First Day of the New Year

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram: @thewandcarver

Many of you watched the New Year celebrations from your home on your televisions last night. Same here. They were certainly not as full of the fanfare as New Year’s Eve celebrations in the past have been. All countries, from what I could tell, scaled back their usual flamboyance and opted for socially distanced – or no revellers at all – celebrations. The fireworks displays were cut back from 15 to 20 minutes down to 7 or 8 minutes. But, you know what they say… good things come in small packages? I think that is exactly what Britain went for this year. And, I could not be prouder or more enthralled with how it went.

The fireworks spectacular was cut down severely, however, the light drones were put to the most inspiring use. I truly enjoyed, and shed tears during every minute. I can’t share video of the event with you but I can share pictures, in order of what happened. Mind, the full experience of watching the actual show will be lost on you unless you did watch it last night, but I have curated the best of the the night so you can get an idea of why I am so proud of the UK.

Big Ben, Elizabeth Tower, Westminster, 2021

Big Ben is always ready on special occasions. Since 2017, our iconic big clock has been under repair and still has repairs to be done, however, it has been chimed during every Armistice Day and New Year’s Eve since repair work began. Last night was no different. A balm for the soul to hear it.

Blue Dove above the Millennium Dome, London 2021

Next a beautiful blue dove of peace, drone-lit, of course. Amazing how they get these to all fly in a correct formation at the same speed and equal distance from each other. It was quite breathtaking to see when you’re not expecting it.

Black Lives Matter, 2021

Black Lives Matter. Let us turn our backs on racism from now on. Let us learn from the past mistakes of others. Let us now go forward knowing we are all human and must join together in preventing history’s most disgusting side of itself from continuing.

Drone lights the NHS over Millennium Dome, London

A tribute to the NHS. The work done by NHS doctors and nurses is a comfort to us all. When we say “NHS Heroes” we mean it from the bottoms of our hearts. Thank you, NHS!

Join together… we are always better together than divided. Let us put our differences aside, no, let us understand our differences and heal… together.

Hope together. Let us have our hopes but let us act upon them positively. We can make our hopes and dreams real.

Love together.

A big explosion over Tower Bridge! See, there were fireworks. More than this but I just didn’t capture them all…

Cue the tears…I tend to get weepy when Sir David Attenborough speaks. I love his kind and gentle voice and how, despite the mucky mess we have put our world into over the years, he always reassures us we can work together and put it right again…

I hope you have enjoyed my little recap of last night’s “celebrations” in London. I do hope that on the eve of 2022 we can all spill out in the streets again because Covid is well and truly behind us. Still, if not, we can take comfort that we can do our bit every day to make that day a reality faster. We can do this by washing our hands, using hand sanitiser, socially distancing, wearing masks, and staying home as much as humanly possible. And, please take advantage of receiving a Covid vaccine as soon as it is made available to you.

Many thanks for reading and please stay safe. Warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x

About Isabella

Everything worth knowing, I learned from my Nana. I'm a sixty-six year old cunning woman who practises a solitary English hedgewitch life in as near the old ways as I can. I do not sacrifice small animals, neighbours, nor eat children. I'm more interested in visiting my ancestors on hedgewalks. And, I am owned entirely by my lovely feline companion, Pippa [Lady Philipa Cattington].
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4 Responses to First Day of the New Year

  1. Corrie says:

    Thank you so much for this! Just what I needed today.
    Love, your friend across the pond.

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  2. elephantlass says:

    Thank you for sharing this!
    Blessings to you and yours for 2021 and beyond xx

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