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Do You Think You Need a Witch Bottle?

Most likely in those days they were just called charms as no one wanted to say the “witch” word too loudly, lest they be hanged, drowned, or burned! Continue reading

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What Really Goes into Creating a Pendulum?

Of course, from a customer’s point of view it helps for it to be attractive…otherwise some items could sit upon the shelf for an eternity if the customer finds it appallingly ugly. Continue reading

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Everything New is Old Again

Waiting for faeries, fishing for worms…it was all a means to an end: keeping the child out of their hair whilst they worked. Continue reading

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What’s Your Birth Tree is the New What’s Your Star Sign

There really is nothing “new” about birth trees and their meanings for us. It is a far cry different from the astrological signs most of us are used to. The Celtic Birth Tree Calendar (seen referred to as CBTC in … Continue reading

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How Not to Get Ghostbanned on Twitter

Some months back I had written a couple of blogs to try to get across to people that this very real punishment exists in Twitter-land…particularly since so many people kept finding themselves in a state of being unseen in social … Continue reading

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Update on Chili and Her Health

Anyone following my writings knows a little of what I have gone through over the last year and a half with my dear 17-year-old tabby cat, Chili. We’ve been through the wars, me and her! Of course, she has borne … Continue reading

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Beeswax Wooden Wand Polish

One of the woods whose beauty is very much enhanced by the beeswax wand polish is Oak. Quite breath-taking! Continue reading

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