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Magickal Holly Cross Anti-Nightmare Talisman Folk Magick

 A 3″ x 3″ Holly equal-armed cross, pyrographed with the bindrune for nightmare prevention and Holly ogham. True folk magick… photo by I. Macy Myth and Lore can be funny time passes and the stories are re-told, in many … Continue reading

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The Magic of Holly

The Holly and the Ivy When they are both full grown, Of all the trees that are in the wood, The holly wears the crown. ~ traditional carol In his book The White Goddess, the author Robert Graves proposed that … Continue reading

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What Dreams May Come (or what do our Spirits get up to at night?)

Dream Reading How many times have you heard a friend say, or have even said it yourself, “I never dream”.  You must simply change the wording of your statement to “I never remember dreams” as it has been proven scientifically … Continue reading

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