From the Wortcunner’s Cabinet – Hawthorn Leaf

By Isabella @TheWandCarver
Instagram: @thewandcarver

Of course, I have written about the wonderful Hawthorn tree in the past, but were you aware of how magickal the leaves are? Many of you have probably used the berries and spines / thorns in your magickal workings as well. But, today I would like to take you on a little journey through what the leaves can do for you.


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Hawthorn Leaf ~

Leaves can be harvested any time. Be sure to ask permission and leave an offering.
The leaves, curiously enough, are also used to enforce or maintain chastity or celibacy. The leaves are placed beneath the mattress or around the bedroom for this purpose.
Worn or carried, the leaves promote happiness in the troubled, depressed, or sad. Call on the Goddess Grian to bring some sunshine and happiness into your life.
Use Hawthorn leaves for protection, love, and marriage spells by using them in poppets, sachets, and witch bottles. We use Hawthorn leaf in our Protection Witch Bottle which we sell in our shop. You can also use the leaves in loose incense but if you are using the Hawthorn wood in the incense there really is no need to use the leaves. As with any part of the Hawthorn tree, faeries are very attracted to Hawthorn, so you may spy one whilst burning an incense with Hawthorn in it!


“Hawthorn is burned to purify,
And draw a faerie to your eye.”

And talking of marriage, a beautiful headdress can be woven of the leaves and flowers of the Hawthorn for a bride!


Hawthorn Leaf Dry

My dried Hawthorn leaf ~ photo by i.macy

Like the berries and flowers, Hawthorn leaves have properties to reduce high blood pressure. Use the leaves in a tea to not only reduce blood pressure but is also said to help ease a broken heart after a break up. All of a Hawthorn tree is very good for ones’ health and the leaves are definitely as good for your health as any other part of the tree. The leaves can be used to make a tincture for use on your face after washing it, much the same as using witch hazel or a toner. The tincture is great for reducing the small broken vessels on your face and if you have flushes of the skin or reddish outbreaks, the tincture can reduce this as well. If you boil the leaves down to make a paste, try this on heavier areas of small broken vessels or red areas of skin, by leaving it on for a bit longer. Hawthorn leaf tea is excellent for a sore throat.


Fun Folklore
Hawthorn leaves can be eaten and were once referred to as bread-and-cheese.

During World War I, young Hawthorn leaves were used as substitutes for tea and tobacco

All correspondences for the Hawthorn leaves are the same as for the entire tree. Read our blog on The Magickal Hawthorn Tree: The Mayflower Tree to find out.

“Green grow the leaves on the Hawthorn tree.
We jangle and we wrangle
And we never can agree.”
~old English carol

Many thanks for reading about Hawthorn leaves and we hope you work good magick with it, Please be sure to share via the social media buttons below and give us a like, and/or leave a comment! Warmest blessings to all x

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Everything worth knowing, I learned from my Nana. I'm a sixty-six year old cunning woman who practises a solitary English hedgewitch life in as near the old ways as I can. I do not sacrifice small animals, neighbours, nor eat children. I'm more interested in visiting my ancestors on hedgewalks. And, I am owned entirely by my lovely feline companion, Pippa [Lady Philipa Cattington].
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