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What Dreams May Come (or what do our Spirits get up to at night?)

Dream Reading How many times have you heard a friend say, or have even said it yourself, “I never dream”.  You must simply change the wording of your statement to “I never remember dreams” as it has been proven scientifically … Continue reading

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How To Make a Book of Shadows (Grimoire) For the Beginning Witch Part 1

photography by Ma’iingan How To Make a Book of Shadows (Grimoire) For the Beginning Witch Looking around the interwebs, I have found a lot of good and useful bits of advice.  Some are a bit advanced, however, for those of … Continue reading

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The Magickal Avocado Tree

The Magickal Avocado Tree by Isabella @TheWandCarver Gender: Feminine; Planet: Venus; Element: Water; Power: Love, Lust, Beauty; Dieties: Thoth, Seshat, Osiris Persea is a genus of about 150 species of evergreen trees belonging to the laurel family, Lauraceae.[2] The best-known … Continue reading

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