A Beginner’s Understanding of Ogham Divination, Part Five

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

Saille Ogham

My Saille Ogham and Saille oracle card ~ photo by i.macy

The beautiful Willow tree is the tree represented by the Ogham, Saille.  Much like last week’s Fearn, the Ogham of Alder, another tree happiest living near water, is closely related to each other in some respects.  Saille  represents the 5th lunar month from 15th April to 12th May and is the birth tree Ogham of this lunar month.  Saille / Willow is a symbol is representative of knowledge and spiritual growth.  Willow’s lessons are brought forth through the Ogham Saille and you may find different answers every time you draw this Ogham. Not because Saille is fickle, not at all! But because Saille understands the ebb and flow of one’s emotions and anxieties and seeks to give comfort and advice for all.  Saille is full of inspiration at any given time and you can believe what she says to you is for you alone. You can always find comfort in this lovely soul. Saille also invokes your feminine side and helps you to discern from a more feminine level.  The ancient Celts revered women and treated them as equals or better of men.  The wisdom of woman was honoured.

Representations:   Harmony, Inspiration, Serenity, Comfort, Spiritual Wisdom and Growth

Ogham Letter: S

Number:  5

Colour:  Grey

Tarot:  Queen of Cups

Animals:  Hawk, Deer, Hare, Snowy Owl

Plant:  Primrose

Divination Meaning:  A comfortable relationship to the material world is full of lessons and changing values.  Changes are necessary for growth and values are no exception to the rule.  Saille indicates you should bring yourself back into harmony with nature so you shall be so with others.

How to Mend the Problem:  To gain understanding of a particular concept, a steady accumulation of the facts is the foundation of understanding.  All cannot be learned in one lesson.  Repetition is the key. This is a period of taking it easy rather than full speed ahead.  Learn to go with the cyclical nature of things.

Generally speaking, Saille can always sense our worries.  You may as well speak of them in your query because she will find them out.  Have you ever asked a question and gotten an answer which does not seem to pertain?  That is because she knows what you really seek to find.  As you grow with your Ogham set and become more in tune with each stave, you will understand why the answers you receive are what they are.  As Saille teaches, look within.

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The Celtic Tree Oracle, by Liz and Colin Murray

What’s Your Birth Tree is the New What’s Your Star Sign, by Isabella


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2 Responses to A Beginner’s Understanding of Ogham Divination, Part Five

  1. Melissa says:

    I love how you observed that saille can give different answers each time, sometimes seeming irrelevant! That matches how I feel about this ogham, and you’ve explained why. 🙂

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