The Impossibility of [Climate] Change

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

I’m not really a worrier.  I have found my Zen and can’t be fussed most of the time.  Still, I have found myself all a-dither in recent years over Climate Change/Global Warming.  Getting upset won’t help, I know this.  A clear head and a clear plan will win the day in most cases.  But the problem here is, how do we get everybody on board?  By this I mean the Climate deniers…even the Climate sceptics are “on board”….they only must pick everything apart first to make sure it all adds up.  However, from my observance, there are more Climate deniers than any of the rest.

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For example, Donald Trump, president of the US.  Complete denial.  Wants to bring back coal mining, more fossil fuels…global warming can’t be real because it’s snowing outside…what? Oh, I won’t even go into explaining the difference because I imagine if you’re reading this you already know.  And, he isn’t the only one.  President Macron of France completely buckled to the Yellow Vest protesters to remove the fuel tax he imposed to be scrapped along with other things that were intended as part of Mr Macron’s plans to transition France toward cleaner energy.  I could list a multitude of countries and their reasoning or lack thereof, but the problem is this:  No government with a very strong conservative base is likely to want to go full swing into fixing or at least managing Climate Change because it will cause them to need to give up what they hold dearest – money.  The only ones with a view to making the changes needed, money be damned, are the democratic, liberal, neo-socialist [this is a clue] types. Many of the conservatives make noises toward helping fix the problem but they tend to wrap their main interests [bad things that brings in more money] in a pretend-able shield of a grand gesture toward repairing Climate Change just to get their main interest passed into resolution. If you have ever noticed, these conservative government lawmakers are generally fairly old.  To be fair, I am fairly old, but I have a much younger person’s viewpoint on how things should be done.  We need more young liberals in government possibly but as the old guard doesn’t seem to be ready to retire, we must find a way to make them see sense.  And the clue is that the neo-socialists scare the hell out of the capitalist conservatives, therefore, it will be doubly difficult to get them on side if socialists are involved.

That is going to be a job.

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You may have heard the saying, “softly, softly, catchee monkey”: in other words, “Don’t flurry; patience gains the day.”  We need to make the idea of what we want palatable to the old guard.  Yes, I realise we don’t have time to tarry but I would rather take it slowly a bit to get people up to speed on what is needed rather than to go in so ham-fisted that we scare them completely off the page.  It is not enough to tell the old guard what is needed.  They mostly already know.  What is necessary is to present these needs with a sound plan of action.  A plan with smooth as possible segues into the necessary options from the old oil and coal ones.  And, it must not cost a packet.  Surely at least, not all in one go.  And you also must avoid raising taxes as much as possible.  It’s a tall order no matter what you do.  Still, taking the time to show conservative capitalist lawmakers how money can be made from fixing Climate Change, and how jobs can be created from Climate Change is the only way you will ever get them on board.  I quite agree that if you are a socialist this is a bitter pill to swallow, however, how much do you want to fix the problem?

Despite the lack of manners and common decency and down-right bullying in some governments it would be wise for the strong, young, idealists whose ideas are going in the right direction to take the stance of being the ‘adults in the room’ and beat the old guard at their own game.  Don’t pitch ideas without following up with sound methods of making the ideas work.  Don’t give in to name-calling, cursing, and back-biting, just because you can.  You don’t necessarily have to respect someone in order to act respectful toward them.  You can be strong and get your point across without bullying [don’t fall into the trap set by others].  Putting it straight forwardly, people don’t want more of the same as they may feel they are getting from the old guard.  They do want change, but they want sound and permanent change – for the better.  The impossibility of Climate Change can be made possible.  Softly, softly….

Thank you for reading and if you would, please share by the social media buttons below – and if you feel it is worthwhile advice, please print and share with your young lawmakers.  Your comments are very important to me so please feel free to comment as I always find time to answer.  Many warm blessings to those whom wander this way x

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