A Few Home Truths

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram: @thewandcarver

Let’s forget about the numbers.  The numbers of infected around the world; the numbers of the dead.  They are just numbers.  Numbers do not affect the psyche of people.  It is a moot point.

What will it take, if not numbers? It will take compassion.  It will take empathy… and a whole lot of love. But again… this only seems to apply to some whilst others run amok and do what they please, never caring about themselves or their partner or child or parents or friends. Freedom they say.  Freedom from mask wearing. Freedom from social distancing. Freedom from having to work at home or lockdowns.  At what price, freedom? A costly, horrible price is their so-called freedom.

One does not help but hear news from around the world these days. Have you ever before seen such a proliferation of news from all countries?  This gives anybody who thinks beyond the tip of their noses the idea that we are all in this together, does it not?  But do we act like we are in this together? Hardly. 

One of the worst hit countries on the planet now, as of this writing, [keep in mind these numbers will have gone up by the time you read this] has 6,287,362 cases.  188,688 deaths.  282,919 new cases in the last seven days [1].  Did you also know that as of two hours ago a study came out called The Contagion Externality of a Superspreading Event: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and COVID-19 [2].  It says nearly 267,000 new coronavirus cases in America between Aug. 2 and Sept. 2 can be traced to one “super-spreader” event –  Sturgis [3].  If you have not done the maths yet, here you go: 282, 919 minus 267,000 equals 15,919.  That is still a lot of new cases. But think how much less of a burden on the healthcare system it would have been compared to the new 267,000 case in addition? And why?  Freedom, apparently.

AP Photo/Stephen Groves

It is easy for me to sit here and hypothesise, theorise, and generally judge all people’s actions comparing them to my own or to others. But it is not only down to ‘my’ feelings.  I read entirely too many news articles; I am sure.  And I watch both BBC local and World News entirely too much.  For the most part I don’t feel overtly sad or anxious over any of what is happening because I know in my heart eventually, God and Goddess willing, we will get a proper handle on Covid and we may not go back to the life we once knew, but hopefully a more caring, generous, and helpful life than we once lived.


In the meantime, I am appalled at the number of astonishingly STUPID things people are doing in the name of freedom.  How is going to a massively huge motorcycle rally ‘freedom’ in the middle of a pandemic? Especially when you can end up going home to share the wealth of illness with friends, co-workers, family, and people you don’t even know?  What about THEIR freedom?  Do you stop to think that maybe they would rather not end up in an Intensive Care ward hooked up to a respirator?  That maybe they wanted, when they died, to have family with them, and not an ICU nurse? Do you stop to think that the ICU nurse would rather be able to cuddle her children when she goes home at night rather than sleeping in a converted garage apartment so that she doesn’t risk infecting her family should she somehow have contracted the disease but is asymptomatic? Do you stop to think how many people could die because of your stupid decisions? Ah, your freedom has a price.  You probably will not pay for it, but someone else surely did. 

Am I being too harsh? I don’t think I am being harsh enough.  I don’t think people know how to govern themselves in ways that are conducive to everyone’s freedom, not just their own.  And of course, I know that not everyone is selfish to the core.  Thank the Universe for that, at least.

I am weary and sad from reading about people dying alone from this disease… from hearing stories from the frontline doctors and nurses, which, if they do not make you cry, you have a heart of stone; from worrying relentlessly about my family, far away and near, as well as for friends and acquaintances.  Now I know what my Nan meant when she said, “pray without ceasing”.  And one thing that goes round in my head most is, ‘dear Universe, please help us all learn to love one another and help one another’.  Because whether you believe in Wicca, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Sikh, or whatever you believe or do not… loving each other enough to be kind and help each other is not a bad thing.  It is the only way we have out of this mess.

Covid does not kill by itself. Let us not be accomplices. – Peruvian TV awareness advert

Many thanks for reading and warmest blessings to all whom this way wander. By the way, I love you. #StaySafe


[1] https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#cases

[2] http://ftp.iza.org/dp13670.pdf

[3]  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8711129/Sturgis-Motorcycle-Rally-responsible-260-000-new-cases-coronavirus-costing-12-2-billion.html

About Isabella

Everything worth knowing, I learned from my Nana. I'm a sixty-six year old cunning woman who practises a solitary English hedgewitch life in as near the old ways as I can. I do not sacrifice small animals, neighbours, nor eat children. I'm more interested in visiting my ancestors on hedgewalks. And, I am owned entirely by my lovely feline companion, Pippa [Lady Philipa Cattington].
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