the Oak was the best idea for a pendulum as when we dowse, we are looking for answers, we are opening a door of sorts to find answers to our queries. We also have been using Magnolia with enormous success. Magnolia promotes psychic development and it aids meditation and spiritual opening, which makes it an ideal choice for a pendulum.

Mother Crone Magnolia Pendulum

photo by i. macy

We hope this helps you in deciding upon which type of dowsing pendulum is for you. Perhaps at least when you shop for a pendulum, whether with us or someone else, you will be able to think about what you need from your pendulum, no matter whether it is wood or stone. Your pendulum should be a tool which you can feel a connection with as you must trust it to give the true answers to your queries. And, as always, we welcome any questions on our Etsy shop, should you have them. Many thanks for reading and warmest blessings )O(

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Everything New is Old Again

That title threw you a bit, didn’t it? Just a couple of days ago I had written a dissertation on how new the concept of the Celtic Birth Tree Calendar is; however, it never stops – these “new-isms”. Mind, I am probably preaching to the vicar here but I thought as I’m on the subject…We all know “Oak, Ash, and Thorn”. Or perhaps we think we do.

Where did the concept of the Oak, Ash, and Thorn become a “Faery Triad”? I know as far back as the early 1960’s when I was a wee girl, my nana used to say if I sat under her Hawthorn tree I would see the Fae. Truthfully, I never saw a one, although I think I may have heard them laughing occasionally. Probably at the silly little girl who would believe so willingly the things adults told her would happen if she sat quietly.  Much in the same way of when my Aunty would tell me to poke a stick into a hole in the ground and watch til it wiggled and when it did, I would catch a worm. Waiting for faeries, fishing for worms…it was all a means to an end: keeping the child out of their hair whilst they worked.

Oak Ash and Thorn

Oak, Ash, and Thorn talisman

Here I have established – for myself, anyway – that a Hawthorn tree is a faery tree. As my nana was born in 1884 and she claimed it to be true, I believed her. Just bear with me here. So, what of the Oak and the Ash? All of Pagan-dom knows an Oak is a protective tree. Most will also know that the Oak is a tree sacred to the Druids. Ah, but that can be said of any tree. Still, the Druids would not hold meeting unless an Oak tree is present.  The Oak symbolises healing and protection along with prosperity and luck. But what about the Fae? Just be patient.

Then, we have the Ash tree. By all accounts, the Irish Celts held the Ash most sacred. There are several recorded instances in Irish history in which the people refused to cut an Ash, even when wood was scarce, for fear of having their own cabins consumed with flame. The Ash tree represents prophecy, prosperity, and protection, and is also recognised as The World Tree for the Celts. I have read around a bit and have found people saying Ash is used for Druid’s wands. Ahem…I’ve known a few Druids in my life, my father for one, and have never heard tell of this before and would think they would have a laugh about that one, but hey ho…perhaps the neo-Druidic tradition which is forming do use wands.

Everything must be new at some point in time. Even “the old ways” were brand-new once upon a time. Everything evolves over time and changes. Lore changes, mythos changes. The Druids did not write books about what they knew, they passed on their knowledge by telling and teaching others. Witches did not always write Books of Shadows/grimoires either. Paganism has always given rise to evolving practises. We hold to tradition loosely, but keep it close at the same time. It is as one farmer may find a better way to grow a cabbage and he passes on the knowledge to another farmer, and before you know, all farmers are growing 50-pound cabbages.

What I’m saying is, there is not a speck of evidence that there has been an ancient time-honoured “Faery Triad” consisting of Oak, Ash, and Thorn, although my nana and I used to tie bundles of the Oak and Ash together along with the Hawthorn spines, bound in red thread to hang around for protections or to leave for the Fae’s “firewood”. Perhaps again, it was just another clever way to keep the child busy. Or, my nana was quite old, so there may have been some old logic in there somewhere. Who knows?

The Faery Triad…well, there really isn’t one apart from the new-ish idea of one. But the logic, if you know your trees, is sound. So, why not?

I tend to believe that Rudyard Kipling’s book Puck of Pook’s Hill (1906) may have set off the magickal notion of Oak, Ash, and Thorn. The elf, Puck who was self-described as the “oldest Old Thing in England” explained to the two children in the story, Dan and Una, “I came into England with Oak, Ash, and Thorn, and when Oak, Ash, and Thorn are gone, I shall go, too”

A Tree Song – Rudyard Kipling

Of all the trees that grow so fair,

Old Engerland to adorn,

Greater are none beneath the Sun,

Than Oak and Ash and Thorn.

Sing Oak and Ash and Thorn, good Sirs

(All of a Midsummer’s morn)!

Surely we sing of no little thing,

In Oak and Ash and Thorn!


Oak of the Clay lived many a day,

Or ever Aeneas began;

Ash of the Loam was a lady at home,

When Brut was an outlaw man;

Thorn of the Down saw New Troy Town

(From which was London born);

Witness hereby the ancientry

Of Oak and Ash and Thorn!


Yew that is old in churchyard mould,

He breedeth a mighty bow;

Alder for shoes do wise men choose,

And beech for cups also.

But when ye have killed, and your bowl is spilled,

Your shoes are clean outworn,

Back ye must speed for all that ye need,

To Oak and Ash and Thorn!


Ellum she hateth mankind, and waiteth

Till every gust be laid,

To drop a limb on the head of him

That anyway trusts her shade:

But whether a lad be sober or sad,

Or mellow with ale from the horn,

He’ll take no wrong when he lieth along

‘Neath Oak and Ash and Thorn!


Oh, do not tell the Priest our plight,

Or he would call it a sin;

But—we have been out in the woods all night,

A-conjuring Summer in!

And we bring you news by word of mouth—

Good news for cattle and corn—

Now is the Sun come up from the South,

With Oak and Ash and Thorn!


Sing Oak and Ash and Thorn, good Sirs

(All of a Midsummer’s morn)!

England shall bide till Judgement Tide,

By Oak and Ash and Thorn!

We still find not one Fae. But, that is alright because we have this wonderful, magickal, evolution of folklore which has room for the Faery Triad of Ash, Oak, and Thorn. Just believe!

With gratitude to:

Druid Tree Lore –

Puck of Pook’s Hill (1906) by Rudyard Kipling

Wikipedia –

and my Nana 

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What’s Your Birth Tree is the New What’s Your Star Sign

There really is nothing “new” about birth trees and their meanings for us. It is a far cry different from the astrological signs most of us are used to. The Celtic Birth Tree Calendar (seen referred to as CBTC in future paragraphs) has been around for a century roughly. Many have struggled to understand it so I shall explain. First, the Celtic Birth Tree calendar dates run differently than do our Gregorian Calendar.  The astrological correspondence of your star sign to your birth date may be different or could be like, when you find your birth tree meaning.

The Gregorian Calendar was settled in about c.1582.  The Celtic calendar is a compilation of pre-Christian Celtic systems of timekeeping, including the Gaulish Coligny calendar, discovered in Coligny, France, and was used by Celtic countries to define the beginning and length of the day, the week, the month, the seasons, quarter days, and festivals. (from Wikipedia) The Celtic calendar predated the Gregorian calendar and was an attempt to harness the solar and lunar months into a twelve-month record of time-keeping. It is known, as of this writing, as the oldest calendar of all.

Then things get tricky, as the Celtic Calendar also divided the year into half-light, half dark. The light half of the year began with Beltaine/Beltane/Bealtaine on 1st of May, Gregorian calendar, and the dark half beginning with Samhain on 1st November, Gregorian calendar. It had days of the week and months but was also very much a calendar of celebrations.

Enter the Celtic Birth Tree Calendar. The Druids, whom are very much tree people, as it were, can be called partially responsible for the Celtic Birth Tree Calendar… one Druid researcher/wannabe wrote the book on it, so to speak. Yes, the one and only Robert Graves, whom just happened to call himself  a Druid. Whilst another Druid revivalist, Edward Davies, was the one whom originally said there “might be” an ancient calendar of 13 months, based upon his studies on 16th century Ireland, Mr Graves took the matter a step further and instituted the Celtic Birth Tree Calendar we know and love today.


collected from Google Images –

Having not read Mr Grave’s writings upon the Celtic Birth Tree matter myself (only being familiar mostly with the casting and reading of ogham staves, which you will find, are also the “alphabet” or consonant of each tree), in my internet travels I find quite often that one chart is different from another as to when the dates run for each Celtic “month”. This is the one copied from

  • Apple Tree (Dec 22-Jan 1 / Jun 25-Jul 4) – Tree of love, intelligence, and harmonization.

Someone with this tree sign is quite sensitive and even sentimental. Love and knowledge rule their very being and when they are able to embrace both, they feel sheer bliss and truly live life.

  • Fir (Jan 2-11 / Jul 5-14) – Tree of independence, privacy, and contemplation.

When given this tree sign, one is eager, practical, and dedicated to achieving their dreams, yet reasonable and logical when necessary. They give of themselves completely, after much thought.

  • Elm (Jan 12-24 / Jul 15-25) – Tree of beauty, god speed, and organization.

A tree sign such as this one, loves all that is bold, beautiful, and harmonious. They also tend to be open, direct, and quite outspoken with their emotions and opinions. They live with passion.

  • Cypress (Jan 25-Feb 3 / Jul 26-Aug 4) – Tree of serenity, new life, and adaptation.

Someone with this tree sign prefers to avoid drama, opting for a peaceful, dreamlike state of being as opposed to any form of disagreement or opposition. Life for them is peaceful and magical.

  • Poplar (Feb 4-8 / Aug 5-13) – Tree of growth, strength, and visualization.

When given this tree sign, one starts off blissful and carefree, only to encounter a few difficult challenges that often become hot dilemmas. But with a good outlook, they naturally persevere.

  • Hackberry (Feb 9-18 / Aug 14-23) – Tree of nobility, pride, and dedication.

A tree sign such as this one will not settle for less than what they obtain to achieve in their lifetime. Their strict dedication and vision is what inevitably makes them feel proud and great.

  • Pine (Feb 19-29 / Aug 24-Sep 2) – Tree of health, perseverance, and moderation.

Someone with this tree sign is steady and poised, while moving forward towards progress and success. They often develop a good sense of what is needed physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Willow (Mar 1-10 / Sep 3-12) – Tree of fairness, non-judgment, and toleration.

When given this tree sign, one is not so quick to judge a book by its cover. Instead, they tend to allow the story to unfold naturally so they may clearly learn the meaning of what is written.

  • Lime (Mar 11-20 / Sep 13-22) – Tree of charm, ease, and infatuation.

A tree sign such as this one might have a tendency to charm or be charmed. They go along with situations peacefully and try to make the most of what can often be somewhat difficult for others.

  • Hazel (Mar 22-31 / Sep 24-Oct 3) – Tree of originality, intellect, and adaptation.

Someone with this tree sign firmly believes in individual growth, knowledge, and permeation. They strive to develop their own sense of style and wit, making them solid pioneers in their field.

  • Rowan (Apr 1-10 / Oct 4-13) – Tree of ambition, honesty, and communication.

When given this tree sign, one always believes in being true of character and opinion. They never sacrifice their integrity for hidden motives and always obtain goals by way of pure ingenuity.

  • Maple (Apr 11-20 / Oct 14-23) – Tree of personality, energy, and imagination.

A tree sign such as this one beholds sheer charisma to go further than most, especially when such journeys encompass creative thought. They never cease to amaze and go beyond. They never stop.

  • Walnut (Apr 21-30 / Oct 24-Nov 2) – Tree of fortune, vigor, and determination.

Someone with this tree sign is destined for success and ultimate riches, whether they are in the form of material or supernatural. Their energy is based upon their will and their will is done.

  • Jasmine (May 1-14 / Nov 3-11) – Tree of poise, diplomacy, and socialization.

When given this tree sign, one can almost always show an interest in politics or some form of public relations and communications or social interests. They enjoy getting their thoughts across.

  • Chestnut (May 15-24 / Nov 12-21) – Tree of justice, ethics, and observation.

A tree sign such as this one goes, but grows no further until they have left a trace of their thought pattern with them. They observe to a certain degree before making sound and fair judgment.

  • Ash (May 25-Jun 3 / Nov 22-Dec 1) – Tree of insight, intuition, and aspiration.

Someone with this tree sign is bright enough and willing to take a step further into deeper, darker, less travelled territory, to see a bigger picture, often resulting in a greater masterpiece.’

  • Ironwood (Jun 4-13 / Dec 2-11) – Tree of discipline, order, and admiration.

When given this tree sign, one can be referred to as having a steady and sturdy enough foundation for further growth and development, both in themselves as well as enabling the same in others.

  • Fig (Jun 14-23 / Dec 12-20) – Tree of balance, expression, and diversification.

A tree sign such as this one loves to explore yet always has a sense of their solid roots. They can discover much more than what their world offers while still maintaining their native spirit.

  • Oak (Mar 21 Spring Equinox) – Tree of boldness, stability, and individualization.

Someone with this tree sign will more than likely become bolder, brighter, and better than their peers. This can be successfully done as they never lose sight of their own sense of self-worth.

  • Birch (Jun 24 – 3 days after the Summer Solstice which is Jun 21) – Tree of creativity, action, and illumination.

When given this tree sign, one always creates the love, life, and laughter that they desire in their universe. They are not afraid to embrace their own power and they do so with pure progress.

  • Olive (Sep 23 Autumn Equinox) – Tree of logic, reason, and rationalization.

A tree sign such as this one prefers to know the truth as well as the mystery. In doing so, they make good sense out of what often makes absolutely none whatsoever, to discover greater wisdom.

  • Beech (Dec 21 Winter Solstice) – Tree of skill, resourcefulness, and preservation.

Someone with this tree sign is highly gifted in matters of discovering and carefully preserving. They make use of what others often deem useless, to show a greater knowledge and understanding.

And then, you have this one which I found on  I believe she took directly from Robert Grave’s Birth Tree calendar as it is the one we go by ourselves:

Beth (Birch) December 24 to January 20

Luis (Rowan) January 21 to February 17

Nion (Ash) February 18 to March 17

Fearn (Alder) March 18 to April 14

Saille (Willow) April 15 to May 12

Uath (Hawthorn) May 13 to June 9

Duir (Oak) June 10 to July 7

Tinne (Holly) July 8 to August 4

Coll (Hazel) August 5 to September 1

Muin (Vine) September 2 to September 29

Gort (Ivy) September 30 to October 27

Ngetal (Reed) October 28 to November 24

Ruis (Elder) November 25 to December 22

December 23 is not ruled by any tree for it is the traditional day of the proverbial “Year and a Day” in the earliest courts of law.

As I said, there is a quite noticeable difference in the trees and dates from only these two examples. The reason for this is simple. The Ogham consists of 25 trees. Each tree has a mark which has a name. Only 13 Ogham and trees are used in the Birth Tree calendar. And the other thing is, the Ogham came before the CBTC, not created for it. Some seem to think that the series of marks were written by the Druids on stone or pieces of wood, most likely corresponding to their Ogham, however, it is also pretty well known that the Druid never wrote a dicky bird, their knowledge was always passed down by word-of-mouth. Mr Graves created a rigid 28-day cycle for each month of his calendar which gave it a thirteen-month spread, although all calendars that I’m aware of had 12 months of varying amounts of days, going by the lunar cycle. The year did not begin with Happy New Year celebrations as we know it today. The New Year begins with Winter Solstice…well, the “month” does stretch into January.

Some eclectic Neopagans are influenced by Robert Graves’ “Celtic Tree Calendar”, which has no foundation in historical calendars or actual ancient Celtic Astrology.  Celtic Reconstructionist Pagans reject it utterly as a complete fabrication with no historic basis. Whilst this may strike many as quite “new-age” and oh dear, there go those pesky Wiccans trying to make Paganism theirs, what of it? Most people whom have read their CBTC meaning for their birth month see themselves in the reading, 100%. The readings do resonate with the people born in those months.  As a Hawthorn, I certainly see myself in the meaning:  passionate, creative, curious, great listeners, insightful, funny, and great at seeing “the big picture,” but you may not truly know who they are.

Enjoy it. Everything was new once, as we know. And if you pop by our shop, you just may find an ogham pendant for your birth month, if you are so inclined.

Elder Ogham Pendant

Elder Ogham Pendant – photo by i.macy

With thanks to

Druid Tree Lore –

Mary Jones –

Wikipedia –

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How Not to Get Ghostbanned on Twitter

Some months back I had written a couple of blogs to try to get across to people that this very real punishment exists in Twitter-land…particularly since so many people kept finding themselves in a state of being unseen in social networking hours under hashtags as well as not being able to be found in Twitter search. Until now, I didn’t think it necessary to write about how not to be ghostbanned (or Shadowbanned) by Twitter as every other article or blog on the web has already addressed this. I didn’t really want to re-invent the wheel, or the rules, I suppose in this case. But I believe after what I’ve been seeing happen on Twitter lately, I must write this.

twitter censorship lg

from Google images

First, I’m not the authority on how not to be ghostbanned. I’ve managed to get done for it on two accounts. So, why would you heed any advice from me? Because I have been there and now I know the rights and wrongs.

Part of the point of Twitter is as a platform for businesses to have their tweets retweeted and thusly, get more customers. I have a small online shop and I love to see my tweets being retweeted! It makes me feel I’m making a useful product and I also enjoy knowing that thousands more people than my 2K+ followers will see what we sell and maybe someone will fancy it enough to buy. However, every day I see hundreds of well-meaning tweeters who love to retweet businesses whose wares they really like, in multiple tweets. In other words, they will retweet several of one person’s tweets one after another. Sadly, not everybody is going to be as enamoured of that business’ products as you are and they will see this as spam after a time. Perhaps the first few times you do this they may let it go, but sincerely, after a while they will get sick of seeing the greatest deals going on @soandso’s Ebay shop and your followers will probably at the very least mute you. But some people don’t mind getting their hands dirty by reporting and blocking you.

Twitter does not allude to how many times a person must be reported and blocked – or only blocked – before they engage the kill switch on your search-ability. Rule Number One – Do not retweet one person’s account multiple times in one go. Put some other retweets between that account’s tweets. You do not have to stop at only one retweet per day of an account, just use common sense about distance. You do not want to upset your followers by spamming their feed.

Rule Number Two – Likewise for tweeting your products. Do not tweet the same product twice in a day (guilty – networking hours). In fact, it is better if you put a couple of days between tweeting the same product, if you can. Don’t try to get away with tweeting the same product with changes of hashtags, web links, pictures, or punctuation. If someone is not very happy with you in the first place, he or she will be happy to report and block you over the smallest thing. I believe (know) this is what has happened in my case. Someone with a vendetta has reported/blocked me from multiple accounts. I’m thrilled to be so important to this person but seriously…it’s time to grow up. We aren’t children anymore.

Rule Number Three – Communication. Do speak to people, join in on networking hours if that’s your thing, tweet funny things, poems, quotes. Do keep it respectful as possible, do be polite, and do be kind.

Rule Number Four – Make certain you have your profile complete. Have a banner and a picture of your business logo; if you don’t have a business, put whatever is meaningful to you in those spaces. But do put something there. Fill in your bio. I don’t care what year you were born so if you don’t want to share that, fine, but it is nice when you can wish a follower Happy Birthday so please add the date and month. If you prefer not to tell exactly where you are located, again, that is fine. You can use just your country or you can say something clever. The important thing is to fill in all the spaces. Don’t have a website? You can put the link to your Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram page, perhaps? It is an effective way to get more followers on those platforms.

Rule Number Five – Avoid the mistake of following 5,000 people before you utter your first tweet. Twitter (and other tweeters) seems to dislike it if you follow loads of people before anyone follows you. Of course, Twitter makes you follow a handful of pre-selected people from the pitch but you really shouldn’t go the whole hog and follow everyone remotely interesting. Chances are many of them won’t follow you back anyway. Follow a very few for starters. And never, never, ever buy followers! If someone follows me with 5,000 followers and has never tweeted, I smell a bot! Or someone with more money than sense. I won’t follow you back.

As I have said in the past blogs, Twitter set up this way of reporting and blocking for their tweeters to be able to police the social networking site and help protect it from those tweeting things that were not suitable for anybody’s eyes and to keep people from going spam-happy. Normally, I wouldn’t have a problem with that but people, being what they are sometimes, will take advantage of a good thing and use it against whomever they like (or don’t like!) never caring what the result for that person or business will be. It is most certainly a form of bullying. Please use common sense and have a care in your social networking life. If you see something truly wrong and vulgar such as abuse and other things I don’t care to expound upon, please do report and block! That is what the method is used for. But, if you simply dislike or disagree with what the person says or sells, do remember the World has room for all walks of life and if you’re not pleased by seeing lady’s undergarments or a witch’s magic wands, just mute those folk…better still, just don’t follow them. But please, for the good of all of Twitter, do not report and block everyone you don’t agree with. If that were the case, you will eventually be reported and blocked as well. It won’t be so clever to you then, will it?

Rule Number Seven – I have not read this myself, however, it seems if you open a second account to “stay alive” after being ghosted, it will also be ghostbanned. I happen to know several whom have done this (no, I’m NOT telling!) and it hasn’t happened. I think you must figure out for yourself if it is a risk you want to take.

Rule Number Eight – Treat others as you wish to be treated. Be kind. Be polite. Thank people. Retweet people responsibly. Use common sense. Be balanced. Good luck and happy tweeting and retweeting.

The opinions of this blogger are her own and is in no capacity a Twitter employee

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