Crystal of the Week: Serpentine

By Isabella @TheWandCarver
Instagram: @thewandcarver

The word “serpentine” automatically brings to mind “snake”. And, we are all right in that consensus because the Serpentine crystal not only can look like snake skin in some instances, but it is also the premier awakener of the kundalini energies in us all. This lovely crystal, which has also been referred to as “new Jade”, is found predominantly in shades of green from light green to darker green, it may include greenish-black, red, brownish-red, brownish-yellow, yellow and white colours. And, it is easily found in many countries including Australia, Britain, Russia, Norway, Italy, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Brazil, and the USA.


My Serpentine ~ photo by i.macy

Whilst talking of the assorted colours, you will find some Serpentine are quite plain, as evident by many of the ones in my hand, but many times, hence its name, you will find these crystals looking “mottled” and or snakeskin patterned. Because of their resemblance to snakes and the Ancient’s faith in snake “medicine” led to Hermes, the father of alchemy, using the symbol of two intertwining snakes around a sword to represent healing. This same symbolism is still used in the medical profession today. The powerful regenerative energy of this prehistoric reptile is a transformation of rebirth that’s reflected in the snake shedding its skin. This spoke volumes to the Ancients. For these reasons, I would like to go straight to healing first.


Do you remember as a child when you spotted a garden snake, the glee you felt when you were able to capture it and it slid about in your hand or on your arm, sending you into squeals of happiness and feeling quite giddy about being able to hold something so unique? In a different sense you may get the same kind of feeling from holding a Serpentine crystal. It has a way of bringing back the feeling of childhood and lifting one’s spirits. For me, it brings back the inner child whom has been diluted by life and care. I once again feel as though I can, and will, carry on with my dreams.

The most efficient way to channel the Serpentine is through meditation because when it comes to regenerative healing of the mind-body-spirit, Serpentine and peaceful contemplation is like a steak and kidney pie [insert your favourite comfort food instead] for the soul. When you sit quietly with the crystal and give it a specific intention, the stone becomes much more than a pretty crystal sitting on your altar. It now holds a personal meaning that you can call on whenever you need its distinctive healing qualities. It is the absolutely best crystal for the re-birth of one’s spirit.

And, let us not forget your chakras. A little story: I’ve been very busy of late. Why is not important, but what is, is that I have not had a proper chakra cleansing in yonks. I’ve been suffering from plagues of allsorts. Finally, last night, I did my first chakra cleansing meditation in perhaps a year! How bad was it? So bad I could no longer visualise the colours of the chakras. They were all black. I have never seen anything so sad in my life! How dare I think I can help others if I’m not taking care of myself? I do feel much better today because I have managed to at least open the vortexes of the chakras, but I imagine I only got that far because of my Serpentine watching over me on the table. Tonight, I hope to be able to see some colours which will let me know they are coming back to full health and my Serpentine will be with me again.

Serpentine helps to clear out and release the clouded/dense areas of all chakras so that healing can occur. Serpentine will help with healing on all levels [mental, emotional, and physical]. Serpentine forms a unique connection to promote healing in the way that is best for everyone because it works for everyone uniquely and suits itself to the individual. It can also be used to attract/manifest what you want into your life – abundance on all levels, prosperity, love, healing, etc. Serpentine aligns your intent with the Heart Chakra and Divine Source energy. Whilst I would love to manifest some financial abundance into my life, it is imperative that first the healing begin. We can all be rich as Croesus but if we’re not happy and healthy, it matters not.

Serpentine, the snake stone, is full of Kundalini energy. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning either “coiled up” or “coiling like a snake.” Serpentine helps to create an opening so that the Kundalini may travel and lessons the discomfort, which is sometimes associated with movement. Serpentine also enhances the meditative state and retrieval of ancient wisdom. Working with Kundalini energies is a whole different meditation level and one you must ease yourself into. Having a teacher, even if it is only a reputable one on YouTube is for best if you are a beginner. For healing of pain, there is hardly a better meditation I have found. There again, I recommend you get your chakras in order before doing much else as in many cases, the blocked chakras are what is causing your pain. If you are still in pain after thorough chakra cleansing, you should see your GP. Nothing I tell you here should be expected to replace proper medical attention.

Serpentine is a wonderful talisman for anybody suffering from emotional trauma. It wraps them in a soothing embrace and makes them feel cared for and safe.

Serpentine is the premier crystal for protection. It is said to yes, prevent snake bites! The Romans particularly believed it to protect them from sorcery and was believed to protect against parasites, snakebite, venom, and poison. If you enjoy keeping a few crystals for assorted reasons in your pockets or to wear as jewellery, I highly recommend that you carry or wear a Serpentine. They are also fabulous to create talismans from in prosperity magick. In fact, any magick in which you are spell working to draw abundance, love, healing, or protection, you could choose many stones, but you’ll always be right with Serpentine.

Serpentine is a Guardian. They are very useful in protecting those in dangerous lines of work. If you love a fireman/woman, police officer, pilot…anyone where danger is a possibility, buy for them a Serpentine necklace, bracelet, or ring. You can even use Serpentine to protect your belongings. It is a fabulous crystal to use whilst travelling, keeping you and any companions in your travels safe.

Planetary: Pluto
Zodiac: Gemini, Scorpio
Element(s): Earth, Water
Birthstone: [natural] Taurus
Energy: Kundalini
Powers: Protection, Healing, Re-birth, Transformation
Chakras: All chakras. Primary chakra, Heart.
Deity: Manasa [Hindu Snake Goddess]

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The Crystals Bible by Judy Hall


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