My daughters and I are three English witches bound to traditional practise. I don’t claim generations of cunning-folk heritage, mainly because I am not familiar with all of my deceased relatives, but I learned many of our ways and technique through my grandmother (nana) who was born in 1884 and how she protected her home from lightning, evil, and all manner of bad things. I learned much about her herbal remedies and divination techniques as well. From my father, I learned about nature and what is now termed the “wheel of the year” – when to sow, when to reap, and how to respect our lovely Mother Earth. He was always in demand by neighbouring farmers for his help and knowledge, which I am happy to have been taught. Now, I pass along what I’ve learned to my daughters.

We Three

We enjoyed crafting our own wands and other bits for our practise, so we came up with Speaking of Witch Wands as our name for selling witchcraft tools online. Speaking of Witch Wands are purveyors of handcrafted Wiccan wands, dowsing pendulums, amulets, runes, ritual oils and incense, and all manner of Wiccan supplies. Our magic wands are award-winning bespoke or pre-made wands, as you can see by our banner. We use natural woods found fallen or cut because of necessary yearly pruning for our wooden wands and runes, genuine crystals and stones for wand adornments and pendulums (unless the listing states differently), and the very finest oils, herbs, and wood bark in our ritual oils and incense. We also offer Wiccan altar needs, Wiccan jewellery/jewelry, wine glass charms, wood bark, and talismans. We want to be your one-stop shop for all your traditional witchcraft needs.

Sometimes certain wand designs may take a bit longer than a month.  This is because we carve and shape every wand by hand.  We do not use power tools in the making of wands, apart from possibly drilling a hole in the tip to put herbs and set the crystal. If you are to be ordering for a special event, such as a birthday or Sabbat gift, please order at least 3 months in advance.  We only want to ensure that you will love your new wand and will feel a special bond with it straightaway.

My daughters and I hope you enjoy your visit with us and please remember, if you don’t see what you want, just ask! We are more than happy to take custom/bespoke orders. Warmest blessings to all )O(  Isabella, Rhiannon, and Alexis

We’re on Facebook . Here you will find updates of what we’re doing on our main website, as well as sneak peaks of our newest woods for wands (don’t be shocked by the pre-fit stage, that is only how they look before we do the magick!), new items going onto Etsy, events, and basically a “common ground” for finding out what is going on on all our sites. And please don’t forget to like us!

Before you leave to go back to the main page or to shop in our online shop, or visit our Facebook page, please also stop by Twitter and follow us @TheWandCarver.  We can also be found on Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr.


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