From the Wortcunner’s Cabinet: Calendula

By Isabella @TheWandCarver
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Calendula Indian Prince The Irish Times

Calendula “Indian Prince” ~ The Irish Times

The Calendula flower, or Marigold, as it also known, can put a smile on just about anybody’s face…unless of course, you are bound and determined not to! This flower was revered by the ancient Egyptians for the glow it could give their skin and it has been used in matrimonial garlands in India, garnish in Greece, and pot plants in and around homes in Europe and North America. A sunny garden in Britain has almost always had Calendula growing in it. The plants are very inexpensive and easy to grow. But Calendula was not always just a pretty face. It was used for many different illnesses to relieve pain and suffering or to heal the heart and skin.



Calendula Dried

My dried Calendula ~ Photo by I. Macy

Calendula can clear one’s aura by drinking it in tea form. It can clear negative energy in a room just by using it in a potpourri or placing it in sachets around the room. If you aren’t feeling optimistic and rather gloomy, just carry the flowers in your pockets or you can make yourself a poppet of yourself and use Calendula in it, making your intention known as you create it that you wish to be upbeat and happy again. The same can be used to draw happy and positive people into your life.
Place Calendula under your bed for protection from robbery. It is also a good thing to keep in your pockets for dealing with legal matters. Calendula could easily be said to be a good herb/flower in working with the Laws of Attraction… it will help you to draw to you what you wish for by positive thinking and belief in yourself. The more you use Calendula the better it works for you. And, once you have acquired your needs, be it happiness, wealth, or what-have-you, Calendula teaches you how to maintain it. For Calendula to be its most magickal, harvest during full Sun.


Calendula is an anti-inflammatory. It has been used for a wide range of health problems since before the 1600’s. Plasters, or “plaisters” as it was spelled in Culpeper’s were made to bring down swelling and to drink the tea was beneficial to the heart, as well as to “expel any malignant or pestilential quality which might annoy them”. Another way to aide the heart was to make a plaster with the petals, hog’s grease, turpentine, and rosin [resin] to succour the heart “infinitely in fevers, whether pestilential or not”. It was used as a talisman to prevent one from falling ill with the Plague. Nowadays it is used for everything from acne to varicose veins. Calendula is now, as it always has been, an excellent healer of wounds and is also said to reverse wrinkles as it helps the body stimulate the production of collagen. It can also be used as a pain reliever and is a superb immunity booster.

Planetary: Sun
Zodiac: Leo
Gender: Masculine
Element: Fire
Powers: healing, protection, anti-negativity
Deity: Ra, Vishnu, Lakshmi
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Other Names: Marigold, Holligold, Bull’s Eyes, Gold Bloom

“The Marigold that goes to bed wi’ the sunne,
And with him rises weeping”
Shakespeare, A Winter’s Tale

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The English Physician and Complete Herbal, by Nicholas Culpeper

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