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Magickal Holly Cross Anti-Nightmare Talisman Folk Magick

HollyNightmareProtection2 A 3″ x 3″ Holly equal-armed cross, pyrographed with the bindrune for nightmare prevention and Holly ogham. True folk magick…

photo by I. Macy

Myth and Lore can be funny time passes and the stories are re-told, in many cases without benefit of setting pen to paper, so much gets misconstrued…even to the point of hilarity at times. So can be the story of placing a garland of Holly around the neck of a horse to prevent it having nightmares. Yes, animals do dream, but this is one of those misconstrued “stories” as I shall call it, being that I am not sure if the truth of it is either “myth” or “lore” or “nor”. So, I shall tell you what I learned Holly can do for the dreamer as learnt at the knee of my old Nan.

First, you must know that my Nan made crosses out of all sorts for protection. Not the Christian cross, necessarily, but an equal-armed, plain cross. Holly was not only used in her home for Yule celebrations but for other reasons as well. It was used ritually to aid and help with a person’s ability to cope with death. It was also used to ease anybody’s sleep with peaceful dreams. I always slept well at Nana’s if that’s any proof.

Here is Nana’s Holly cross for preventing nightmares and protection in sleep with my own additions, such as the Holly ogham, Tinne and my own bindrune using Dagaz for “safe passage from dark to light”, Ingwaz symbolising “protection, a light shining from the darkness”, Ihwaz for “protection against unexpected attack”, and Algiz for “protection and safe refuge”.

Our crosses are made by de-barking and sanding until completely smooth, pyrographing the Tinne (or Tiene) ogham onto each 3 ends of the cross, and tied together in the centre with red cotton thread. My own bindrune for protection of hearth and home and safe dreams is on the bottom end of the cross. We then polish the cross with linseed oil and then our own handmade beeswax wand polish/wax. Adding a plait of green for the green of Holly leaves , red for the red of Holly berries, and white for the white Holly wood, for ease of hanging, it is now ready to be hung above your bed, or upon your person as a means of anti-negative dreams, protection and security.

Many thanks for reading and warmest blessings )O(

If you would like to purchase this talisman from our Etsy shop, here is the link:

If you would like a special talisman for a different need, you can send us a “convo” (email) from your Etsy inbox to ours, explaining the need and what you envision and we’ll be happy to help you as we do take bespoke orders for nearly every item in our shop. Just click the “Contact” button on any listing.

The Magic of Holly

photo by I. Macy
photo by I. Macy

The Holly and the Ivy
When they are both full grown,
Of all the trees that are in the wood,
The holly wears the crown.
~ traditional carol

In his book The White Goddess, the author Robert Graves proposed that the mythological figure of the Holly King represents one half of the year, while the other is personified by his counterpart and adversary the Oak King: the two battle endlessly as the seasons turn. At Midsummer the Oak King is at the height of his strength, whilst the Holly King is at his weakest. The Holly King begins to regain his power, and at the Autumn Equinox, the tables finally turn in the Holly King’s favour; his strength peaks at Midwinter. They are both vegetation Gods/Deities, connected to fertility and the seasons. They battle each other year after year to reign supreme.

Holly is the tree of the 8th month of Celtic Tree calendar, July 8th – August 4th and the 8th consonant of the Ogham alphabet, Tinne or Tiene. Deities are Lugh, Tannus, and Thor. Ruling planets are Mars and Saturn and its element is Fire. The powers of Holly include protection, anti-lightning, luck, and dream magick.

“Holly reminds us of the need to calm our emotions, if we are to reach wise decisions about our situation. The often painful consequences of our actions are brought to the surface for examination, and calm acceptance of our responsibility is required. We are reminded of the need to view ourselves, as well as others, in the light of compassion and unconditional love. Like the Hanged Man of the Tarot, holly represents personal sacrifice in order to gain something of greater value.” – The Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford

“Holly wood was used by the ancients in the construction of spear shafts, and as the spiny leaves show, it is well prepared for battle. A symbol of firmness and masculine energy, the holly endows those born under its sign with an equally well-prepared nature. You have a strong connection to the earth, amazing physical strength, and the ability to direct your energy in a balanced even flow. This stability gives you a generosity of spirit ad a very matter-of-fact solidness that others will respect, admire, and rely on. Before you engage in any battle, look inside for understanding and respect for your opponents.” – Written by Kim Rogers-Gallagher, and Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook 2000

The Holly wand is 37cm (14-1/2 in) long and completely hand-carved by me. There are no wood lathes or power tools of any kind used, nor even so much as a pair of callipers, only a Stanley knife and sandpaper. Of course, the Holly ogham, tiene, is inscribed with a pyrography tool, apart from that, as with all of our wands, no electrical tools were used.

Afterwards, I polish the wand with our own Speaking of Witch Wands English Beeswax Wand Polish, also made by me. You will receive a 10ml pot of this polish along with your wand (as seen here: at no additional charge. It may not sound like a large amount but you really only need a tiny amount to keep your wand looking beautiful.

The wood for this wand was not cut by me from the tree, however, I happened upon the remains of a tree pruning and naturally brought all I could home. It would have been rude to Mother Nature not to!

If you would like to purchase this wand, please click this link:
Thank you for looking and many blessings!

Electric Blue Agate Dowsing Pendulum

Electric Blue Agate Pendulum
Electric Blue Agate Pendulum

The ‘Stone of Oxygen’, this stone is fantastic to oxygenate the blood, is very useful for the being who participates in fast paced and strenuous activities, as well as being beneficial to the being needing to keep a focused and sharp mind.
This form of Agate is just like having a pure oxygen boost to the blood, it can be used during times of fast pace, when a lot of energy is being burned and the levels of oxygen are needed to be increased.

It can be said as being a ‘zest stone’ because of the surge of energy it can bring, the stimulation of the mind, body and spirit and how it helps lift the mood.
This form of Agate is also very good to help keep the mind sharp because of the boosts in oxygen; this will help during times where one needs exact focus, or focus for extended periods of time.

Also Electric Blue Agate is a stone that can help awaken those who suddenly pass out, or be kept with those who have ‘fainting episodes’ to help ease them off.
This is a stone that will help regulate the water level in the body and have a positive effect on water retention problems, as well being beneficial to lung and heart function.

Electric Blue Agate works extremely well with the Energy centre, and especially helps its keeper to speak with confidence and a sense of freedom. It is a stone that also encourages its keeper to take on a more positive attitude, helping to bring a more courageous, self motivating and hopeful personality.
Katie Jacqueline – October 2008

This  Electric Blue Agate dowsing pendulum is 35mm long and has a 10mm crystal bead. It features a silverplated Fairy charm and has a 7.8cm (7 in) silverplated curb chain. If you would like to see more photos or order, please visit our Etsy shop here:

Hope you enjoyed learning a little about the Electric Blue Agate and many blessings )O(

Morrigan Crow Feather Earrings

Morrigan Crow Feather Earrings
Morrigan Crow Feather Earrings
The Morrigan is always thought of first as the shape-shifter who flew over battlefields amongst the dead and dying as a crow or raven, seen to clean away the decay, as crows and ravens do. Wherever there was battle, legend has it the Morrigan would be there. But not so fast…many of us today who revere the Morrigan know a different side of her as the one who gives strength to those who must do battle in our daily lives, no matter how small or large the war. And, we may see her as the death goddess but there are many forms of death…we “die” to old habits and old ways of doing things which do not serve us any longer.

This is the representation I present in the Morrigan Crow Feather Earrings to remind us we have a strong ally in our daily battles which can and sometimes does, include small deaths of sorts as we clear away the decay of things that need shifting out of our lives.

They are 17.5cm ( 6-1/2 in) long from top of hook to bottom and feature a white Howlite sugar skull and two red Carnelian beads on each earring, giving the colours of the Morrigan. The feathers are English crow feathers, ethically sourced and no crows were harmed. They have been properly cleaned. If you would like to have these, visit

Many blessings )O(

Form an Attachment: Moldavite

Moldavite 1  This Moldavite is in our Etsy Shop now (see link below)

All of our Moldavite has been ethically gathered by a friend who is a miner of these beautiful crystals in the Czech Republic. I won’t sell anything less than 100% real Moldavite. They are getting more rare all the time and it is said that mining for these stunning crystals will no longer exist within 10 years or less.

Shades of green, ranging from a yellowish hue to a brownish green are the most sought after Moldavite.

Moldavite is a member of the Tektite group of natural glasses formed from interplanetary collisions. From the Greek word tektos, meaning “molten,” Tektites are glassy mixtures of silicon dioxide, aluminium oxide and other metal oxides with an amorphous crystal structure. Unlike other Tektites from around the world which are tar black or brownish-black, translucent Moldavite colour range is varying shades green and is the only variety suitable for cutting and faceting as a gem.

Moldavite is not for everyone. As mentioned earlier, it’s a powerful crystal. Not everybody resonates with every crystal they hold, as we all know who work with them. And, if you do find you resonate with this crystal, you’ll have a friend for life and you’ll always want it with you. If you find you would like larger pieces of Moldavite in future, we will almost always have them as well as some with certification certificates.

It is believed Moldavite is a definite and powerful Chakra opener and activator, particularly resonating with the Heart, 3rd Eye, and Crown Chakras. Although its energy tends to first move to wherever it is most needed in the physical and etheric bodies, it will settle and centre in the heart. Moldavite is a great stone to work with on a personal and collective level in your healing work, practises, and meditations. Its transformative qualities, begins a process of energetic resonance throughout one’s entire being, thus raising the vibration.

It is also believed there are many benefits of this crystal, and exposure to it, including, activating the dream state when worn whilst sleeping, helping one to acclimate to the Earth plane environment if feeling not part of this world (especially in the case of Star Children), helps foster a deeper level of compassion and understanding for the human realities of the physical plane, aids in expansion of consciousness and rapid transformation in one’s life-aiding the release of those things that do not serve one’s highest path, visionary experiences, increased clarity, vibrational raising of both yourself and the Earth, energy cleansing, strengthens, aids in self discovery and enlightenment, cosmic and crystal consciousness, expansion, and even contact with inter-dimensional energies, and the list goes on… It is considered the only known gemstone of “extraterrestrial” origin (not of this Earth) and is associated with the Star card of the Tarot. But most importantly, it is a direct link to the Heart Chakra.

Some say wearing, or simply holding, a piece of Moldavite can produce many interesting and instantaneous reactions and experiences including that of heat flashes and emanating heat in general, that can not only be felt by the wearer, but those around, energy jolts, and vibrations throughout the day. It’s not a power to play with though, as since it’s vibration is so high, one not used to such exposure can find themselves feeling quite drained, as your vibrational energy quickens to catch up to match it. For this reason, it might be helpful to mentally prepare, when deciding to wear your Moldavite and you can also help to ground yourself as well by pairing it with other stones such as black tourmaline, smoky quartz, hematite, tiger eye, or whatever stone resonates grounding effects for you. Moldavite harmonises well with such stones as quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, tanzanite, larimar, sugililte, and dozens more.

We hope you find yourself a fan of Moldavite through one of ours!

Moldavite 1 side Side view

How To Save Money With Promoting Women

We have a fab team on Etsy called Promoting Women and as Captain of the team, I beam with pride (sort of like a mum, lol) when I see a collection of their beautiful, handmade items in one place…that’s why we do treasuries on Etsy, to see several wonderful gift ideas or something for ourselves all in one go. And then, we share it with the World 🙂

Having only just made this treasury a few moments ago and thinking about how money concious we all have to be these days, I thought I’d share it my lovely blog readers…who knows? Perhaps you were looking for just the thing and find it here!

If you want to have a closer look, just visit


How To Make A Treasury On Etsy

It’s so simple, once you get the hang of it, you’ll probably enjoy it so much that you make several per week. If you are in one of the many promotional teams on Etsy, one of the requirements of being in the team will be making treasuries. Some teams don’t push for them as much as others. Some teams, such as the one I am Captain of, Promoting Women, does require 2 per month. Even if you are not a team member, they are still fun to make and very helpful not only to the Etsy sellers you use in the treasury, but to you, as well. Most of the time when you use another Etsy shop’s item in a treasury, he or she will reciprocate in kind.

Why do it in the first place?
1. You get your items seen in the Activity Feed on Etsy quickly.
2. Not just your team will see the treasury….as they show up in the Activity Feed, hundreds, if not thousands more, will see them.
3. Politely asking visitors, in your initial comment, to favourite every item, favourite the treasury, Pin, Tweet, and share it to Facebook will get it seen by even more people. More chances for a sale!

Anytime is a good time to make an Etsy treasury. It’s a very good tool for showcasing items around religious holidays, for graduation time, for the bridal season, for baby items, for the different seasons…a favourite colour…it doesn’t matter! Make up your own theme and start looking for your treasures!

A lot of people on Etsy have asked me how to go about making a treasury, so here we go….

We will, for example’s sake say you are in a team (we’ll use ours for the example) and you want to use baby items in your treasury. Using my latest baby orientated treasury, I’ll take you through the process with screenshots.

First, go to your team’s discussion page. On the far left side you will see underneath the team logo, links for Members, Discussion, etc. Click on “members” where you will find all present members and invited members. You may choose from any of these. All you will need are 16 shops in total. Showing where to find the team members:


Choose a member to start with. I’ve chosen an item from Marcia’s ImagineThatBaby shop. In the screenshot, you’ll see an arrow pointing to what is a red heart in a grey box…it most likely won’t be red when you visit a shop’s item that you want to use so first click on the heart. This doesn’t add the item to a treasury, it is merely what we do when we like something…and always do when we use an item in a treasury. It’s called favouriting, or “faving” in team lingo. The screenshots can be clicked on to make them large enough to see.


Now, when you’re on the item you’ve chosen, scroll down the page where you’ll see under the tags, just like in the next screen shot, a very small link saying “add item to treasury”.


Click on this link, wait a moment or longer and a box will appear that will look like the screen shot below. In this box, you will name your treasury (don’t worry if you change your mind, you can edit it later) and click “save” and you now have your first item!


Continue going from one shop to another in the group until you have chosen 16 items just as outlined above.

Easy ways to find items in shops: Most sellers provide in the left side bar, “sections” of their shops. This can prevent you from having to click through every page looking for certain items. Another thing I find helpful is the ability to “search” within a shop. Particularly if you’re doing a colour-themed treasury. See screenshot below:

Screenshot (19)

Upon your first try, you probably won’t get the drop-down of different “p” letter words..this is only because I do random searches within shops to find different coloured items. All I have to do is type the first letter and I have choices. So shall you, over time.

Your next step, after having built up your treasury to 16 fabulous items, is to go to the top of the page again, and as shown in screenshot below, hover cursor over the “You” link for the drop-down box and choose “Your Profile”, as seen in screenshot below:


This will, as you may already know, take you to your profile page. Scroll down the page to where beside of your favourites, you will see “Treasury Lists”…you won’t see the treasury list there yet, as you’ve not edited it to go public. Click on “see more” and there will be your treasury!


Next, have a good look at your list. Is everything in the order you would most like it to be? On the right hand side you will find a side bar of links as you see in the next screenshot. Click on “Edit”.


You will see now where you may change your treasury name, if you like. Try to think of something catchy and fun, still pertaining to the items in the treasury. And, if you wish to switch items around, you may drop and drag items to position them where you like.

Tags (a) are VERY important to treasuries, just as they are for your individual items. If you’re doing a team treasury, it is important to use the team’s tag, if they use one. Ours is “promotingwomen” so you will see it in the list of tags. I am still learning about choosing the right and best ones for my items and treasuries, so maybe mine aren’t the best I could be using, still, if you relate to the colour theme in your treasury, use tags that also relate to the items in the treasury, depending upon the season tags such as “summer finds”, “autumn finds”, etc are good, also “summer trends”, etc…you will learn as you go what works and what does not.

Writing something nice in your comment section (b) is always good as well.

Once you are happy with what you’ve done, most importantly of all, don’t forget to make the treasury public (c)! No one will find your gorgeous handiwork if not!


Last but certainly not least, before leaving the page, scroll down to underneath the treasury and click the big, blue SAVE button! Or, all will be lost 😦


Many people will check their dashboard often, particularly if there are numbers above it, to see whom is liking their items. Oftentimes sellers don’t send you a convo to let you know they have included your item in one of their treasuries and you may never know! I recommend that you go the extra mile and send a convo to each seller with the link to your treasury, politely asking them to visit and fave, tweet, pin, comment…whatever you like and thank them. Not only will most of them visit and favourite your treasury but the more who do, the more likely the treasury will stay in Etsy’s activity feed longer! And then, the more likely their items will sell! *Hint: you can click on each item from within your treasury and convo from it, rather than going back to each individual shop

Some rules of etiquette (and Etsy) apply to treasury-making. One is, do not use your own shop in your own treasury. Your treasury is to help promote others, not to self-serve. I have seen some teams do this and it just isn’t nice. Your time will come and your teammates will add your items to their treasuries to promote you. What comes around, goes around 🙂 Also, no matter how much you may want to, only use one item from each shop. If you use more than one, it could appear like favouritism. I’m sure there may be more to it than those, but I didn’t write this to become bogged down in rules nor etiquette.

I hope this will help all first time treasury-makers! I’m positive you will let me know if it doesn’t 🙂 Also, I have heard the quickest way to build a treasury is with a treasury-making app on Etsy…but it only works on Chrome and I only use Firefox. Worth a look, if you’re a Chrome user! Blessed be xx

Buy From Women Day is Coming 1 May 2015

Buy From Women Day is Coming Around Again!!

From Woman Owned World Facebook page:

We (UrbanGirl) are working on promoting Woman-Owned Business Day on May 1. We want to start promoting it heavily now. Please feel free to spread the word using all social media and using the hashtag ‪#‎buyfromwomen‬ During the holiday season, UrbanGirl put out several gift guides featuring woman-owned businesses on our blog, and plan to do the same for Woman-Owned Business Day and Mother’s Day. Please do the same–write a blog post, make a Pinterest board, etc. to promote other Woman-Owned businesses! More details to come, and ideas are welcome.

Tweet #buyfromwomen all day on 1 May 2015 and help us get it trending!!

The Great Witch-y Giveaway! Read here how to win $50!


Top Prise: 


2nd Prise:


3rd Prise:


Interested:? Good!  For every purchase from our Etsy shop during June, you will be entered into our drawing.  All purchases, great or small, will get a ticket to win.  We post to all countries, therefore, all countries are eligible to win. You may enter as often as you like.  Purchases must be dated between 1 June 2014 and 30 June 2014.

Drawing will be held on 1 July 2014 and winners will be notified via the email address on record with their shop purchase and/or Etsy convo.  Winners will have one week to respond or the next person drawn will win by default.  We shall also name the winners on our Facebook page on the day.  Once you have won your prise, we will give you instruction on how to receive it from our Etsy shop.

Gift cards are good for any items bought from our Etsy shop so you can choose from altar patens, wands, ritual jewellery, herbs, and more! The tarot reading will be done from private email between myself and the winner, asking only for month of birth and the question needing anwering.  After reading, winner will receive photo of the cards drawn and full explanation of the reading.

Good luck to everyone who enters! Please be sure to like us on Facebook at to follow our sales and events and follow us on Twitter  Many blessings! )O(

**The contest is not open to owners/employees/family of Speaking of Witch Wands & Magickal Things or to Etsy staff/owners/managers.  This contest is not affilitated with Etsy, only by Speaking of Witch Wands & Magickal Things, all rights reserved.

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