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Today’s blog is coming to you directly from Cat and Kitten Care Covenstead! Cats are a subject close to my heart and many of you already know I have been midwife and matron for my own haphazard kind of “home for unwed mothers” recently, ha ha…. And oh, what fun!


Isobel, the All Mother ~ photo by i.macy

First, we have Mother of All, Isobel. She has given birth to three litters within a year. Her first litter was born in March 2017 next door to us under the house belonging to a woman who had to leave it to live with her daughter because of illness. We watched those kittens grow and frolic in the back garden for quite some time til after a bit, Isobel began taking up on our patch. Of course, I began feeding her and she began allowing me to pet her… something I never really expected as she was so feral. Occasionally some of her kittens would pitch up as well but they were not so keen for human touch.
One day, Isobel began behaving in a most peculiar way. She began miaowing! Not peculiar you may be thinking but for her, it was. She never miaows! And she was seeming to struggle a bit and then I realised…. She was in labour!! Off she popped, and I did not see her for two days, not knowing at the time she had had her new litter under MY house!

albert darling

Albert, darling ~ photo by i.macy

Then, indeed, when she came round for breakfast two days later she was a much lighter girl. And her seemingly favourite from her previous litter, Albert [whom we called Victoria in the beginning thinking he was a girl!] was with her. As we later learned, Albert was his mother’s nanny for the babies and he still cared for them long after they were old enough to take care of themselves.
There were, I believe, five in that litter and unfortunately two died due to conjunctivitis that I could do nothing for as it was too late. The last three, Chloe, Penny, and Victoria now live happily across from us and visit every so often, thanks to Albert.

And here we are now, thirteen months later, getting our first look at the third new litter born on 22 March 2018!! If you think this is nice, there is more…


Taxi ~ photo by i.macy

Pippa, Isobel’s daughter from the March 2017 litter, became a first-time mummy on 11 April, only just over a fortnight after her mother giving birth! But there is more! Another kitty whom we are not sure whether she belongs to the immediate feral family but has taken up here named Taxi, gave birth to two lovely babies on 9 April! Taxi [so-called because she is a Tuxedo/Tabby mix] had two large and lovely kittens in the corner of my dis-used garden shed so we did not have to wait to see them!We named the white one [David] “Bowie” and the wee Calico one is “Annie” [Lennox].

bowie and annie

Bowie and Annie, Taxi’s Twins ~ photo by i.macy

Pippa’s babies have not been seen as of yet, however, as a first-time mum, she may keep them a secret for a long while yet. Isobel’s March 2017 litter weren’t seen until they were at least 5 or 6 months old. But because she trusts me, Isobel brought her first born up and plopped her right at my feet! She must have known how much I love Tabby cats because this is the one she brought to me first! Afterwards, it’s been a feral feline fiasco to get out the kitchen door because they are always there, haha! Mum has taught them the art of begging cutely and it always works with me. As it happens, since I know Isobel wants to wean them, I have kitten formula which I can mix and feed them directly from the bowl for now and in a couple of weeks they shall be receiving their first solid kitten food! And so far, we have eight known kittens.


isobel and her 22 march 2018 litter

Isobel and new brood ~ photo by i.macy

Now you get the idea why I don’t stop around Twitter longer than 5 minutes anymore. I’m juggling kittens and mothers and feedings, writing blogs and tweets, [and no making!] and all on my own. Haven’t carved a stick of wood in days. But what a sweet little distraction is our babies and their beautiful mums. They are very much worth all the time and effort! And  most of them will find good homes along the way! They would indeed be missed but I want them to have good lives and trying to care for these many kitties pretty much on my own for keeps is not at all possible. But I am positive they will be taken by good people. We will be pinning a notice at my Chili’s veterinarian’s in a week or two where I feel certain these little angels will be snapped up in a hurry!


Many thanks for reading and remember to adopt, not shop! Warmest blessings xx *Scroll down for more pics!



Isobel’s first born, a tabby ~photo by i.macy



Isobel’s tuxie, Morrigan ~ photo by i.macy



Isobel’s little tortie, Freya ~ i.macy











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