Happy Mabon 2018

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

Mabon Blessings

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My favourite time of the year is almost here – the **Autumnal Equinox. Clearly, I have always been an “old soul” for when other children were dreaming of April, May, and summer months, I was awaiting the golden reds, yellows, purples, and browns of Autumn.  I don’t know why it’s always been such an important time of the year for me from even when I were a wee bairn.  Is it the crisp, cool freshness of the air?  The colours? The harvesting of delights brought forth from Mother Earth’s ample womb? To be fair, I haven’t been part of a harvest since I spent time at my Nan’s as a child and teenager.  Still, I imagine that feeling still lingers on and makes me want to be there again. It was a place I felt safe and loved; a place where getting up at sparrow’s fart was a joy rather than a punishment.  No, I was never made to rise early for punishment – unless you want to count going to school as punishment… as some do 😊

But let’s consider that not everybody is privy to a joyful second harvest on a farm. Most of us these days live flats/apartments/terrace houses/urban/suburban lives.  If you’re lucky, you might have an allotment or a small patch in your back garden to grow some herbs and veg, but I have a feeling most reading this won’t be going out to bale hay or dig out potatoes or the like.  So, how do we celebrate?  More importantly, how do we bring Mabon into our children’s lives, so they understand the importance of the Sabbat? Lots of ways!

Firstly, Mabon or the Autumnal Equinox or Second Harvest is not only about bringing in the last of crops, but it is a time of beginning to wind down and relax. It is also a time of reflection on the last year.  There is now a balance [for many] of light and dark hours apart from the UK where the sun falls out of the sky by 4 pm – I jest, a little – thereby creating a balance in the world. I believe this is another reason I so love Autumn…I’ve never been a bright sunshine kind of girl.  Maybe I was a vampire in a previous life, who knows.  But I do find the dark comforting and cosy.  However, as I had meant to say, this time of year is a time for thankfulness for all we have created and received.  A perfect segue to our five projects for Mabon:

  1. Make a “Blessings Jar” or box.  You may make it plain or fancy, only do wash the spag bol sauce out of it well first.  I used to – and need to renew this for myself – keep jars for every year’s blessings.  This is also a perfect way to teach your children the value of being grateful.  When I felt down and as though things weren’t going my way, I would often open my very full blessings jar and begin reading the slips of paper I had filled it with. In no time I would feel so much better because it proved me so wrong about things not going my way. I think children can learn from this.
  2. Honour the early darkness. Most people hate the shorter days and longer nights because they are sunshine people and that’s alright! We need sunshine people as well!  Still, this is a time to give thanks for the darkness to give us time for the extra rest we very much need after a hard year of work.  It is the time of the Crone and she is to be revered. Learn to embrace the darkness as a prelude to the light.  Teach your children that without darkness it is impossible to appreciate the light.  Teach them about the Crone aspect of the Goddess and help them to see how important she is.  If their grandmother[s] is still alive, be sure to help them to respect her and if she is not, it would never hurt to visit an old person’s home and make a new friend.  It will teach your children not to fear becoming old and to always give respect to those whom are.
  3. This is a time for food drives in many countries. Find out where you can donate or hold one of your own!  Too many people are left to fend alone for Christmas and other seasonal celebrations wherever you live. Along with your children, set aside a small budget, even if it will only buy one tin of beans each week to purchase some non-perishable foods to donate.  You will teach your children how to think of others and to give with their hearts.
  4. Help the homeless. You may not feel comfortable walking up to a homeless person on the street to gift them with a new sleeping bag, but it won’t do anybody any harm to sign on to neighbouring homeless shelters – especially for the upcoming cold months when they are most understaffed.  There you can give of your time which can be freely given.  Listen to their stories.  Help the elderly ones to shave or get cleaned up.  I’m not saying you must exchange numbers but do give of yourself and something wonderful will happen within you, I promise.  You will forget your ego.  You will have more compassion for others.  And whilst you can’t bring your children there to help due to age constrictions, you will bring your “new self” home to them and they will see a more positive difference in you, which in turn, will help them.
  5. Help your family. Spend real time together for meals, movie night, going to a park, whatever you enjoy, but do so without smartphones and tablets! Have conversations without texting, watch a film without checking Facebook or Twitter, in fact, just turn off your phones whilst watching a film together or having a family meal.  If you already do these things, plan a project together to help others.  The point is, re-connect with your family and friends without doing so on a device. And you just might find it is more enjoyable and personal to look into the eyes of the person you are speaking with.

Creating an altar is one of our favourite ways to celebrate Mabon.  Create an altar setting using nuts, dried flowers, fruit [apples!], and corn dollies. It is such a versatile Sabbat to work from, so you can have a lot of fun with your talents and creative side… and of course, the children can either help or create an altar of their own.  As fun as it can be to come up with ideas, it is also a time to teach them reverence for the Sabbat.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful to you for your Mabon celebrations and activities. The main thing is, enjoy the seasons as they come… some hold more favouritism for us than others but to accept and love each one is the same as accepting and loving our Earth and our planetary system as they work hand in hand to create these lovely changes. Don’t forget to use recycled and and natural items as often as possible and do re-purpose or recycle all when you are finished. If you have enjoyed my blog, please give it a like and share via the social media buttons below and as always, I welcome comments! Have a blessed Mabon x

** Autumn Equinox is 23 September and Mabon begins on 21 September

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From the Wortcunner’s Cabinet – Tansy

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

I would first like to share this exact writing on Tansy from The English Physician and Complete Herbal by Nicholas Culpeper:

Wild Tansy or Silver-weed.

This is also so well known, that it needs no description.

Place.] It grows in every place.

Time.] It flowers in June and July.


Tansy ~ Photo by farmyardnurseries.co.uk

Government and virtues.] Now Dame Venus hath fitted women with two herbs {ed. Isn’t it kind to give us only two?} of one name, the one to help conception, and the other to maintain beauty, and what more can be expected of her? {ed. I seriously am feeling bile rise in my throat!} What now remains is for you to love your husbands {ed. am choking here!}, and not to be wanting to your good neighbours? {ed. Have completely lost it now!}  Wild Tansy stays the lask, and all the fluxes of blood in men and women, which some say it will do, if the green herb be worn in the shoes, so it be next to the skin; and it is true enough that it will stop the terms, if worn so, and the whites too, for I ought to know {ed. I have no idea what he meant in that last sentence}.  It stays also the spitting or vomiting of blood.  The powder of the herb taken in some of the distilled water, helps the whites in women but more especially if a little coral and ivory in powder be put to it.  It is also recommended to help children that are bursten, and have a rupture, being boiled in water and salt.  Being boiled in water and drank it eases the griping pains of the bowels, and is good for the sciatica and joint-aches.  The same boiled in vinegar, with honey and allum, and gargled in the mouth eases the pains of the tooth-ache, fastens loose teeth, helps the gums that are sore {ed. I have a feeling that the “allum” alum is what works on the gums more so than the other ingredients}, settles the palate of the mouth in its place, when it is fallen down.  It cleanses and heals ulcers in the mouth, or secret parts {oh I say!}, and is very good for inward wounds, and to close the lips of green wounds, and to heal old, moist, and corrupt running sores in the legs or elsewhere.  Being bruised and applied to the soles of the feet and hand wrists, it wonderfully cools the hot fits of agues, be they never so violent. The distilled water cleanses the skin of all discolourings, therein, as morphew, sun-burnings, &c. as also pimples, freckles, and the like; and dropped into the eyes, or cloths wet therein and applied, takes away the heat and inflammation in them.

Where then, does it make a woman beautiful or bountiful? And how very patronising and chauvinistic! I admire Mr Culpeper for his work, not his opinions, clearly!

Tansy has had a lot said for it – and about it… not only was it once helpful in dressing the dead for funerals, apparently it was useful for keeping flies off fresh meat! You can repel ants and beetles from your home by planting Tansy around it.  I don’t know if the plant proper is helpful, but Tansy oil is said to repel mosquitoes. Tanacetum vulgare was originally a European plant but as many plants do when people immigrate, they became nationalised into other countries as well. In the Victorian language of flowers, Tansy flowers are a declaration of war. Tansy wreaths are suitable funeral decorations.


Tansy is used in spells, charms and potions for longevity.  You can use it as an oil or make an oil infusion with the freshly cut herb by stuffing as much as possible into a large jar then adding olive oil or grapeseed oil. Let it sit in the sun for thirty days, turning it a half-turn round each day. Afterward, you can pour it off through a sieve or cheesecloth into a large bottle or several smaller bottles for use in your magickal workings.  You can also use the dried Tansy in loose incenses for whichever purpose your intention lies for your magickal work.  It can be added to poppets and sachets for different magickal reasons, as well.

Of course, Tansy can be added to witch bottles for your magickal intentions.

In  Hoo Doo Magick, Tansy, along with other herbs, are worn in the shoes of a person trying to keep under the radar of the law such as police officers.  Other herbs which can be blended with Tansy for this purpose are Asafoetida, Celandine, Devil’s Shoe Strings, Elder, Fennel, Black Mustard Seeds, and Oregano.

Tansy is often used in rituals of Womanhood such as first menses and motherhood.


Tansy may be used for expelling worms, one ounce of herb steeped in one pint of hot water drunk as a tea twice a day. This same remedy is employed for kidney and nervous troubles and low-grade fevers. It is also said to calm the stomach and relieve gas.  In large doses, however, it is very irritating to the stomach and digestive systems.  Excessive doses have produced seizures and uterine bleeding. Use on a regular basis causes organ degeneration.

An infusion of Tansy is a useful wash for scabies, eczema and fungal infections.

**Warning: Do not confuse Tansy with Tansy Ragwort which has rayed flowers and does not have sharp toothed leaves. Tansy Ragwort is toxic, not mildly toxic like Tansy, but extremely toxic.


Planetary:  Venus

Zodiac:  Gemini

Gender:  Feminine

Element:  Water

Powers:  Protection, Longevity, Fertility, Immortality, Health

Deity:  Mary, Hebe, Ganymeade, Ishtar, Eostra

Other Names:  Silver-Weed, Wild Tansy, Buttons

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s offering and that I have provided useful information to you.  If you would be so kind to give it a like, make a comment, and follow, it would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks and warmest blessings x


The English Physician and Complete Herbal, by Nicholas Culpeper




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Crystal of the Week – Dumortierite

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

I’m just a little put out with myself for not having a larger piece of Dumortierite! I have carried this one paired with a Carnelian for years.  I suppose I just never thought I needed more – this is a very powerful crystal! Together they are a good team for me, casting off the laziness that can sometimes set in and boosting not only my physical energy but also sharpening up my mental processes as well.  I think it is time to cleanse them, charge them, and carry them once again!


My Dumortierite ~ photo by i.macy

The Dumortierite is stunning blue colour.  Many mistakes it for Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite.  Just keep in mind that Lapis has the lovely flecks of gold and the Sodalite often has lots of white in it.  Dumortierite is most likely to have veins of white, rather than patches, and it does not have gold flecks.  It does often have lighter and darker blue shading.  Dumortierite often forms as inclusions in Quartz, and this combination results in a natural blue Quartz gemstone. These are known in the gemstone market as “Dumortierite Quartz” and they are becoming increasingly popular as a minor blue gemstone. Dumortierite is named after French palaeontologist Eugene Dumortier [1803-1873].


Dumortierite is a powerful psychic stone. This stone is generally thought to increase the psychic ability and the connections to the Divine mind. In combination with Pearl, Dumortierite will develop or enhance your psychic powers.  If you are a tarot reader, your interpretation and accuracy will be more on point when you are aided by this stone.

If you place Dumortierite behind your ear, it will enhance your clairaudience. It can also work with your Causal Chakra [past life chakra] so that you can activate your past life memories.

Dumortierite is a good luck stone when in it comes to wealth and fortune. It’s a great crystal to have, especially for those who are starting their own business.

When paired with Covellite, it’s an effective organisational stone.

Dumortierite will help you break ties with things or people that are no longer working for you. It will help you break the cycle of co-dependency and make you realise that only you have the power to control your behaviour and what happens to your life.


Dumortierite may help to bring order and organisation to a turbulent mental state. Dumortierite is used as a meditation stone as it enhances the connection to the universe and can help bring clarity to the mind. Dumortierite can help to facilitate spiritual development and can help one to express and understand their spiritual experiences. Along these same lines, this important stone can help to increase contact with angels and other types of spiritual guides.  Bringing order and a deeper, more fulfilling connection with the spirits and the spirit world may very well make this one of the more important stones in your collection. Enhanced connections paired with enhanced clarity may make for an especially balanced user. Dumortierite is associated with the throat chakra. This association helps to bring into balance the physical, mental, and spiritual communications which may help to keep the entire aura in balance.


You deserve a better picture! photo by Stonebridge Imports

In the same manner that Dumortierite can be useful for metaphysical healing and balance it can also be used for physical healing and balance. Dumortierite is often used to treat depression and over-stimulation. In addition, Dumortierite may help to relieve the symptoms of addiction. This crystal is considered to bolster the energy of self-discipline, so it is easy to see how it may help to achieve things like ideal weight or cessation of some undesirable activity. Dumortierite may also help to cool the body, treat certain skin disorders, ease the symptoms of diabetes, increase or balance your metabolic rate, or even soothe hyperactivity. Aside from strictly physical attributes Dumortierite can help to soothe the mind from depression and help to clear the mind for more effective thought processes. In all, this important gemstone could be just the help you need for clarity and relaxation to gain a higher connection with the world around you.

Dumortierite is said to be good in treating headache, diarrhoea, stomach ache, and other intestinal problems. It can also help relieve vomiting, nausea, cramping, and colic in babies. Pranic healers use Dumortierite for hypersensitivity and epilepsy, as well as skin disorders and other pains, aches, or illnesses in the thyroid or parathyroid areas.


Planetary:  Saturn

Zodiac:  Leo/Sagittarius

Element:  Water

Gender:  Masculine [works to balance masculine and feminine energies within people]

Powers:  Psychic Abilities [All], Patience, Healing, Intellectual, Positivity, Calming, Communication, Mental Discipline

Chakra:  Throat, also said to open the Third Eye

Deity:  Isis, Neptune, Ariadne, St. Brigid, Hokkmah, The Muses, Sarasvati

Other Names:  Stone of Patience

Many thanks for reading my blog!  I do hope you found information that you can use and if you have enjoyed it, please feel free to share via the social media buttons below.  I always welcome comments as well and will answer fairly quickly.  It’s a pleasure to be of service.  Warmest blessings to all x


The Illustrated Directory of Crystal Healing, by Cassandra Eason, 2003

Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic, by Scott Cunningham, 2002

The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall, 2003

Gemstone Energy Medicine Healing Body, Mind and Spirit, by Michael Katz, 2005


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The Magickal Olive Tree

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

OliveTree druidswood co uk

Ancient Olive tree ~ druidswood.co.uk

The tree of peace.  Extend the Olive branch to your enemy in good will and peace-making.  The dove with the Olive branch in its beak [Old Testament, Ark].  Irena, the Goddess of peace, daughter of Zeus and Themed, was always depicted with an Olive branch in her hand. Later, in periods of war, the couriers of peace were sent holding a symbolic olive branch in their hand.  But that is where it ends, it is merely a symbol of peace, not a magickal power of the Olive tree.  However, Olive is so much more, and we shall explore what it can do for us.  Still, it will never hurt to hang an Olive branch above your doorway so that all whom enter will know your home is a place of peace and good will.

The Olive tree is the tree of the Autumnal Equinox. It is a tree of logic, reason, and rationalisation. I would believe that anybody born on that day would possess those qualities.  The olive tree was the tree of balance by the Celts. For this reason,  they devoted the day of **23rd of September to it as that date is the day which has the same duration as the night.

**23 September is Autumn Equinox; 21 September is beginning of Mabon


Olive branches, as well as being a symbol of peace, can be hung over the door to protect the household from evil, or upon the chimney to keep the house from being struck by lightning. When carried, the leaves bring good fortune. They also bring prosperity and security in love and business.

Dreaming of an Olive tree means you will have great happiness.  Dreaming of planting one indicates an upcoming marriage.  To dream of eating Olives means a happy domestic life.

The tree of Athena, mighty goddess of Wisdom is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Use the leaf of Olive tree to bring balance between you and the earth. Also, you can use it in healing spells.

You can always use the leaves in leaf magick. Use it for one of its correspondences such as protection or wealth in a leaf spell or you can always use them in poppets and sachets.


Olive oil is a traditional anointing oil to aid in healing, and it was used in ancient times as fuel for temple lamps.  When eaten, olives are said to induce fertility and sexual potency in males, and lust in both men and women.  Remember what I said in another blog about fruits and veg shaped like body parts are helpful to keeping those body parts in good health? I should think I need say no more.

Scott Cunningham wrote:  On an olive leaf, write Athena’s name. Press this against the head or wear on the body and it will cure a headache.

The value of Olive oil to the health is widely known for centuries. Thus, the olive tree symbolises power and health. Moreover, this symbolism is entirely accurate since olive trees lead quite long lives.

Olive oil bolsters the immune system and helps to protect against viruses. Olive oil has also been found to be effective in fighting against diseases such as: cancer, heart disease, oxidative stress, diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Olive is antiseptic, astringent and is known to lower blood pressure and fevers.

The Romans, of course, used Olive oil to cleanse their skin as part of their bathing ritual.

Mediterranean women with their glorious glossy hair have known for centuries the value of applying warm Olive oil to revive dry lifeless hair.

A little anecdote about Olive leaves:  Kew’s Herbarium, Kew Gardens in London, contains a wreath of folded olive leaves, which was found in the sarcophagus of King Tutankamen, and is over 3,300 years old.


Planetary:  Mercury, Moon, Sun

Zodiac:  Aquarius, Aries, Leo

Gender:  Masculine

Element:  Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Powers:  Healing, Fertility, Potency, Fidelity, Protection, Immortality, Prosperity, Success

Deity:  Amaterasu, Athena, Apollo, Minerva, Ra, Pele, Zeus, Horus, Hercules

Folk Names:  Olivier, Itm, Mitan



Encyclopaedia of Magical Herbs (2nd Ed.), Scott Cunningham, Llewellyn, 1984

Life Among the Olives – The Magic of Olive Trees, by Dr Vera Sengeeva

Whispers from the Woods, by Sandra Kynes


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Crystal of the Week – Lemurian Seed Crystals

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

This is going to be a veritable minefield of information that I dare not get wrong… however, I must say in advance that it may be difficult to get it all correct.  Lemurian Seed Crystals are so varied and there are acceptable definitions and non-acceptable ones. I’ve studied these, still, I got it very wrong in the beginning.  You know what it’s like… you’re in a crystals shop and you know very little about the crystal you see in the pretty basket, but you’ve heard enough about to know it would be of help to you.  But then, later down the road you find out this crystal is not all you thought it was.  Well, I am guilty as charged with my first Lemurian Seed Crystals for they are either not, nor never have been, or, they are but have had the lines polished out.  I shall explain all as best I can.

Lemurian Seed Crystals were used in Ancient Lemurian days by an advanced race of beings.  Some know about the legendary lost continent of Lemuria, but have you heard of the continent of Mauritia? This landmass formed a part of Madagascar and India and scientists say the rest of the continent is now lying at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.  That is where they think it has been for approximately the last 85 million years.  This land, of course, was inhabited by that advanced race of people during the Triassic Period, 200 million years ago.

lemurian smoky 2

Smoky Lemurian ~ Photo by i.macy

Here is where things get a bit tricky.  Enter one crystals authoress, Katrina Raphaell. She is said to have coined the name, Lemurian Crystal in the 1990’s .  So, Katrina Raphaell channelled that the Lemurian Crystals were coded with very specific information by the people of Lemuria, left here for us to discover and to learn from. Thus, these crystals are very advanced and have a focus on high technology, DNA, and social engineering.  These “master healers” assist in helping one get in touch and by using intuition.  According to Katrina Raphaell, the Lemurian Seed Crystals were kind of like “seeds of information”  planted or left in one location only; one specific spot, known as the Diamantina Mine in Minas Gerais, Brazil.  That’s a fair bit away from where Ancient Lemuria was lost. Still, I do not attempt to prove a respected authoress right or wrong here, only attempting to bring the best honest information I can to you.

lemurian 1

Lemurian Seed Crystal ~ Photo by i.macy

Firstly, a true Lemurian Seed Crystal originally was found to have six sides and every other side would be ridged horizontally or “striated” as a ladder.  Many also have raised triangles of crystal, sometimes called “recorders”.  It is believed that the inhabitants of Lemuria, or Mu, left their ancient wisdom and information embedded in these crystals that is much needed by humanity today. The lines are said to be where all knowledge is stored by encoding.  Now, there is also a difference between a “Lemurian Seed Crystal” and a “Lemurian Crystal”. A Lemurian Seed Crystal has an alternating pattern of a frosted side on the shaft and then a smooth, very transparent side, then a frosted side and a very transparent side, alternating all the way around.  Plain Lemurian Crystals will have a random pattern. For instance, one side is frosted, next is smooth, then frosted, frosted, frosted, and then smooth. Or even all smooth [see below] or all frosted.  The confusion is endless.  Another characteristic of a Lemurian Crystal will be that it has rough, prominent, horizontal striations on some sides of the shaft. But you will not only see them; for it to be a true Lemurian, you need to be able to feel them! Phew!

Lemurian Crystals also come in colours… Pink ones are very lovely and rare, and there are tangerine/apricot, smoky, blue, green, and citrine.   The size of the Lemurian Crystal / Seed Crystal can range from any length, but the base of it is always wider than the tip.

lemurian smoky 1

Smoky Lemurian 2 ~ Photo by i.macy

Where you must be most careful in purchasing your Lemurians is when someone tries to sell you a highly polished crystal with no striations. If it is completely smooth, most likely it is not a Lemurian.  And then again, it could be!  Perhaps someone with no knowledge of the importance of the striations polished the striations out for purposes of making a piece of jewellery.  But you can’t know that it was striated so it is best to leave it, if a true Lemurian is what you seek.  Polishing away the striations is said to remove the encoding by the Ancients, and this is the very reason we buy Lemurians. I’m not saying that the person selling the polished “Lemurians” is trying to get one over on you… they may legitimately believe or even know, that the crystal was striated at one point.  Still, it can’t be proven.

I think the best advice I can give you for choosing your Lemurian Crystals or Lemurian Seed Crystals is to buy them in person, so to speak.  Feel them, feel their energy. Purchase only what you can connect with.

Magickal and Healing

lemurian 4

Small Lemurian with Recorders ~ Photo by i.macy

With the Lemurian Crystals I don’t feel I can separate them into compartments of “magick” and “healing”.  If you have worked with these before, you will understand this.  The Lemurian is a  Master Healer.  It is even hard to pin them to one planet or zodiac as they work through all.  Lemurians are a crystal of oneness and unity, and it is what they communicate along with love. Their magick is healing and their healing is magick. Lemurians connect with all other crystals and are perfect for crystal grids.  Lemurian’s life’s work is to reactivate within the planetary matrix this ancient memory of unity and oneness and love so that it may become the way of life on the New Earth.

This crystal is literally connected to everything – the inner earth, the earth’s surface, the stars, all other seed crystals and crystals, and they connect us to the Divine.  It’s not just an ordinary connection, either.  The connection is of pure love and the more you work with the Lemurians, the more you will feel this unconditional love and unity with the Divine and others.

These crystals promote self-confidence, deep emotional cleansing, powerful assistance in communicating with your spirit guide and angels, strengthens one’s emotions, promotes intuitiveness, assists in dream work, complete chakra clearing, removes energy blockages to Divine love and compassion.

Lemurian Seed crystals generate a very feminine or yin energy. They act to open the energy of the soul and provide a bridge to higher frequencies, creating a higher level of consciousness. They instil feelings of harmony and ease. The energies they emit are of pure love, helping you feel at one with yourself and others.

Holding a Lemurian seed crystal in your right hand while you walk around and encircle an individual, property or an object creates a circle of light and protection. They soothe and nurture and can benefit everyone and are helping support for healing work. They help you attune to those higher energies and higher planes of existence.


Planetary:  Venus [primary] but is also linked to each planet

Zodiac:  All zodiacs

Element:  Earth

Gender:  Divine Feminine

Chakra:  Crown chakra [main], benefits and works with all chakras

Powers:  Healing [Master Healer], Unconditional Love, Intuition, Communication, Dream Work

Deity:  Gaia, Venus, Aphrodite

Many thanks for reading today’s offering.  I hope it had information that is useful to you and if you have enjoyed, please give us a like, leave a comment, and share via the social media buttons below.  Warmest blessings to all x


The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, 2003

Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham, 2002

Chakra Healing & Karmic Awareness by Keith Sherwood, 2005

The Illustrated Directory of Crystal Healing by Cassandra Eason, 2003

Gemstone Energy Medicine Healing Body, Mind and Spirit by Michael Katz, 2005





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The Magickal Linden Tree…or Lime Tree

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

Linden Trees

photo by majestictrees.co.uk

Tilia is a genus of about thirty species of trees, or bushes, native throughout most of the temperate Northern Hemisphere.  In the British Isles they are commonly called lime trees, or lime bushes, although they are not closely related to the tree that produces the lime fruit. So, when you see the “Lime” tree listed in an ogham birth tree list it is referring to the Linden tree [Tilia europaca] in Britain but if you are in America [Tilia Americana], they refer to it as Basswood.

Now that you are adequately confused….

Be sure to use the botanical name when ordering seeds or trees.  Common names vary by nation, culture, and region, and sometimes the same common name is applied to different plants.

The Linden/Lime tree flowers are a favourite of bees wherever you live so if you are ardent about  helping to save the bee population, plant a lovely Linden/Basswood tree wherever you live.  Honey from the flowers is considered the best flavoured in the world.

Linden became popular after the fourteenth century on the Continent and in England for carving and other work that did not require strength.  Many of the carvings in St Paul’s Cathedral [London] and Windsor Castle are of Linden wood.  The tree’s fibrous bark has been used for rope, mats, baskets, and clothing.


Linden flowers are often used in love spells/mixtures and protection spells and incenses. Mix equal parts Linden flowers and Lavender flowers then place in a sachet under your pillow to relieve insomnia. Keep Linden flowers on a table to release the energies needed to keep the spirit alive and healthy.

Lime Oil, as it is called, from the Linden tree, is used for purification and protection, promoting calmness and tranquillity, and strengthening love.

Dreaming of a Linden tree means good news is coming.  Dreaming of cutting down a Linden tree means your love life is in danger.

Linden is also used in longevity spell work and used in prophecy.


Linden tree’s flowers are a calming and soothing herbal tea not unlike Chamomile, but I think is more flavourful than Chamomile.  The French call Linden flower tea, Tilleul. It’s good to have before bedtime for a good night’s sleep to not only relax your body but your mind, as well.

Historically, Linden has been used to soothe nerves and treat health problems associated with anxiety.  Its calming nervine, antispasmodic, and helpful circulatory properties are used to help to ease spasms and cramps that contribute to headaches, tight muscles, and migraines as well as menstrual cramps.

Linden Tree Flowers

photo by gardenerstips.co.uk

I have read that whatever body part a fruit or leaf resembles is what that fruit or leaf is good for medically.  The heart-shaped leaf of the Linden tree gives a good idea of what it is good for both medically and magickally.   It can lift us up or “gladden the heart” emotionally and in love as well as benefitting the physical heart as well, which is evidenced in its long use for assisting with conditions such as atherosclerosis, angina, and heart palpitations especially when there is nervous tension or stress involved.  Linden is exceptional at reducing fever and fighting infection.  It even has a profound effect on loosening chest congestion and sinuses.  With the colds and flu season quickly approaching it would do you well to stock up on Linden flower tea unless you’re fortunate enough to have a Linden tree growing in your garden!

There are no contraindications to using Linden flowers that I can find.  Still, only use as needed.


Planetary:  Jupiter, Sun

Zodiac:  Gemini, Sagittarius

Element:  Air

Gender:  Feminine

Rune Character:  Asa/Letter A

Powers:  Attracting Love, Balancing Energy, Neutralising Negativity, Heart Healing, Protection, Sleep, Stress Relief

Deity:  Arianrhod, Aphrodite, Eostre, Freya, Frigg, Lada, Nehalennia, Philyra, Venus, Zemyna, Odin, Tyr

Other Names:  Bee Tree, Lime Tree, Basswood, Lime Blossoms, Linden Flowers, Tilia

Many thanks for reading my blog today.  I do appreciate everyone who reads, shares, comments, and likes.  I hope you have learned something useful from my little offering.  Warmest blessings to all who pass by x


Whispers from the Woods, by Sandra Kynes



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From the Wortcunner’s Cabinet – Enchanter’s Nightshade

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

From Plant Lore, Legends, and Lyrics, by Richard Folkard, Jun, London 1884:

“ENCHANTER’S NIGHTSHADE.—Formerly the Atropa Mandragora used to bear this name, but by some mistake it has been transferred to the Circæa Lutetiana, an insignificant plant named after Circe, the famed enchantress, probably because its fruit, being covered with hooked prickles, lays hold of the unwary passers-by, as Circe is said to have done by means of her enchantments. The Mandrake was called “Nightshade,” from having been classed with the Solanum tribe, and “Enchanter’s” from its Latin name Circæa, a name which it obtained, according to Dioscorides, because Circe, who was expert in herbal lore, used it as a tempting powder in amorous concerns.”

An interesting little book which, if I understand correctly, sounds almost more like an apology for his bad information in the preface rather than a preface.  But as it was of some interest, I just had to include it… take from it what you will.

Enchanters_Nightshade wanstead wildlife dot co dot uk

Enchanter’s Nightshade ~ wansteadwildlife.org.uk

You’ve seen the pretty pink slips waving in the breezes over the last month or so.  They are quite small and may be white instead of pink.  If you haven’t, try looking in shady places where the ground is moister such as shady woodlands, coppices, and perhaps in some hedge rows. If you have seen them, you have found Enchanter’s Nightshade.  If you’re not familiar with Enchanter’s Nightshade or Circaea lutetiana; this nightshade is a member of the willowherb family, Onagraceae.   It is not related to other nightshades such as the deadly nightshade.

The genus name comes from the enchantress Circe of Greek mythology and the specific designation is derived from Lutetia, the Latin name for Paris, which was sometimes referred to as the “Witch City”. Despite its name it is not especially toxic but contains a lot of the astringent tannin.  The plant is native to Europe, Middle Asia, Siberia, United Kingdom, and the eastern United States and Canada. It grow in woods in deep shade and moist environments on nitrogen-containing clay.

Circe was a powerful Grecian witch who, with the help of herbs, muttering incantations, or praying to her strange gods, could turn men into animals, or create unsubstantial images of beasts. She often called to her aid Nyx, Chaos, or Hecate. But as witchcraft may make a victim also of him or her who practises it, the nights of Circe could be wasted in fear because of the uncontrolled visions that filled her house. And so, for example, the walls and chambers of her palace could seem to be bathing in blood, whilst fire could seem to devour her magick herbs. That is why it was a relief for her when daylight came, and she could bathe and clean her garments, forgetting the scaring nightly visions. Circe also liked to attract others for the mission of sex magick, therefore it could be thought this is one reason this kind of nightshade is called Enchanter’s.


enchanters nightshade

My dried Enchanter’s Nightshade ~ photo by i.macy

Enchanter’s Nightshade is a useful herb for aiding in the Laws of Attraction.  Not only the love kind of attraction but to attract whatever it is that you want in your life, including wealth, health, and any number of things. As a rule, Enchanter’s Nightshade does not attract wealth itself but it aids in the  Seven Laws of Attraction where you attract what you need and want into your life.  You may use it in the usual ways which you do for spell work, mainly useful in loose incenses to be burned over a charcoal disc.  This is a particularly good way to use it during meditation.  It is also useful in spells for binding, hexing, and love.  Mainly you may read that you use Belladonna [Deadly Nightshade] for hexing but those of us who would rather not, I have found that Enchanter’s Nightshade – absolutely no relative of the Deadly variety – works just as well. It is also said to be useful for shapeshifting and transformation in which you would drink it as a tea, however, be certain you have the correct herb before ingesting.  Take all due precautions and then take them again.

For enchanting or simply attracting the lover of your dreams, make a sachet of dried Enchanter’s Nightshade to carry with you when you have opportunity to be near this person.  In our Love witch bottle necklace, Enchanter’s Nightshade is an ingredient. You may also use with other dried herbs which attract love, such as Vervain, in a loose incense to burn during spell work for love.  And, of course, if you prefer making poppets, use the Nightshade in those as well.


According to Nicholas Culpeper, The English Physician and Complete Herbal:  It is a cold Saturnine plant.  The common Nightshade is wholly used to cool hot inflammations either inwardly or outwardly, being no ways dangerous to any that use it, as most of the rest of the Nightshades are, yet it must be used moderately.  The distilled water only of the whole her is fittest and safest to be taken inwardly:  The juice also clarified and taken being mingled with a little vinegar, is good to wash the mouth and throat that is inflamed; But outwardly the juice of the herbs or berried, with oil of roses and a little vinegar and ceruse laboured together in a leaden* mortar, is very good to anoint all hot inflammations in the eyes.  It also doth much good for the shingles, ringworms, and in all running, fretting, and corroding ulcers, applied thereunto.  The juice dropped into the ears eases pains thereof that arise of heat or inflammations  And Pliny saith, it is good for hot swellings under the throat.  Have a care you mistake not the deadly nightshade for this; if you know it not, you may let them both alone, and take no harm having other medicines sufficient in the book.”

In medicine Saturn presides over the skeletal system, skin, teeth, gall bladder, spleen, and vagus nerve. Saturn symbolised processes and things which were dry and extremely cold, and was therefore inimical to life. It governed the melancholic humour.

Nearly all I can find about the use of Enchanter’s Nightshade for nowadays is using it as an astringent for skin maladies.  Oh yes, and the [*] above – please do not use any leaden vessel in the preparation of herbs for health and physical use.  I don’t think I need to say it, still, there can always be that one 😊


Planet:  Saturn

Zodiac:  Capricorn and Aquarius

Gender:  Female

Element:  Earth and Water

Powers:  Healing, Love, Binding, Hexing

Deity:  Circe

Other Names:  Sorcerer of Paris, Witch’s Grass, Great Witch Herb, Wood Magic Herb, Paris Nightshade, Herb of St. Etienne, Southern Broadleaf Nightshade.

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Nicholas Culpeper, The English Physician and Complete Herbal [17th century]

Richard Folkard, Plant Lore, Legends, and Lyrics [Jun, London 1884]




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