Fizz Free February Update

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

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Fizz Free Feb the UpdateTwo weeks ago, I wrote about Southwark Council’s Fizz Free February challenge in which they encouraged everyone to stop drinking fizzy, sugary drinks such as Pepsi, Coke, Fanta, SevenUp and the like.  As an avid Pepsi fan, I felt this would be a very hard endeavour for me, however, I knew I should give it a go because quite honestly, I had several indicators of a possible blood sugar problem, such as pre-Diabetes. At my age, I thought it is time to make some changes…before it is too late.  So, I got 100% on board.  What has happened since?  Well, let me tell you!

My shortness of breath is gone!  I had gotten to a point where just walking the length of the hallway from kitchen to bedroom in my bungalow put me out of puff.  Mornings, of all times, were the worst…perhaps that is down to the fact we breathe more shallowly during the night when sleeping.  It was very worrisome.  I didn’t have a cough or any other symptoms.  After a few days I could tell a difference but after about ten days, I was able to walk about the house or anywhere without gasping for breath.  I call that a win.

Going to the bathroom twice or so per night…seems a thing of the past now!  Sorry to be indelicate but if you need to wee more than once during the night, you might just have a problem… mine appears to be too much sugar and caffeine.  Caffeine is known to create a problem with the urge to urinate more often. Another win.

Itching.  Oh, how I detest itchy skin!  No matter how much lotion you can throw at it, it doesn’t stop the sugar itch!  My back particularly, but nowhere is sacred when the sugar itch starts.  Of course, I can’t say I never itch now because other factors in a person’s life can determine if your skin will itch or not, but I can safely say, I am not nearly so itchy now! Another win.

Heart palpitations.  Gone.  Win.

Afternoon brain fog…done!  More hours in the day now for me to make things for our shop! Win-win-win!!

Dizziness…well…it appears to be over, but one never knows for definite what is making them feel woogie, still, for now I will say that I am sure the sugar fixation may have contributed to the dizzies. Won’t call this a win yet, however, doubtless that it does help.

Energy.  I am more energetic than I have been in months.  Maybe years!  The lack of sugar in my life may not be helping my arthritis pain but if I’m ever able to get real help for that then I definitely have the energy to do whatever is needed.  I did have a small two-day slump, but I think that was at the end of the first week and probably to be expected.  It is said that some people may have withdrawal symptoms from stopping sugar, but I can safely say, even after years of swilling Pepsi, eating cake for breakfast occasionally, and my love for a bit of dark choccie in the afternoon, I came off sugar like a star.  I hope for the rest of you it will be as easy.

Confusion.  Hmm… let us say, I have been prone to confusion all my life.  It seems to be inherent.  Still, I think I am less confused than I was.  In fact, I can bring seemingly lost information from my Mind Palace [Sherlock Holmes] much more quickly now. The fact that I can remember a lot of things at all is a win! I only say this because I have entirely too much going on in my head at any given time.

My Scales

My scales…didn’t think I would really show my weight, did you? 🙂

The one thing I didn’t expect, nor did this challenge for, was weight loss! It is Monday the 11th as I write this, and I was last weighed at the doctor’s surgery Friday the 1st.  Since then, I have lost 11.9 pounds!  Mind, I am sure some that is water… probably most of it, still, I am chuffed! I shall be giving my update again at the end of February so I will definitely be weighing myself again before reporting it.  I knew I must be losing some because my ex-hubby even noticed and remarked on it.  That’s a good indicator because he is nearly as blind as I am, haha!  Big, huge WIN!

In all honesty, this not something I thought I could do, this kicking the sugar lark.  A huge part of me [probably that 11.9 pounds!] didn’t want to do it.  Still, the more I thought about it, the more I knew I must do it.  It wasn’t 100% about the fear of Diabetes.  I am also a supporter of the environment and doing everything possible to arrest Global Warming/Climate Change.  When I thought about how many one litre Pepsi bottles we went through in a year, I shamed myself into doing Fizz Free February.  And then, feeling that that wasn’t enough, I gave up my dark choccies and cake for breakfast and all.  Less rubbish to toss into plastic bin liners and bins, less electricity used [baking].  It all began adding up for me.  I know one person can’t save Mother Earth alone…and I know recycling and needing to put less in recycling bins or bags is not going to save her, either.  But it surely will not hurt!  Although we are a bit past a fortnight into Fizz Free February, I ask any of you whom are reading this to please join me.  It’s never too late to get healthy, and even if you do have Type II Diabetes, you can reverse it!  And although we only have about ten years to get to nearly zero emissions to prevent another half another half degree of climate rising, it is certainly not too late to do whatever you can to help.

Reading over this writing and editing, as you do, made me think of yet another blog I have done recently.  I had been pondering how I could have lost 11.9 pounds in a fortnight.  I have never had such remarkable results.  Normally, for me, I can average about a 14-pound weight loss in the space of a month if I need to and still eat sensibly. And, of course, I do realise some of this loss is water, bloat.  However, that is the case in any weight loss, but I would still only lose about a stone in a month’s time.  It then hit me… If you read my blog, Happy Imbolc 2019, then you may remember that I spoke of doing a healing meditation in which you do deep breathing and a lot of it.  Ta da!  When you breathe, the exhalation rids your body of fat.  In the healing meditation you don’t simply breathe, you breathe deeply and slowly and exhale a lot of air.  It’s probably more breathing than most do in a day when you think about how many repetitions there are and compare it to the quite shallow way most of us breathe.  In fact, when I concentrate on something, I catch myself holding my breath for no telling how long.  It is, in my estimation, that I am ridding myself of fat far faster during my healing meditation that I do breathing normally.  This is excellent news for me as I can’t exercise very robustly thanks to my very arthritic and creaky hip, knee, and back. And, if any of you reading want to take off a few pounds safely and save money at the same time, perhaps a combination of kicking the fizz and the healing meditation will work the same for you as it has done for me.

Sorry for kind of going off course there.  I’m one of those who piece puzzles together in my brain as I speak.  And, as I am the guinea pig for encouraging my good readers to kick the castor [sugar], I wanted to be able to give a good, valid report that might encourage them to take up the good health torch themselves.

Thank you to everyone sticking to the end of my surmisal. No, “surmisal” is not a word but all of this is based on my deductions over the past two weeks.  Perhaps if you learned something which you think may help someone you know, please feel free to share via the social media buttons below.  Comments are always welcome.  Warmest blessings upon all whom wander this way. x

And many blessings to Southwark Council for getting me into this!

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