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Do You Think You Need a Witch Bottle?

Most likely in those days they were just called charms as no one wanted to say the “witch” word too loudly, lest they be hanged, drowned, or burned! Continue reading

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What Really Goes into Creating a Pendulum?

Of course, from a customer’s point of view it helps for it to be attractive…otherwise some items could sit upon the shelf for an eternity if the customer finds it appallingly ugly. Continue reading

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The Magickal Ash Tree

So much can, and has been, said about the magickal Ash tree that I’m not sure where to begin – or to end – this blog. I can only really attest to what I personally know, right? In that case, … Continue reading

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Magickal Holly Cross Anti-Nightmare Talisman Folk Magick

 A 3″ x 3″ Holly equal-armed cross, pyrographed with the bindrune for nightmare prevention and Holly ogham. True folk magick… photo by I. Macy Myth and Lore can be funny time passes and the stories are re-told, in many … Continue reading

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