How To Make A Treasury On Etsy

It’s so simple, once you get the hang of it, you’ll probably enjoy it so much that you make several per week. If you are in one of the many promotional teams on Etsy, one of the requirements of being in the team will be making treasuries. Some teams don’t push for them as much as others. Some teams, such as the one I am Captain of, Promoting Women, does require 2 per month. Even if you are not a team member, they are still fun to make and very helpful not only to the Etsy sellers you use in the treasury, but to you, as well. Most of the time when you use another Etsy shop’s item in a treasury, he or she will reciprocate in kind.

Why do it in the first place?
1. You get your items seen in the Activity Feed on Etsy quickly.
2. Not just your team will see the treasury….as they show up in the Activity Feed, hundreds, if not thousands more, will see them.
3. Politely asking visitors, in your initial comment, to favourite every item, favourite the treasury, Pin, Tweet, and share it to Facebook will get it seen by even more people. More chances for a sale!

Anytime is a good time to make an Etsy treasury. It’s a very good tool for showcasing items around religious holidays, for graduation time, for the bridal season, for baby items, for the different seasons…a favourite colour…it doesn’t matter! Make up your own theme and start looking for your treasures!

A lot of people on Etsy have asked me how to go about making a treasury, so here we go….

We will, for example’s sake say you are in a team (we’ll use ours for the example) and you want to use baby items in your treasury. Using my latest baby orientated treasury, I’ll take you through the process with screenshots.

First, go to your team’s discussion page. On the far left side you will see underneath the team logo, links for Members, Discussion, etc. Click on “members” where you will find all present members and invited members. You may choose from any of these. All you will need are 16 shops in total. Showing where to find the team members:


Choose a member to start with. I’ve chosen an item from Marcia’s ImagineThatBaby shop. In the screenshot, you’ll see an arrow pointing to what is a red heart in a grey box…it most likely won’t be red when you visit a shop’s item that you want to use so first click on the heart. This doesn’t add the item to a treasury, it is merely what we do when we like something…and always do when we use an item in a treasury. It’s called favouriting, or “faving” in team lingo. The screenshots can be clicked on to make them large enough to see.


Now, when you’re on the item you’ve chosen, scroll down the page where you’ll see under the tags, just like in the next screen shot, a very small link saying “add item to treasury”.


Click on this link, wait a moment or longer and a box will appear that will look like the screen shot below. In this box, you will name your treasury (don’t worry if you change your mind, you can edit it later) and click “save” and you now have your first item!


Continue going from one shop to another in the group until you have chosen 16 items just as outlined above.

Easy ways to find items in shops: Most sellers provide in the left side bar, “sections” of their shops. This can prevent you from having to click through every page looking for certain items. Another thing I find helpful is the ability to “search” within a shop. Particularly if you’re doing a colour-themed treasury. See screenshot below:

Screenshot (19)

Upon your first try, you probably won’t get the drop-down of different “p” letter words..this is only because I do random searches within shops to find different coloured items. All I have to do is type the first letter and I have choices. So shall you, over time.

Your next step, after having built up your treasury to 16 fabulous items, is to go to the top of the page again, and as shown in screenshot below, hover cursor over the “You” link for the drop-down box and choose “Your Profile”, as seen in screenshot below:


This will, as you may already know, take you to your profile page. Scroll down the page to where beside of your favourites, you will see “Treasury Lists”…you won’t see the treasury list there yet, as you’ve not edited it to go public. Click on “see more” and there will be your treasury!


Next, have a good look at your list. Is everything in the order you would most like it to be? On the right hand side you will find a side bar of links as you see in the next screenshot. Click on “Edit”.


You will see now where you may change your treasury name, if you like. Try to think of something catchy and fun, still pertaining to the items in the treasury. And, if you wish to switch items around, you may drop and drag items to position them where you like.

Tags (a) are VERY important to treasuries, just as they are for your individual items. If you’re doing a team treasury, it is important to use the team’s tag, if they use one. Ours is “promotingwomen” so you will see it in the list of tags. I am still learning about choosing the right and best ones for my items and treasuries, so maybe mine aren’t the best I could be using, still, if you relate to the colour theme in your treasury, use tags that also relate to the items in the treasury, depending upon the season tags such as “summer finds”, “autumn finds”, etc are good, also “summer trends”, etc…you will learn as you go what works and what does not.

Writing something nice in your comment section (b) is always good as well.

Once you are happy with what you’ve done, most importantly of all, don’t forget to make the treasury public (c)! No one will find your gorgeous handiwork if not!


Last but certainly not least, before leaving the page, scroll down to underneath the treasury and click the big, blue SAVE button! Or, all will be lost 😦


Many people will check their dashboard often, particularly if there are numbers above it, to see whom is liking their items. Oftentimes sellers don’t send you a convo to let you know they have included your item in one of their treasuries and you may never know! I recommend that you go the extra mile and send a convo to each seller with the link to your treasury, politely asking them to visit and fave, tweet, pin, comment…whatever you like and thank them. Not only will most of them visit and favourite your treasury but the more who do, the more likely the treasury will stay in Etsy’s activity feed longer! And then, the more likely their items will sell! *Hint: you can click on each item from within your treasury and convo from it, rather than going back to each individual shop

Some rules of etiquette (and Etsy) apply to treasury-making. One is, do not use your own shop in your own treasury. Your treasury is to help promote others, not to self-serve. I have seen some teams do this and it just isn’t nice. Your time will come and your teammates will add your items to their treasuries to promote you. What comes around, goes around 🙂 Also, no matter how much you may want to, only use one item from each shop. If you use more than one, it could appear like favouritism. I’m sure there may be more to it than those, but I didn’t write this to become bogged down in rules nor etiquette.

I hope this will help all first time treasury-makers! I’m positive you will let me know if it doesn’t 🙂 Also, I have heard the quickest way to build a treasury is with a treasury-making app on Etsy…but it only works on Chrome and I only use Firefox. Worth a look, if you’re a Chrome user! Blessed be xx

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