How Can I Heal Myself?

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

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How can I heal myself? I would like to say “easily” and for some it can be – but [there is always one!] – it does take a good deal of discipline.  In the beginning of any self-healing, one should know what is wrong with themselves.  It doesn’t help if you imagine you have cancer because you went to a website and you have some or all the symptoms.  That is not a diagnosis.  The problem is with self-diagnosis is that many diseases have the same symptoms.  You may find several symptoms for diabetes matching those for cancer, or perhaps hypothyroidism, or any number of diseases.  The only way to truly know what you are up against is to see your doctor.  It just could be that it is not as bad as Dr Google would have you believe.

That said, many of you are in a  situation of not being able to afford a doctor.  Even if you have NHS [National Health Insurance, UK] or Medicare in the US, you can run into situations where something that needs doing will cost you money you don’t have.  And, there is the time aspect.  No matter what insurance you have or lack thereof, you may be put on a waiting list in some places just to see a GP.  I do understand.  I’m not minted, either.  And, some of the things my doctor has told me that I “need” could cost me more money than I have.  Owning a business certainly does not mean that you have endless supplies of money.  Once you restock all the things you need just to run your business, profit is gone.  I didn’t come here to whinge, but I do understand 100% those of you who don’t feel they can afford to be seeing to for their symptoms.

So… what are we meant to do whilst we either wait two months to be seen by a doctor or wait indefinitely until we save enough to pay for the extras we may need? Here is where I am here to help you.

Firstly, you have symptoms.  Don’t and I repeat, don’t go reading up on symptoms and getting yourself in a state because you think you are going to die.  Your state of mind is very important to your self-healing and being scared beyond belief is not going to help you.  Since you don’t know what [if anything] needs healing, my answer is this:  healing meditation.  Healing meditation is free.  Healing meditation will not interfere with any drugs or therapies your doctor may be having you use.  Healing meditation is safe.  Healing meditation will make you feel better from the first day.  I know this because I do a healing meditation every morning as prescribed.  Please visit The Renegade Pharmacist and carefully read everything to find out how you can perform healing meditation and why it is so remarkable.  Don’t worry, it is only one page and the simple instructions for the healing meditation are all there. No fee.


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One of the reasons I love the healing meditation apart from all the above is, I could take my own pace with it.  Truth to tell, I have been in such pain and in such a  bad way that it took a little while just to be able to breath as prescribed.  I can tell you, however, if you are the same way, do not stop trying!  You will find that every day you try, you will get better at it.  And, I can promise you, you will feel better the very first day.  No, you won’t be healed – yet.  But feeling better was something I desperately needed and happy to gain.

The next reason I love the healing meditation is the idea that I can unlock my stem cells to get out there and fight for me.  This is fabulous for those of you who can’t afford to see a doctor or the myriad of testing they will inevitably put you through.  And, more fabulous still for those whom are waiting in a queue to see some one at all!  You can use healing meditation to empower yourself ahead of time.  Even if you don’t know for a fact that you have a disease, once you have gotten your stem cells actively flowing, they will find the places within you what need healing and begin working!  And, wouldn’t it be grand if you ended up healed before you got to the doctor?  I personally would welcome that clean bill of health!

Please do not take this as a nod to not seeing your doctor if you are feeling better.  See him or her anyway.  The healing meditation is not meant to be a substitute for those who truly need treatment or need to find out if they need treatment.  I implore you to please still seek your doctor’s advice.  Still, carry on with the healing meditation.  It can’t hurt!

Secondly, dietary changes.  Oh, this is a hard one!  As I’m sure you have read, sugar is a bad thing to eat.  Oh, it tastes divine but what it can do to your body and health doesn’t bear thinking about, although, we must think about it.  Studies have linked sugar to cancer and a plethora of other ills.  Now, the good news is, you can still have cake, but you will need to track down the recipes for sugarless cakes and sweets.  If you have any good recipes, please pass them on to me because I am a cake fiend! If you believe you might be in line for a case of diabetes, please chuck out the sugar now!  Don’t forget to read labels as sugar can be in the most innocuous of places, such as tinned foods.  Even if you don’t have diabetes, overloading on sugar can also make your eyesight fuzzy and can make your skin look bad, even in your older years.  When you see a person whom you know is in their seventies or eighties but look like they are still in their fifties [without plastic surgery], I can just about promise you that they do not partake of any or very tiny amounts of sugar and probably never have done.

Salt.  If you recurrently have high blood pressure readings whether you are checking them at home or at the doctor’s you must ditch the salt.  I have varying blood pressure readings…there will be times when it is normal at 120/80.  Sometimes it will be somewhere between 130/150 over 80/90.  But a couple of times recently it has shot up to 200/this number I forgot because I was so shocked!  As mentioned above, I have chronic pain.  Pain can make your blood pressure increase.  But not all the way up to 200!  If you were hurt so badly that your blood pressure could rise that high, most likely you would have blacked out.  First thing I did was go onto the BBC food page website and started printing out all the no-salt recipes I could find!  Since I ditched salt, it hovers between 120/80 or 130/90 but has gone up to 150/90 once – because I was in extreme pain.  This is something you must adhere to the rest of your life because a few weeks of going salt free won’t “fix” you.  Chances are it will happen again.  And when it goes up to 200 and higher, you could have a stroke or heart attack.  Even if you are already on blood pressure medication it is best to leave off the salt anyway.  Thankfully, this was much easier to do than to give up sugar!  Still, you can find the cleverest recipes so that you’ll never miss the flavour.

Alkaline diets. A big lot of hooey.  You can’t change the PH level of your blood.  A pH level measures how acid or alkaline something is. A pH of 0 is totally acidic, while a pH of 14 is completely alkaline. A pH of 7 is neutral. Those levels vary throughout your body. Your blood is slightly alkaline, with a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. Your stomach is very acidic, with a pH of 3.5 or below, so it can break down food. And your urine changes, depending on what you eat.  The way many of the Alkaline Diet proponent’s “measure” the successfulness of getting the alkalinity out of themselves is by PH testing their urine.  And, as I said, your urine PH level changes depending on what you eat. It is NOT going to change the alkalinity of your blood….or the acidity of your stomach to be more alkaline.  The alkaline diet claims to help your body maintain its blood pH level. In fact, nothing you eat is going to substantially change the pH of your blood. Your body works to keep that level constant.

However, the foods you are meant to eat in the Alkaline Diet are very good for you and will be helpful in getting your body healthier.   This diet was first heard about by many when Victoria Beckham tweeted about an alkaline diet cookbook some years ago.  Forgive me, but Mrs Beckham needs to put on some weight rather than take it off! My point, however, is that the Alkaline Diet will NOT cure cancer or any disease.  I do imagine it could be helpful to that end but as in traditional medicine, you can’t depend on this one thing to cure you.

Thirdly, Deepak Chopra.  I have found a wonderfully relaxing YouTube “video” which isn’t a video, it is simply 46 minutes of Deepak Chopra speaking called The Secret of Healing – Meditations For Transformation and Higher Consciousness.  I listen to ten minutes per night before I do my last meditation of the day.  And, when you have listened to the entirety, he suggests you start again.  I have only begun listening to this and I suppose it will take some time before I see benefit, however, it is very relaxing, and I enjoy what he says so I shall continue because he is “seeding” my mind with positivity.  Afterwards, I begin my own meditation in which I relax my body from the toes up, breathing deeply, and speaking kindly to myself, allowing myself to float off to sleep. It is a lovely way to end a hectic day.

I also take a ten-minute meditation break after lunch.  It is simple and all I do is not think.  Some days I admit it is hard not to think at all but if you concentrate on your breathing, you can keep your mind clear.  This is what Eckhart Tolle will call “being present”.  Many call it mindfulness…but I think I prefer Mr Tolle’s term for it better…how can you be mind “full” if you are not thinking?   This simple little clear out of the cobwebs is a good way to get yourself ready for the rest of the day.

By now you may be thinking, “what a lot to do!  I have no time!”.  Of course you do.  The morning healing meditation doesn’t take long, and you can do this before you get out of bed.  It could take 20 to 30 minutes, depending.  Once up, you feel refreshed and on your way to a fabulous day.  Ten minutes after lunch?  It is a dawdle, really.  Eat one less sandwich to give yourself time.  Not being cheeky but if you want to add in time for the meditation which will jump start your afternoon, you will find a way to squeeze in the time.  Then, you have all the time in the afternoon and evening to do what you normally do.  One last meditation after you’re in bed after listening to Deepak Chopra and you’ll get a wonderful night’s sleep for it to boot!

So, what does meditation do for you to help you heal? Some forms of meditation have been found to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which stimulates the body’s relaxation response, improves blood supply, slows down heart rate and breathing and increases digestive activity. It also slows down the release of stress hormones, such as cortisol [which is what make some people’s tummies become so large and hard to shift].  Meditation is recommended for people with depression, panic or anxiety disorders, ongoing stress, or for general health maintenance of brain alertness and cardiovascular health.  In a study published in 2012, in the American Heart Association journal, Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, African-Americans with heart disease who practised Transcendental Meditation regularly were 48% less likely to have a heart attack or stroke, or to die, than those whom attended a health-education class. Among the meditation group, there were 20 such occurrences, compared with 32 in the control group. The study, which ran for more than five years, involved about 200 people.  In the last five years, research found that meditation can result in molecular changes affecting the length of telomeres, a protective covering at the end of chromosomes that gets shorter as people age. The study involved 40 family caregivers of dementia patients. Half of the participants meditated briefly daily, and the other half listened to relaxing music for 12 minutes a day. The eight-week study found that people who meditated showed a 43% improvement in telomerase activity, an enzyme that regulates telomere length, compared with a 3.7% gain in the group listening to music. The participants meditating also showed improved mental and cognitive functioning and lower levels of depression compared with the control group. The pilot study was published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry.

There are many more findings than these.  And, of course there is information on the first link I set out above on healing meditation by The Renegade Pharmacist.  It is not difficult.  You don’t need to buy special clothing or pay any fees, nor buy any special equipment.  Just pop on your pyjamas and breathe your way to good health!

I hope you find my blog helpful.  Please do see a doctor before beginning any kind of possible life-changing experience but again, I understand if you don’t.  But do not stop taking medications already prescribed to you once you begin meditating.  My suggestions are not to replace or supersede whatever your doctor currently has you on.  But don’t be surprised if you are 100% faithful to this regime that someday, you may not need medications any longer; don’t stop taking them without doctor’s blessing.  I’m not making a promise, but I can see this being a possibility for some at least.  Good health to you as you go. If you have enjoyed my blog and find it useful, please give a like and share on the various social medias via the buttons below.  Many thanks to all who wander this way and warmest blessings x

**I shall give monthly updates of my progress


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