Climate Crisis is Not a Reason to Bully

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

daily mail greta thunberg climate strike

Greta Thunberg at Swedish climate strike ~ photo by

Unless you have been living in a bubble somewhere in Siberia, most likely you have heard of sixteen-year-old Greta Thunberg of Sweden and how she decided to strike school each Friday to get attention to the climate crisis all over the world.  And since then, school children not only in Sweden but also in the UK, Germany, the US, and hec – everywhere[!] have been on climate strike.  School-aged children from lower years up through teens have been taking to the streets with placards and posters every Friday for some weeks now.  And, as it happens, there will always be at least one whom occasionally doesn’t want to.  No worries.  At least, there should be no worries. 

As reported by Sputnik, 23.05.2019:  “A Swedish girl who refused to join her classmates in skipping school for the sake of the climate has ended up being labelled as a “climate denier”, which her mother described as “mass psychosis“.

The teacher of this student [yes, the teacher] told the young girl she “was uncommitted and failed to understand the seriousness of the climate threat and she should reconsider her decision”. What is worse is that she said it openly, for the entire class to hear.  And, as children are wont to do, they took the cue from their teacher, ganged up on the poor girl, and called her a “climate denier” and stopped social interaction with her, in a sort of ‘boycott’ of her because she did not fall in line with their thinking.  But wait… it gets worse.  When the young lady’s mother rang the school to speak with the head teacher, she was told that her daughter “went against the rest of the class and refused to participate in something this positive”.  And now, the poor girl has refused to return to her classes.

I am pretty sure this is not the way Miss Thunberg would want to get people involved on climate change.

I suppose it had to happen eventually, although it really should not happen.  No one should ever be bullied into doing things they do not want to do, no matter how good the cause.  And, it may not have been that she disagreed with the ‘cause’ but perhaps she was not feeling well that day for whatever reason.  Or, perhaps she is a climate denier.  Still, it makes no difference why she did not want to strike.  It should have been enough that she said no.  That should have been an end to it.  She could have either been sent to sit in on another class or asked would she rather go home.  That is all that should have come of it.  Instead, an over-zealous teacher decided to over-step her boundaries by making an “example” of this young lady and caused the girl’s very friends to turn against her!  It would seem the head teacher was in on it as well.  With people in charge of classrooms such as these, we will be churning out bullies and alt-righters as fast as you can say climate emergency.

First, this teacher and head teacher should have a good, hard think about what they have caused to happen by their over-zealousness and because of it, have failed to understand the seriousness of their actions and they should reconsider their decision to have spoken so to this young girl without considering the fact that she had a right to her decision not to strike.  No matter the reason why.  They should then go before the class of pupils whom were involved because of their bad actions and explain what has happened and apologise for having drawn them into this most unkind act upon the girl whom has a right to whatever feelings she has.  They should call for understanding.  Then, the teacher and head teacher should go to the girl’s home, with parent[s] present, and tell her that they have examined their actions and now realise they were wrong to have done this to her.  Tell her they have had a word with her fellow students, and then apologise profusely to her and ask that she come back to school with assurances that this will not happen again on their watch.  This can make the situation into a positive learning experience which will show children that it is good to accept responsibility for one’s own actions, good or bad, and how to diffuse and rectify a bad situation.  It will also restore trust within the student-teacher partnership as should be.  But most of all, the poor young girl whom has been so humiliated by teacher and friends alike, can now feel more valuable again because they all cared enough to acknowledge the wrongs they committed and apologise.  This could be a turning point in her life… for good or bad.  I hope the teachers decide for good.

image from

The lesson here is, be zealous, it’s alright. However, balance that zealousness with oversight.  Make certain you never allow yourself to make anyone feel badly because they don’t believe as you do.  Pushing, prodding, speaking ill-advisedly to, and plain bullying will never cause change. Oh, I believe I’m wrong there – bullying can definitely cause change but not the kind of change you want.  In the current state of climate change, I concur there is a climate emergency.  No, we do not have time to rest on our laurels, so to speak.  However, we have no right to try to shame anybody into helping our efforts along.  When we shame and bully, we create slaves.  We create action from people whom are afraid of us and feel they must do our bidding or be hurt in some way.  It is not the kind of action we want, now is it?  The ends do not justify the means, ever.  So what if we could reverse climate change if by doing so we turn out nations full of scared, enslaved people?

The only way to tackle the climate crisis is with good will, and that includes a willingness to accept other people’s feelings.  Apart from conservative politicians, many people are feeling terrified of what is happening in the world and find it easier to hide away from it.  Very understandable.  I do it myself when I do something I love and can find rest within my soul from the doing of this thing, like wood carving.  My mind goes blank when I do, and I don’t think.  Some call this Mindfulness…I call it ‘mind-less-ness’.  I leave my mind blank to accept creativity to speak to me; the wood, in fact, speaks to me.  Still, when all is said and done, I do come back to the other reality… the one we face with minds full of worries about the state of the world.  But when I do, I have found answers in the most unlikely seeming of ways… and then I write.

Big Green Heart Saving GaiaWe really must do all we can to help Mother Earth and each other.  We must stand together, and we must not only do for ourselves but to consider our neighbours, both on our street, in our village or town, and in our world.  We must do what we can as if we were a part of a huge puzzle because we are.  Sometimes some pieces are missing but it’s alright because we always find that missing piece eventually.  Even if we don’t, we have enough pieces to see that the unfolding picture is beautiful. But let us do what we do from a place of love, not zealousness.  Love for our planet, love for our family, ourselves, and for all people, for we are all the same really.  Don’t think in terms of “Well, my neighbour doesn’t do half what I do for climate change”.  This is counter-productive, and we should never measure ourselves against anybody else, and that includes when you think “Oh dear, I am not doing half what my neighbour does for climate change!”… Don’t bully yourself!  Do what you can and be pleased with your efforts.  The longest walk starts with the smallest steps and if we’re all stepping toward the same goal, even when some others do not, we will get to the end.  No one has the right to judge whether anyone else is doing enough.  Unless it is your government and then if they aren’t, do write letters. Do passively protest.  But do not bully.

Thank you for reading.  I do hope you have found something which at least vaguely helps you in my blog and if you have, please share via the social media buttons below.  I love to receive comments and likes and I always answer as quickly as possible.  Everyone means a great deal to me and I only wish to help, never harm so do let me know how I’m doing.  Many warm blessings upon all whom this way wanders x

** Everyone is being called to Climate Strike on 20 September, young and old alike.  I will write more about it in future, but if you wish to participate, save the date! Please visit  for more details along the way.  Thank you x

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A Beginner’s Understanding of Ogham Divination, Part Six

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

Hawthorn Ogham Huathe

Huathe card and Ogham few ~ photo by i.macy

Hawthorn is the tree from which the Ogham Huathe is fashioned.  It is the sixth consonant of the Ogham alphabet and is the birth tree ogham for those born between 13th April to 9th June.  The persons born during this time are highly creative yet can appear to be doing very little.  You are rarely what you appear to be but that is because the Hawthorn/Huathe person is rarely ruffled.  More is going on within you than anyone could know, however, your calm exterior draws others to you and you, just like your birth tree Ogham, Huathe, knows what to do to bring calm to others.  Anyone can learn the ways of Huathe but you were born to them. Holding the Hawthorn/Huathe ogham stave and meditating upon it is good for drawing in that calming and wise influence.

Representations:  Ancestry, Defensive Protection, Fertility, Love, Luck, Prosperity, Wisdom, Family

Ogham Letter:  H

Number:  6

Colour:  Deep Purple, Violet

Tarot:  The World

Animals:  Blackbird, Owl, Purple Martin

Plant:  Wood Sorrel

Divination Meaning:  Drawing the Huathe Ogham means you must work upon your physical condition.  If the problem[s] does not come directly to mind, use and trust your intuition. If your intuition is very strong and worryingly so, it would be best to see your doctor.  But in most cases, the feelings you get will be directing you to make changes in your habits or lifestyle to become the person you wish to be and not those of singling out an illness.  Traditionally, Huathe speaks of cleansing… mind, body, and spirit. Your intuition will guide you to the path you must take. Huathe represents the ending of one world [ignorance] and the beginning of a new world [wisdom].

How to Mend the Problem:  You must open your mind to self-imposed thickets of ignorance and false facts.   Free your thoughts and cleanse your mind.  However hot the problem, the forge heat of overcoming it in your spirit creates new and unexpected strengths.  It is far easier to heal the body when the mind is clear. Huathe teaches us to use our wisdom in all matters and to listen with our heart in a wise and understanding way.

You may find yourself becoming the one everyone goes to when troubled as you will develop a kind and motherly/fatherly presence which makes others feel safe because they trust you.  In most cases, listening is all that is needed because people tend to hear their answers in their own words.  Like the Hawthorn defends, so will you.  Do remember as with all the Ogham that your intuitiveness, as it grows, can bring about new insights if they are applicable to your question. But those will always correspond to the Ogham stave’s main meanings/representations.

You can catch up the first five blogs, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five by clicking on these.

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The Celtic Tree Oracle, by Liz and Colin Murray

What’s Your Birth Tree is the New What’s Your Star Sign, by Isabella


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A Good Case for Recycling Plastics – Correctly

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram: @thewandcarver

Lately it seems I can’t go more than four hours without checking my Google News feed… kind of like a teenager checking their Facebook page… still, in my quest for finding as much truth out there as I can regarding climate change/climate emergency [or climate crisis/breakdown, as The Guardian news has recently deems it should be changed to, and I agree] and to pare it down into easier to swallow bites for my readers whom are interested but do not have the time to pore through lengthy news feeds. Therefore, every breakfast, lunch, and after supper reading is essential to meet my intentions.  The Climate Emergency Digest might be a plausibly good name for it 😊

ocean plastic bbc dot co dot uk

image from ocean plastic a planetary crisis

Today I am still pecking everyone’s heads about plastic.  Plastics aren’t getting enough good hashtags on Twitter yet as #ClimateEmergency and #ClimateCrisis get more trending spots in our feeds, however, plastics are very much a part of the climate problem and the environment problem.  When I say “environment problem” I mainly allude to the ocean being choked to death with plastic throwaways that end up in whale bellies, wrapped around fish of various sizes, as well as holding hostage the occasional sea bird beak making it impossible for the poor creature to eat.

recycling wrong times dot co dot uk

I can see at least ten things wrong here, can you? Image from

So, here we go with my old mantra again – recycle, repurpose, and reuse.  Repurposing and reusing may be easier for some people these days because the recycling of plastics has nearly gone out of fashion.  And, just as climate crisis is a man-made problem, so is plastics recycling.  Why?  Because we tend to believe everything plastic can be recycled.  It can’t.  Not by your friendly Council recyclers or city recyclers, or county recyclers wherever you happen to live.  It’s not only a UK problem but very much a US problem as well as in many other countries.  An article I have recently read by The Telegraph says ‘Council seizes and impounds 1,300 bins as punishment for residents failing to recycle’  by Jessica Carpani.  That headline would first make one think that this lot are failing to recycle, full stop.  Not even bothering.  No, it is worse… they are putting everything inside these bins!  Dirty nappies [diapers], food scraps, not to mention the wrong plastics… what will happen then? Does it all go to recycling facility to have latex-gloved workers pick out what can be recycled?  Not anymore… it gets taken to a landfill or incinerated, same as the regular household rubbish.  So, any fitting pieces of recyclable plastics go with all else to be – bet you don’t know this one – burned!  So, the Council decides that if people aren’t going to place the correct recyclables into their recycling bin,  they will forfeit the use of the bins for six months.  Oh, that’s teaching them!  Perhaps it would get the point across better to allow them to keep the bins to recycle with but each time they are opened, and the recycling chap sees a bin liner full of waste and other things which can’t be recycled inside, places a fine on the person responsible.  And, to prove a point even further, don’t empty his bin!  When he pays his fine and cleans out the bin himself then the recyclers will come back.  He should not have to be fined twice…I certainly wouldn’t want to be!

Plastic Recycling Explained bbc dot co dot uk

image from

I believe it is up to the recycling centres to make certain all its residences have a defined list of things which can be recycled.  Some people really do not know what can or can’t be recycled.  But if the recycling management where you live does not put forth that information themselves, surely, they have a list in their office which you can request or one listed on their website, if they have one.  In these times, it is imperative that we get this right.  If not, you can end up as many Americans have done.  Because of wrongheaded recycling [and I say that because I’m doubting that they were given a list of items acceptable to their recycling programme to start with, and if not, just assumed everything goes] they can no longer sell plastic waste to China to be recycled into new things like carpet backing and clothing. As a result, only about 9 per cent of plastic waste in the US is recycled. So, where do all those plastic milk bottles, pop bottles, and such, going to, then?  To their landfills.  And burned.   So, what? you might ask.  I’ll tell you.

plastic-pollution-reduce-reuse-recycle you dot 38degrees dot co dot uk

image from you,

Burning plastics in incinerators or landfills contributes to the C02 gas being sent to the ozone because the incinerators belch out as much C02 as does a coal burning plant used for electricity and not only that, they send loads of toxins into the air, such as dioxins, furans, and heavy metals which we shall end up breathing.  Plastics are being found everywhere now as is plastic waste from incineration – in the air, in our clothing, in oceans, on beaches, ponds, rivers…. It is literally everywhere.  Oh, yes, and it is found in the bellies of whales and others sea life.  That was not me being clever earlier.  It is the truth.

Landfills, as a solution for dropping off any household waste which you don’t want to or can’t reuse or recycle, creates more methane,  I read recently, and the latest methane atmospheric numbers NOAA scientists have put out is 1,850 parts per billion.  Pre-industrial era methane in atmosphere was at 700 ppb.  Ideally, we should stop using landfills and incinerators to handle our household waste.  Easier said than done, I know.  So, let us take this in easily digested chunks.

What we are doing in my family is picking a new thing to do without , or a habit to be changed, each week.  Sometimes that item is more like items and must be reduced over time.  First week was turning down the thermostat or turning it off to use less heat.  As a matter of fact, we hardly ever use the heating simply because of finances so that one wasn’t too difficult, apart from very cold days and nights.  Next, we decided to stop drinking bottled water.  Our recycling bin would nearly overflow with plastic bottles some weeks!  Each of us saved about 5 plastic bottles [for reusing] to use for tap water and we do clean them. The 5 bottles should last each person about a year as I have found that a plastic bottle can survive me about 2 to 3 months. I may just purchase a second-hand water bottle at a charity shop after these are no longer usable. This will save money at the supermarket and help us to not keep sending single-use plastics to recycling centres which may, if unable to send on to a company which uses the bottles in recycling, possibly be sent to be incinerated thus sending out more harmful, if not deadly, fumes.  I did purchase a reputable filter for our tap water at a nominal price.  Our next change was to discontinue using the single-use plastic carrier bags from the supermarket and other shops.  There are times when we forget but when we do, we take them back the next trip to drop them into the recycling bins for just shopping bags at the supermarket.  The next endeavour will be to begin composting our food waste.  So, as you can see, you don’t have to jump in and do it all at once, unless of course, you’re able to.  The sooner, the better to be sure, however, if you have family members who balk at having to change the way they have always done them, you may need to take it slowly to get them onboard.

calculate your carbon footprint

Image from

Our carbon footprint is not a perfect zero yet, but I would say we have drastically cut it down.  My biggest worry now is keeping  from sending more food to the landfills where it will sit and rot and cause more C02.  To recycle food waste, you should do as I am now and researching the best ways to go about it as well as knowing what can and can’t be tossed into your composter.  And, as far as having a composter goes you need not go to the store and buy one.  You can easily build your own.  Mine is built from flat pallets and chicken wire.  I left one corner open so I can get inside and give everything a good stirring.  I have it far enough away from the house so that rodents won’t decide coming into my house would be a good idea.  Once I have this going properly, I would say we have fully reduced our carbon footprint by at least 50%**.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say!  But so much more is needed….little chunks at a time. At least, we have our single use plastic mayhem under control now.  Sigh of relief.  **since writing, I have found a website where you can calculate your carbon footprint at [because the link from the image above has been archived and unusable] and I am happy to report that my personal one is 2.1 tonnes.  That is remarkable considering the average per person per year is 12.5 tonnes!  I must be doing more right than I thought!

So, I call upon every individual, family, business, and government to please begin to rein in your single-use plastics usage. Find out exactly what kind of plastics are permissible to be collected by your council’s or town’s recycling scheme.  Look into recycling plans for odd plastics through TerracycleUK, TerracycleFrance, and  TerracycleUS.  And perhaps, someone with the money to set up a business which can recycle odd bits rather than incinerate, will do so in as many places as possible.  And, a big help will be the deposit fee scheme many places are putting on to plastic drinks bottles.  This scheme has proven to get returns of bottles in the US and now, the Scottish government has announced this month that it plans to create the UK’s first deposit return scheme for plastic drinks containers and are aiming to recapture 90 per cent of drinks containers for recycling within the next three years.  I am hoping this scheme spreads throughout the UK and everywhere.


photo by

Here is hoping you will, if you haven’t already, begin a new chapter in your lives devoid of as much single-use plastics as possible.  If you don’t want to do it for climate crisis, please at least do it for the poor animals and sea creatures whom have no say in the case for recycling plastics.  Until they are dead, that is.

Please visit Saving Gaia on Facebook to learn more each day about what is happening in the world regarding climate crisis / global heating and post your views.

Many thanks for reading my blog.  I hope, as always, that you have found something useful in it for yourself or others.  If so, my deepest appreciation to you for sharing via the social media buttons below.  Please also give a like and please comment as I always find so much good information from my readers and will answer quickly as possible.  Warmest blessing to all whom this way wander x


Huffpost, Plastics aren’t just polluting – they’re making climate change worse, by Catherine Smith

Orange County Register, Your recyclables are going to the dump and here’s why, by Martin Wisckol

The Guardian, Mismanaged waste ‘kills up to a million people a year globally, Fiona Harvey, Environment Correspondent

The Guardian, Why the Guardian is changing the language it uses about the environment, by Damian Carrington, Environment editor

Surfers Against Sewage

The Telegraph, ‘Council seizes and impounds 1,300 bins as punishment for residents failing to recycle’  by Jessica Carpani

ThinkProgress, Plastics are sealing the planet’s fate by Sarah Sax

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A Beginner’s Understanding of Ogham Divination, Part Five

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

Saille Ogham

My Saille Ogham and Saille oracle card ~ photo by i.macy

The beautiful Willow tree is the tree represented by the Ogham, Saille.  Much like last week’s Fearn, the Ogham of Alder, another tree happiest living near water, is closely related to each other in some respects.  Saille  represents the 5th lunar month from 15th April to 12th May and is the birth tree Ogham of this lunar month.  Saille / Willow is a symbol is representative of knowledge and spiritual growth.  Willow’s lessons are brought forth through the Ogham Saille and you may find different answers every time you draw this Ogham. Not because Saille is fickle, not at all! But because Saille understands the ebb and flow of one’s emotions and anxieties and seeks to give comfort and advice for all.  Saille is full of inspiration at any given time and you can believe what she says to you is for you alone. You can always find comfort in this lovely soul. Saille also invokes your feminine side and helps you to discern from a more feminine level.  The ancient Celts revered women and treated them as equals or better of men.  The wisdom of woman was honoured.

Representations:   Harmony, Inspiration, Serenity, Comfort, Spiritual Wisdom and Growth

Ogham Letter: S

Number:  5

Colour:  Grey

Tarot:  Queen of Cups

Animals:  Hawk, Deer, Hare, Snowy Owl

Plant:  Primrose

Divination Meaning:  A comfortable relationship to the material world is full of lessons and changing values.  Changes are necessary for growth and values are no exception to the rule.  Saille indicates you should bring yourself back into harmony with nature so you shall be so with others.

How to Mend the Problem:  To gain understanding of a particular concept, a steady accumulation of the facts is the foundation of understanding.  All cannot be learned in one lesson.  Repetition is the key. This is a period of taking it easy rather than full speed ahead.  Learn to go with the cyclical nature of things.

Generally speaking, Saille can always sense our worries.  You may as well speak of them in your query because she will find them out.  Have you ever asked a question and gotten an answer which does not seem to pertain?  That is because she knows what you really seek to find.  As you grow with your Ogham set and become more in tune with each stave, you will understand why the answers you receive are what they are.  As Saille teaches, look within.

You can catch up the first three blogs, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four  by clicking on these.

Many thanks for reading my blog.  If you have enjoyed it or have learned from it, please share via the social media buttons below.  I love comments also and respond as promptly as I can.  And, I very much enjoy a like for my efforts!  Warmest blessings to those whom wander this way x


The Celtic Tree Oracle, by Liz and Colin Murray

What’s Your Birth Tree is the New What’s Your Star Sign, by Isabella


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Green Witchery and Mother Earth

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

We witches tend to label ourselves.  I’m a hedge witch, a solitary witch, cunning woman, and a green witch.  I’m fairly certain the labelling of witches in far off olden days was much different…you might be directed to a “healer” for physical ailments and for charms and amulets against evil and such in the medieval era.  Later days saw the term “cunning woman” [or man] for the one who could make all things come to pass which were in your way.  These days, there is a plethora of different names we give ourselves to denote to others what our speciality is in the ways of witchcraft. I think that in the current climate [no pun intended] of global warming/climate change, we are all becoming “green witches” in addition to our own specialities.  And, that is a good thing.

The green witch is a naturalist.  She or he harkens back to the old days of healing magick with herbs, spices, and such.  The green witch has studied labouriously all their witchy lives to know their flowers, herbs, woods, leaves, spices and how they are to be gathered and used.  Just like the healers in medieval times.  But not only that, the green witch has always “worshipped” Mother Earth and has always been keen to preserve her and to show the utmost respect and kindness to her. Many are the green witches whom are intent upon not only being in communication with Mother Earth but also to bring others into this way of thinking.  No, I certainly do not mean that green witches go about trying to bring others into witchcraft per se, but he or she will try their best to influence others to be kind to Mother Earth, probably more so than the average witch.  The green witch is a student, a healer, and a teacher all in one.  I can’t say it any better than this:

To live the life of the Green Witch is to live with many different levels of understanding at once. I call this path Green Living. It means that what we see is a window to all worlds and that when we are asked to help lift life back into balance, we do so. It means that we heal with the knowledge that all beings are Raven’s children and deserve love and respect. Green Living means learning the sacred language of the beings around us, a language without words — the language of life.” — Suzan Stone Sierralupe, Copyright 2002, Path of the Green Witch

Green Witch 1

picture from Ecosia,org images

The green witch can show us all a way to maintain Mother Earth more effectively.  It is now a time of desperation, in a sense; still, it is a time of pushing forward with all the green ways we can.  I would like to think it is not too late, even though the melting ice at the Poles and horrific hurricanes, cyclones, fires and floods can surely make us think differently.  But I have never known a witch to say never.  And here is where I would like to try to be a service to all, if I can.  Whenever possible, I wish to share my knowledge with you via ideas or recipes or whatever I learn in order to help you treat Mother Earth more respectfully and, to save you money in the doing of it.  Below, I have listed my favourite recipes for earth-friendly household cleaners.  You may already have ones of your own and that is good!  Carry on, if you do.  This is mainly for those who do not know where to begin as I always try to write to.

Window and Mirror Cleaner

One half cup of white vinegar

One half cup of plain tap water

Two teaspoons of borax

Two or three drops of washing up liquid

Mix thoroughly to dissolve Borax.  Add washing up liquid after.  Pour into an old window cleaner spray bottle [you can buy a new one if you please, but I much prefer to use a repurposed spray bottle I already have].

The most effective way to get the cleanest windows and mirrors ever is to spray, then wipe clean with bunched up newspaper.  You’re killing three birds with one stone – repurposing a plastic bottle what might otherwise end up in our tips or oceans, creating an environmentally friendly household cleanser that is most effective, and you’re not binning an old newspaper…at least, not straightaway.

**Ingredient amounts can be halved or doubled as you need.

Household Spray Cleaner

One Half cup white vinegar

One half cup plain tap water

Two tablespoons of borax

Two teaspoons of bicarb of soda

Several drops of either Lavender oil or Peppermint oil.

Mix the white vinegar and plain tap water, then add the bicarb only one teaspoon at a time.  Make sure you are mixing in a large bowl as once you add the bicarb it will fizz up and over the edges of small bowls.  Mix continuously with a wooden spoon to slow fizzing and to mix the bicarb sufficiently.  After the first teaspoon full has settled, add the second one, and continue mixing entire time to keep fizzing down.  Once the bicarb is sufficiently mixed in, add the two tablespoons of borax.  Mix well til dissolved.  Once you have the mixture dissolved as best you can [do try to get all dissolved to prevent clogging of spray head], add several drops of either Lavender oil or Peppermint oil.  Both have anti-bacterial properties.  Funnel into a repurposed household cleaner bottle.  This is a perfectly safe cleanser to use on any surface, countertops, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, cupboards, appliances.  Do not use inside of microwaves.  No kind of household cleaner is good to clean microwaves with.  There is a better, cheaper, and easier method:

How to Clean Your Microwave

One cup of plain tap water

One Lemon

Cut the lemon in half and squeeze juice into water.  If there is room in the cup without overflow, toss in the halves if you wish!  Sit cup in your microwave and set for five minutes.  Carefully remove the cup of water because it will be boiling.  Using a clean sponge or clean dampened cloth, wipe down the inside of your microwave.  Old food and grease will come off a treat!  And, this is safer because you are not putting chemicals inside your microwave which may linger and get into your food.

Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner

One half cup of white vinegar

One half cup of plain tap water

Two teaspoons of bicarb

20 drops of Grapeseed Extract

Mix the white vinegar and plain tap water, then add the bicarb only one teaspoon at a time.  Make sure you are mixing in a large bowl as once you add the bicarb it will fizz up and over the edges of small bowls.  Mix continuously with a wooden spoon to slow fizzing and to mix the bicarb sufficiently.  After the first teaspoon full has settled, add the second one, and continue mixing entire time to keep fizzing down.  Once the bicarb is sufficiently mixed in, add the twenty drops of grapeseed extract.  It is crucial to add this ingredient as it helps to kill any and all bacteria left on your fruit and veg after normal cleaning.  Pour into a clean spray bottle never used for harsh household cleaners.  Here is a good time to purchase a new spray bottle but take care to always use it and not buy a new one each time.

**melon fruits must still be cleaned properly before cutting because although the inside is protected from pesticides and bacteria, the outer rind is not.  You can use this to clean it with before you cut it open as the knife can and will drag pesticides and bacteria into the fruit if you don’t.  The easiest way to clean small berries such as blueberries is to place them in a bowl and pour some of the cleaner over them, allow it to sit about five minutes and then pour into a colander / sieve and rinse thoroughly.

I hope this blog has been a help to you in some way.  Let’s all try to be proactive in doing everything, no matter how small, to help Mother Earth… and if we can save money in the doing of these things, so much the better!  If you think others might benefit from my blog, please share via the social media buttons below.  And, I really enjoy comments, so please feel free to comment and I shall answer back soon as possible.  Many thanks and warm blessings to those whom wander this way x

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A Beginner’s Understanding of Ogham Divination, Part Four

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

Fearn Ogham

Fearn Ogham stave ~ photo by i.macy

This week is the Ogham letter, Fearn.  Fearn is the Irish name of the third letter of the Ogham alphabet and the Alder tree.  Alder, of course, is the birth tree for those born in the fourth lunar month between 18 March to 14 April.  The Alder tree thrives near bodies of water but itself is water-resistant and the cut wood changes from white to red, which makes it of two minds in the occult. Thus, the letter Fearn became the symbol for divination, oracular heads, courage, protection of self and country, and rivers.  The Alder tree has a many storied past, but all come with a lesson:  The Alder teaches us discrimination and the need to see beneath the surface of things. It combines the desire for self-preservation with the desire to serve and emphasises the need for a firm foundation to stand on.

Representations:   Protection, Courage, Ease of Mind from Worry

Ogham Letter:  F

Number:  4

Colour:  Light Green, Deep Red

Tarot:  Suit of Swords and Suit of Cups

Animals:  Fox, Herring Gull, Hawk, Raven, Seagulls

Plant:  Broom

Divination Meaning:  Be aware of uniqueness in yourself and others.  Keep your eyes open to see and recognise the exceptionality in all and acknowledge what you see.  You will utilise something you have previously overlooked.  Oracular skills are not always easy to detect, especially in one’s self.  Your mind can often be unwilling to accept the intuitive part of itself.

How to Mend the Problem:  Offer to others spiritual aide and protection in a dispute; be the bridge over troubled waters.  Allow your intuition to guide you.  Meditate upon your unique gifts and accept them, learn to know them and trust them. You will gain courage from doing.

As you see, when you draw the Fearn Ogham, you find it is a symbol of strength – yours.  And it teaches you to believe in that strength and how best to utilise it. Although you may have inner conflict realise that this is only down to self-doubt and you must overcome this by learning to trust yourself. Learn by doing – the Ogham teaches this above all.

You can catch up the first three blogs, Part One, Part Two, Part Three by clicking on these.

Many thanks for reading my blog.  If you have enjoyed it or have learned from it, please share via the social media buttons below.  I love comments also and respond as promptly as I can.  And, I very much enjoy a like for my efforts!  Warmest blessings to those whom wander this way x


The Celtic Tree Oracle, by Liz and Colin Murray

What’s Your Birth Tree is the New What’s Your Star Sign, by Isabella



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Happy Beltane 2019

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver


Beltane by artist, Emily Balivet on Etsy

Happy Beltane everyone! And, whilst I’m at it, Happy May Day for tomorrow.  It is the time of the year for the Wild Hunt, May poles, Morris Dancers, the May Queen and the Green Man…oh, there are many things to do and see, depending upon where you live.  But what if you are not able to join in in the festivities for whatever reason? No worries, I’m there with you, in spirit anyway… we can always find ways to celebrate this very important sabbat.

Of course, most of us will adorn our altars with all the flowers and fauna that we can.  It is a given in the witching world, isn’t it?  But what else?  Feasting is a wonderful thing to do whether you are with a large gathering of friends and or family or even alone.  For the solitary witch or practising neo-pagan, it would be a lovely thing to prepare a perfect Beltane feast for just yourself.  And why not?  We should be as kind to ourselves as we would be to others, yes?  Also, if you are unable to attend the many Festival of Fire gatherings where you live, why not have your own?  Perhaps in a fire safe cauldron in your back garden you could set a few small pieces of wood alight and use the fire for purification ritual of your own.  Walk round the fire thinking of what you wish to cleanse from your life and drop handwritten pieces of paper into the fire naming the things you want to be rid of which may be dragging you down.  When you are finished, it would not be at all silly to break into dance around the fire!  Enjoy yourself and be free of the things making you feel pessimistic and embrace a new future for yourself.  It’s not unlike the New Year’s resolution in a way.  Only, instead of writing a list you keep to tic off as you accomplish each resolution, you write down things you want rid of and burn them and then, when the joy of being free wells up inside you, dance in gratitude.  I doubt you’ll be alone in doing so 😊

Other ways we can celebrate Beltane is in caring for Earth.  Yes, I must mention this because I fear many of us may still be feeling a bit like the proverbial deer in the headlamps what with all the Climate Change news where one study says we have no time, and another says we have twenty years or so.  Don’t take that as a Doomsday prophecy!  I think what makes many of us throw up our hands and want to hide our heads in the sand is that there is a LOT of information being thrown at us and repeatedly.  Breathe.  You must  understand that this is what it takes to get some people shifting toward doing what is right.  What news folk don’t understand is, for every ten people who need to be prodded incessantly and that works for them, there are probably twenty more people whom are scared so badly they just want to hide.  Again, breathe…. If you are the one whom is scared, just regroup a bit and stop reading so much.  I know how scary it all is, I am and all.  However, I’m not going to allow it to stop me in my tracks, nor should it stop you.  What we need to do is to focus on what we can do.  Obviously, we can’t all be a part of the Extinction Rebellion, or plant a trillion trees, or go to work in a factory making wind turbines.  But there are many ways in which we can do our bit.  If only one person in 8 billion did one thing, it will never amount to anything.  But if one person does one thing and gets another person to do this thing and so on, it will amount to a great thing.  What little things can we do?

  1. Contact your elected officials in your area.  No matter which country you are in, if you elect your government officials such as MP’s in the UK or Senators in the US, you can and should write to them.  Politely tell them what you hope them to achieve in the way of climate change.  But don’t let it end with the one letter or email.  Be persistent.  You may be able to do an online search to find a bog-standard kind of letter to write if you’re not savvy at how to address these people.  Don’t hesitate however to remind them that you did elect them, and they work for you and the many others who voted them into their office.  You and others could just as easily not elect them in the next election!
  2. Recycling.  Easier said than done, particularly when I read of so many places whom are dropping recycling because China doesn’t want their plastics anymore.  I think this is in the US only for now, but it could happen to any country in time.  Still, recycling is still one of the best ways we can honour Mother Earth, not just at Beltane but year-round.  My first suggestion is to ring up or go online and find out exactly what is recyclable in your council or town or city.  I should think most recycling agencies would have a list they can send to you or one online which you can print.  Mind, it will vary between cities and countries.  So, you find you can recycle certain plastics, aluminium, and certain paper products.  What can you do about the rest?  What about coloured plastics, crisp packets, automotive wastes, cigarette butts…yes, cigarette butts!  Here we’re in huge luck.  I recently found a company called Terracycle.  Terracycle literally recycles everything!  Even your old flip-flops!  Light bulbs, bathroom waste like toothpaste tubes, coloured bottle caps, and the hated ciggy butts!  It’s a most exciting thing, this!  However, it does come at a price.  You do have to pay to become a recycler with Terracycle and I am afraid to admit, your average family probably can’t afford to.  However, if you are part of a charity or business which is keen on cleaning up and recycling, Terracycle might just be the ticket.  It’s my estimation that in due time, the more people who use Terracycle the lower the price of recycling with them will become.  Here are the links, in case you would like to check it out:  Terracycle UK, Terracycle France and Terracycle US.  I have just had an email from them and they say that there are other sites which do offer free recycling of some of the same things they recycle so I shall check those out and report at another time.
  3. Join a Climate Change group. No entry fees, no enforced participation in most.  You can check these out passively in the beginning for a way to keep your finger on the pulse of what is being done in the world toward lowering the CO2 emissions which are causing much of the danger.  You can find many groups on Facebook including ones such as Extinction Rebellion, Earth First!, and one I am going to head up which will be called Saving Gaia where I shall post relative news about Climate Change and recipes for homemade household cleaners which will not stress your budget but in fact will save you money along with other tips for helping our planet.
  4. Reduce your thermostat at home. What temperature can you live with, even if a bit chilly? Lowering your thermostat will help more than you know, not to mention, save you money.  If your home has air con, setting the thermostat above what you can comfortably live with will also save money and be of less stress on the planet.
  5. Peg out your washing. Tumble dryers are great in a pinch [I no longer have one], but there is no better way to help the earth and your electric bill than by pegging out the wash!
  6. Assess how much you literally need to drive. If you can get to many places you shop, work, or simply go for fun, walk! I haven’t owned a car now for about 5 years and yes, it can be a bother at times, however, between the bus and an ex who doesn’t mind dragging me hither and yon for shopping, I do alright.  At least it is one less car on the road!  Mind, I do know that it is not always feasible to be without a vehicle but do try to think of ways not to drive if you can.
  7. Stop eating meat one day per week. A recent study shows that reducing meat intake by one day each week would cut 1.69 million tons of CO2, according to IFL Science.
  8. If you must have a vehicle, drive sensibly by not accelerating rapidly and braking suddenly. When you do drive aggressively it burns significantly more fuel than constant speeds and braking slowly. According to the Carbon Fund, drivers can save more than a ton of Co2 yearly by driving steadily and adhering to posted speed limits.  Also, keeping your vehicle MOT’d and in good working order – properly inflated tyres can save between 400-700 pounds of CO2 annually.
  9. Back to your washing – washing at least two loads in cold water each week will cut down your energy use. If you do seven loads of wash each week in cold water only, you can reduce 218 pounds of C02 per year. Every little helps!
  10. Using compact fluorescent light bulbs is more energy efficient than their incandescent counterparts. Replacing just three incandescent bulbs with the compact fluorescent bubs could save approximately 300 pounds of CO2 per year… and money!

Banksy Climate Change

What better way to honour Mother Earth and celebrate Beltane than to commit to being part of the solution? I always love finding ways to be kinder to Earth but also helpful in saving money so I hope these will be of help to you as well.  Maybe you already do these things and I say, “Well done, you!”  But if you know someone whom is having a dilemma trying to decide what they can do to help the Climate Change cause, please feel free to share this blog.  I do hope everyone has a fabulous Beltane and May Day.  And don’t forget to care for our Mother!

Many thanks for reading my blog and I hope you’ve enjoyed.  If you would like to leave a comment, I am always happy to answer back in a short period of time.  Please do give a like and share via the social media buttons below.  Warmest blessing to all whom wander this way.  Happy Beltane! x



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