Too Much, Too Soon – Hurricanes

By Isabella @TheWandCarver


Hurricane Irma on her path of destruction ~ from NOAA 

All the world has watched in horror as a hoard of hurricanes have descended upon not only the United States but more sadly in poorer countries of the Caribbean. Oh, it matters not whether a country is rich or poor…it is horrifically sad to see people lose everything. First came Harvey to Houston, then Irma was all over the British Virgin Islands which are part of the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, the Turks and Caicos, and Cuba before going to Florida to wipe out as much of the Florida Keys as it could before it travelled up the West coast to wreak more havoc. And no one…no one, could predict where it was going until the last minute. At one point early on, it was predicted to go up the East coast of Florida but then gradually ended up skirting the West coast.  You may think that would have saved the East coast but in news reports it seems the East got, in many ways, the worst end of the stick. I’m sure the West coast survivors may want to beat me with a palm frond for thinking that but then…news is news. I should say that the power cuts were, indeed, worse for the Eastern side, still, 74% – 74%!!! – of the state was without electrics for days!! It will take many months for Florida to get back to normal but for the other countries, it may be years. Haiti, for once, was largely spared a direct hit by Irma but they still received a lot of damage to crops which they could sorely afford.  The last time the Leeward Islands were hit by two hurricanes in the same season was 1899 and now it is looking at getting three of them in the same season, with newest named hurricane, Maria, approaching.


British Virgin Islands aftermath of Irma

This hurricane season is going to be the most expensive on record. And the scariest, what with so many Category 4’s and 5’s.  Makes one wonder why anybody would live in these areas any longer…but it is home to them. And, although this is the hardest hitting season in a while, this sort of thing has happened before. I think it’s a lot like having a baby…once it’s over you forget. Until you’re going through it again. All of this does make me feel sick and causes tears. Do you ever just wish you could pop up and save the world? I would, if I could. But all I can do is to try to send everything I can to those who need it in hopes that however much or little, it will help.

As many of you know, whom have read our blog “Hurricane Harvey Help is on the Way”, we are going to donate 20% of our Etsy shop earnings to the Harvey relief fund through the American Red Cross at the end of October. Normally we only run a fund raising for a month but Harvey was brutal and we want to raise more if we’re able. Now, in the light of the present situation for the Caribbean and Florida, we shall carry on our quest through the end of December. We shall still send the money to Harvey victims at the end of October as planned but we shall donate 20% more to the Caribbean and Florida from November through December’s earnings.

I hope everyone will help us but if you prefer to make your donation directly rather than buying from us, please go to American Red Cross and give. Many thanks for your help and I’m sure the people of these countries will be most thankful. Warmest blessings to all x




American Red Cross

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