Crystal of the Week – Bronzite

By Isabella @TheWandCarver
Instagram: @thewandcarver


My Bronzite ~ photo by i.macy

I chose Bronzite for this week because of my own problems. My biggest problem is fear, believe it or not. I realise that most of my other problems are simply symptoms of my biggest problem, so I finally decided it was what I needed to deal with first then all the other problems would be small potatoes in relationship. I thought that perhaps this is something many of my readers might relate to because if we all look at ourselves honestly, isn’t fear just about the number one peace of mind destroyer for us all? So, how do we get rid of it?


We don’t.

I’m sorry to tell you but we will always have fear. But that isn’t always a terrible thing because a healthy amount of fear keeps us from trying to fly off cliffs and such. But what about the people who literally do fly off cliffs? Ah, those are the ones whom have embraced their fear and use it to their advantage and with safety features, ha ha! Seriously, though, we do need to embrace our fear. Make it a part of us. Look it in the eye and when we can, we accept it and move on. It is a part of us the same as our minds, our arms and legs. Could you learn to rejoice in your fear? Probably. And when you do, you will see miracles.

How does Bronzite help?

Bronzite is one of the most self-confidence boosting crystals you’ll ever own! It does dispel negativity but in my personal use it does not necessarily reduce my fear levels… what it does do is teach me how to reduce fear myself! I like this because should I not have it with me and having a scary moment, I will know what to do. So, enough about me, we’ll get on with the Magick!

Used mainly for grounding and protection, and to help one follow their intuition to make the proper decisions. You can find many beautiful pieces of jewellery online made with Bronzite which can be helpful amulets for protection purposes as well as helping you to face fears, real or imagined. Bronzite is especially helpful when planning important physical moves whether that be to another home or another occupation, especially when great distance is involved.

Bronzite is a crystal that will not only dispel the curse someone has placed on you, but it will return to sender. It also seems to completely eradicate the problem caused by the spell or ill-wishing.

Bronzite is also said to be a great comfort and cure for a broken heart.

Meditation with Bronzite can leave you feeling completely rejuvenated and rested. It will help you to discern the real fears from the irrational fears and teaches you how to focus on and accept the real fears. It helps you to acknowledge those fears and create a place of acceptance in your life for them but at the same time, Bronzite helps provide you with the peace of mind to be happy with your decision to do so. You will find yourself learning from your fear and becoming a better person for it. It’s true alchemy!

Bronzite is used in healing efforts associated with imbalances in the energy associated with the Solar Plexus and Sacral. The Solar Plexus is the energy distribution centre, the first of the chakras of relationships. This chakra is located between the ribcage and navel. It controls the immune system and digestive systems. When in balance physically you have strength to fight infections, are free of allergic reactions, and can use the nutrients you ingest. When the Sacral is out of balance the symptoms will manifest themselves as confusion, over dependency on others, repression of feelings, inability to feel joy, fear of sensuality or sex, and frustration and bitterness.

Energy: Projective
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Leo
Birthstone: Natural birthstone of August
Planet: Venus
Deities: Sjofn [Norse], Vishnu [India]
Powers: Courage, Grounding, Harmony, Power, Protection
Chakras: Root, Sacral, and Heart
Candle Colour: Brown or Gold

Many thanks for reading my little offering today! I truly hope you find something useful from this… fear is an ugly feeling, I know. But I believe we can turn it into a beautiful feeling and if Bronzite is helpful to you in doing so, so much the better. Please be sure to share via the social media buttons, perhaps give us a 5-star rating, and/or a like. Warmest blessings to all x

The Crystals Bible by Judy Hall
The Crystal Bible 2 by Judy Hall

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Everything worth knowing, I learned from my Nana. I'm a sixty-six year old cunning woman who practises a solitary English hedgewitch life in as near the old ways as I can. I do not sacrifice small animals, neighbours, nor eat children. I'm more interested in visiting my ancestors on hedgewalks. And, I am owned entirely by my lovely feline companion, Pippa [Lady Philipa Cattington].
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