Happy Litha and goodbye and hello!

by Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram: @iseabail_witchwriter

Hello, all.

Just a quick one to reiterate that this blog site will be coming down sooner than I thought as I have been working hard to get all the pertinent blogs from this site to the new one and I’m only a handful away. phew!

What this means for you is

You will no longer find these blogs if you need them for reference on this web address, because I am closing off the web address – and – I am removing the blogs from this web address.

I will not be adding new blogs to this web address

Your current bookmark for this web address will no longer work


If you still want to follow me and get all the old and new blog content you have been receiving, this is simply done by

Go to https://www.wytchencrafts.org.uk

Bookmark the page

Follow me!

You will be happy you did cos I have lots of blog ideas lined up and we will still follow the Sabbats, Wortcunner’s Cabinet, Magickal Trees series, Crystal of the Week but also a series on casting Runes, Spellwork, healing, creating your own witch tools, the Gods and Goddesses, and more.

No time like the present – fly on over and follow now whilst it is fresh in your mind! I would miss you terribly if you do not! Many thanks and warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x

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Happy Ostara 2022!

As it has been said for nearly a year, the new blog site is where you will find most of all the old blogs including the new so please pop on over to read our Ostara 2022 offering here –> Happy and Blessed Ostara 2022 and please follow me on the “new” blog site so you can get everything as it comes out new! Many warm blessings to all x

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Wrong Place, Right Time :)

I know you are looking for an Imbolc blog and I shall not disappoint… visit our new blogsite for Happy and Blessed Imbolc 2022! The First Sabbat of the Year and you may be pleased to find many of my older blogs there as well. They will all be shifted over before much longer so be sure to follow me there so you can read everything new and fresh off the press! Many thanks for your faithful readership and warmest blessings to all whom this way wander. Happy Imbolc! x

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Happy 2022!

A small well-wishing on the new blog page if you wish to read here Happy New Year and Happy Hogmanay 2022

Please be sure to follow that blog, not this one, for the new year’s blogs! Warmest blessings to all x

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Happy and Blessed Yule-tide!

Happy day before Yule! Now comes 12 days of feasting and fun. Please visit our new blog page to read what we have for your Yule-tide pleasure this year and, as always, please follow that blog, not this one as this one will be gone soon. Do not fret, all the old blogs will be there as well!

May you be blessed by light and enjoy this Yule x

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Happy Samhain and Samhain Blessings to All

Samhain is upon us and I wish everyone a lovely one!

I have posted a new Samhain blog on our new blog site and it is Beannachdan na Samhna dha na h-uile. Don’t be alarmed, the blog is not written in Scottish Gaellic 🙂

Please do follow me on the new blog site for uninterrupted blogs, new and old. Once I am finished shifting the best of our blogs from here, this site will close. But! The information goes on on our new site! Be sure to bookmark the page!

Warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x

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Happy Mabon 2021

Wytchencrafts logo

Hello! A new Mabon blog awaits everyone on our new blog site. Just click —->HERE<—- to read it 🙂 And, whilst you’re there, please follow me so you can keep up with my latest musings and witchcraft information as I will not be posting new blogs here any longer. I am putting everything together under our recently newly branded name, Wytchencrafts.

Don’t worry! All the old blogs will be there as well! I have been told they are a source of study for many so I would never take a source for higher learning away! But don’t forget to give me a follow whilst you’re there so you won’t miss out! If you have any questions I’m never far away at isabella@wytchencrafts.org.uk

Warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x

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Happy Lughnasadh 2021

As you may know we have rebranded under the name WytchenCrafts so everything from our social medias, Etsy shop, and blog are under the new name. We thought it more fitting as we do not only make wands.

Please visit our new site to read my latest blog! And please give us a follow there because new blogs will rarely, if ever be posted on this site in future.

I hope you enjoy the blog site and I will do my best to keep the good witchy content flowing!

Warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x

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The Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

My friend, Liss, asked me if I were going to write about the England – Italy game from last night, aka Euro2020 Final.  Funny she should ask because I think sometimes, she knows my mind better than I do.  I had not thought seriously about it but here I am now… writing .

Gareth Southgate, England manager at the beginning of a long evening Photo by i.macy

Obviously the footy is not magickal.  Then again, it may be because I have always been a rugby fan but last night, I was transformed into a new football fan.  I see now why it is called the Beautiful Game. Of course, I grew up with footy matches on the telly all in various shades of grey on our black and white box.  Did not seem much to see to my eyes.  But when England took the cup in 1966, it was a sight to behold on every street and every pub in the nation.  England brought it home! But this time, the Beautiful Game turned a bit ugly… and more ugliness ensued.

We have not seen the likes of it since.  Last night was 55 years in the making.  One goal each and gone into extra time, then penalty shots finalised the outcome – Italy is taking the cup home, not England.  My son and I had a good cry but there were other things bothering me about the entire game.

Late into the extra time, a young, Black, England player, Bukayo Saka, 19 years of age, a left-back for Arsenal, was walking down the pitch when an Italian player came up behind him, grabbed him by his shirt collar and chucked him onto the floor.  Please explain to me why this was necessary? I do not believe it was under any circumstances.  I looked at my son and said, “that was so disgustingly racist!”. To be honest, I do not know what was going on inside the Italian player’s head when he did that.  Maybe that is how they joke around in Italy.  I did not find it very funny myself and maybe it is the mother in me, but I just wanted to find that Italian and give him a smart slap for what he did to this young man.

All through the game the Italians were getting yellow cards for unsporting behaviour.  A few times I could not understand why they were not red carded – they certainly would have been in rugby.  My opinion of the Italian players is that they were brutes.  But then comes the morning after…

Whatever the Italian squad did last night was in plain sight and were things that might happen during any football match anywhere in the world.  Not saying these things were alright but compared to some 1000+ racist tweets sent out after the match mostly concerning the three young black players who had participated in the penalty shots, and all missed – Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka, and Jadon Sancho – the Italian player’s on-pitch antics were slightly more forgivable. The tweets were 100% unforgivable.   

I am not going in to all what was said. It does not bear repeating. I am with  Gary Lineker OBE, former footballer and now broadcaster who said, “Booing and racially abusing the fine young men that play for our country and have given us so much pleasure and joy over the last month is not being @england fan.”

England played with the hearts of lions, with grace and great dignity.  They played a hard game as gentlemen.  Every last one of them.  They are family, no matter what colour their skin.  And I could not be prouder. 

You would not understand that, would you, those who hate.

Many thanks for reading and warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x

PS, don’t forget to pop over to http://www.wytchencrafts.org.uk and give me a follow. This blog is making moves to that location as we speak and I will be shutting this blogsite down within a month. Many thanks and stay safe x

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Cha-cha-changes! Thank you, David Bowie

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram: @thewandcarver

No, not about Mr Bowie, just thanking him for the tune stuck in my head at the moment. Who doesn’t love a bit of Bowie?

The changes I refer to are these: A rebranding of our shop and our blog.

I have felt for some years now that our name doesn’t really suit. It was taken onboard in a silly moment and for the lack of better names coming into my head, we have carried on with “Speaking of Witch Wands”. Pretty wordy if you ask me, and it doesn’t exactly describe our shop that well. Yes, we make wands – and I believe the reason we named it thus is because at the beginning, all we meant to sell were wands. That would never have kept us in jaffe cakes and tea bags!

A few years ago I found the word “wytchen” seemed to draw me. Wytchen tree or wood is associated with the Rowan tree. We sell Rowan crafts almost predominately from our shop. Talismans, ogham birth tree pendants, wands…. even jewellery. The word Wytchen also speaks to me as in numerolgy for the word suits me and my daughters down to the ground:

Talent analysis of Wytchen by expression number 8

“You have the power and potential to achieve great things. It is both your challenge and your birthright to gain dominion over a small part of the earth. Whatever your enterprise, you strive to be the best and most successful in your field. You are highly competitive and will not rest until you are satisfied that you have bypassed the opposition. You enjoy challenges and rivalry. You are a realist and a visionary planner.

Inner analysis of Wytchen by heart number 5

“Freedom is essential for your happiness. You love change, new experiences, meeting new people, adventure and travel. You love the exotic, far away places. Variety is more than mere spice of life – you thrive on it. You are extremely flexible and adaptable. You have more curiosity than the proverbial cat. You have a sharp mind and a natural ability with words. You are a born communicator, clear, fluent, and imaginative in every area that interests you – which are many!”

Personality analysis of Wytchen by personality number 3

“You are highly attractive. Many men with a 3 Personality are very handsome; women are often strikingly beautiful. Your vibration is full of life. You are uplifting, inspiring, and charming. You are a fun person to be around. Your wit and sparkling personality make you the life of a party. You are extroverted and optimistic. You appreciate fine clothing and jewelry, and enjoy dressing up a bit. ” – from https://www.nameslook.com/wytchen/

I’ll be honest, I do not agree with the third paragraph as I have been mostly an introvert all my life and have never found myself as particularly attractive. Although, hind sight being as it is, when I see old pics in my 20’s I do rather think I was pretty enough then. We never appreciate what we have when we have it do we? But the last part – oh I do enjoy a bit of dressing up!

Off subject, sorry! but back on… So, the name we have chosen to represent us from here on is WytchenCrafts. The domain will change to wytchencrafts.org.uk for our blog here. We are going to start a dotcom away from Etsy which will be wytchencrafts.com and when we let the dust settle a bit, we will have our UK based wytchencrafts.co.uk. Lexi takes care of the .com as normal. Our Etsy shop will be renamed next week to wytchencrafts.

You may note that the banner has changed here already. I must systematically go through everything and change it now so I shall be a busy bee. I don’t know how this will affect finding older blogs yet but we shall see! And although I’m excited, I am also bricking it a bit as I am quite worried about losing a pretty good standing on Google and also afraid followers may not find us so I want to be particularly cautious about the blog site here. It took many years to get here and I don’t know if re-building will take a huge toll or not. I suppose we shall see.

Either way, I hope everyone will stick by us during all of this. I thank you for having done for all these years… a little more upheavel won’t be too bad 🙂

Warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x


the new web address will be www.wytchencrafts.org.uk

if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at Isabella@wytchencrafts.org.uk

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