From the Wortcunners Cabinet – Heather

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

Heather walkhighlands dot com

Scottish Heather ~

If you love the Fae, Heather is your flower/herb.  Heather is one of the two Scottish National Flowers, the other of course, being Thistle. It is a plant you’ll want in your garden as it attracts butterflies like mad and who doesn’t love the sight of a beautiful flutter of butterflies flitting about?  Scottish brides carry a sprig of Heather for luck in the couple’s future together.  One of my favourite facts about Heather is that the honey produced from Heather is a component of Drambuie.  No wonder it tastes so good!


Heather ogham UraHeather is the 3rd vowel of the Ogham alphabet – Ura.  It is not one of the thirteen Celtic Birth Trees still it is one of the twenty Ogham alphabets.  It is one of the Sabbat woods, Litha, 21 June, Summer Solstice.  Funnily enough, Heather is not mentioned in the Druid’s Ogham trees but instead, Birch is mentioned as the tree three days after Litha, the 24th.


When doing spell work with Heather for a specific power of Heather, it is best to do your spell during the planetary hour of Venus on the day of Venus, which is Friday.

In Scotland farmers carried torches of burning heather around their fields before midsummer to insure good crops and around their cattle to ensure their fertility.  You may not have cows you wish to be fertile, but it works as well for human purposes by sleeping with Heather under your bed [not burning!] or using Heather as a base ingredient in a loose fertility incense during spell work.

Heather is always useful in spell work and rituals having to do with manifesting dreams and contacting spirits.  Sleep with a sachet full of Heather, or simply place Heather under your pillow to bring dreams of good fortune.

Heather can be used as the bristles for a witch’s besom/broom because of its cleaning powers. The idea for this comes from Heather’s genus, Calluna, which means “to cleanse”.

Burn Heather outdoors along with Fern to bring rain.

Heather is useful for opening the portals to the world of Fae.  If you are a shy person, you have the luckiest chance of meeting the Faeries.

Another good use for Heather sachets is to carry with you for protection.  You can also get the same protection by wearing a sprig of Heather in your lapel or pinned to a shirt or frock.

Heather is also meant to be helpful to those who shapeshift.


Heather dried

My dried Heather ~ photo by i.macy

Before we go into the healing abilities of Heather, I must make this remark.  I have read of Heather from many an online source over time.  I occasionally see people using Nicholas Culpeper’s The Complete Herbal and English Physician as a source for their writings.  No.  Of all the things, herb, flower, and tree of which Mr Culpeper wrote, he did not write about Heather.  Oh, he may have mentioned it as an ingredient in some thing or another, however, there is not one fact about Heather written by the man whom I consider the greatest herbalist of his time.  If you see this, it is not so.  End of rant.


There are decoctions which can be made from Heather which are supposed to be soothing to muscles and rheumatism by adding the decoction to a bath.

Heather is said to have been used in the past for cardiac palpitations, migraine, and problems associated with menstruation, and I am sure there may be those who still use it as such.

Heather is useful for ailments of the kidneys, including stones, and bladder infections, vaginal discharge, enlarged prostate, and menstrual and menopausal symptoms. There are a good many recipes for Heather teas, some with other flowers included, to help you with any of these things.

Do be forewarned, however, that Heather can raise the blood pressure, therefore if you have problems with high blood pressure already it may be best not to drink Heather tea.


Planetary:  Venus

Gender:  Feminine

Element[s]:  Water

Zodiac:  Taurus

Sabbat:  Litha

Powers:  Changes and Transitions, Healing [Spiritual and Physical], Knowledge, Luck, Protection, Fertility

Deity:  Nechtan Mac Labraid, Isis, Arianrhod, Venus, Uroica

Other Names:  Irish Heath [St Dabeoc’s Heath], Fraoch [Scot’s Heather], Scotch Heather

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The king in the red moorland

 Rode on a summer’s day;

 And the bees hummed, and the curlews

 Cried beside the way.

The king rode and was angry,

 Black was his brow and pale,

 To rule in a land of heather;

 And lack the heather ale.

 R.L. Stevenson


Whispers from the Woods, by Sandra Kynes


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Fizz Free February Update

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

Fizz Free Feb the UpdateTwo weeks ago, I wrote about Southwark Council’s Fizz Free February challenge in which they encouraged everyone to stop drinking fizzy, sugary drinks such as Pepsi, Coke, Fanta, SevenUp and the like.  As an avid Pepsi fan, I felt this would be a very hard endeavour for me, however, I knew I should give it a go because quite honestly, I had several indicators of a possible blood sugar problem, such as pre-Diabetes. At my age, I thought it is time to make some changes…before it is too late.  So, I got 100% on board.  What has happened since?  Well, let me tell you!

My shortness of breath is gone!  I had gotten to a point where just walking the length of the hallway from kitchen to bedroom in my bungalow put me out of puff.  Mornings, of all times, were the worst…perhaps that is down to the fact we breathe more shallowly during the night when sleeping.  It was very worrisome.  I didn’t have a cough or any other symptoms.  After a few days I could tell a difference but after about ten days, I was able to walk about the house or anywhere without gasping for breath.  I call that a win.

Going to the bathroom twice or so per night…seems a thing of the past now!  Sorry to be indelicate but if you need to wee more than once during the night, you might just have a problem… mine appears to be too much sugar and caffeine.  Caffeine is known to create a problem with the urge to urinate more often. Another win.

Itching.  Oh, how I detest itchy skin!  No matter how much lotion you can throw at it, it doesn’t stop the sugar itch!  My back particularly, but nowhere is sacred when the sugar itch starts.  Of course, I can’t say I never itch now because other factors in a person’s life can determine if your skin will itch or not, but I can safely say, I am not nearly so itchy now! Another win.

Heart palpitations.  Gone.  Win.

Afternoon brain fog…done!  More hours in the day now for me to make things for our shop! Win-win-win!!

Dizziness…well…it appears to be over, but one never knows for definite what is making them feel woogie, still, for now I will say that I am sure the sugar fixation may have contributed to the dizzies. Won’t call this a win yet, however, doubtless that it does help.

Energy.  I am more energetic than I have been in months.  Maybe years!  The lack of sugar in my life may not be helping my arthritis pain but if I’m ever able to get real help for that then I definitely have the energy to do whatever is needed.  I did have a small two-day slump, but I think that was at the end of the first week and probably to be expected.  It is said that some people may have withdrawal symptoms from stopping sugar, but I can safely say, even after years of swilling Pepsi, eating cake for breakfast occasionally, and my love for a bit of dark choccie in the afternoon, I came off sugar like a star.  I hope for the rest of you it will be as easy.

Confusion.  Hmm… let us say, I have been prone to confusion all my life.  It seems to be inherent.  Still, I think I am less confused than I was.  In fact, I can bring seemingly lost information from my Mind Palace [Sherlock Holmes] much more quickly now. The fact that I can remember a lot of things at all is a win! I only say this because I have entirely too much going on in my head at any given time.

My Scales

My scales…didn’t think I would really show my weight, did you? 🙂

The one thing I didn’t expect, nor did this challenge for, was weight loss! It is Monday the 11th as I write this, and I was last weighed at the doctor’s surgery Friday the 1st.  Since then, I have lost 11.9 pounds!  Mind, I am sure some that is water… probably most of it, still, I am chuffed! I shall be giving my update again at the end of February so I will definitely be weighing myself again before reporting it.  I knew I must be losing some because my ex-hubby even noticed and remarked on it.  That’s a good indicator because he is nearly as blind as I am, haha!  Big, huge WIN!

In all honesty, this not something I thought I could do, this kicking the sugar lark.  A huge part of me [probably that 11.9 pounds!] didn’t want to do it.  Still, the more I thought about it, the more I knew I must do it.  It wasn’t 100% about the fear of Diabetes.  I am also a supporter of the environment and doing everything possible to arrest Global Warming/Climate Change.  When I thought about how many one litre Pepsi bottles we went through in a year, I shamed myself into doing Fizz Free February.  And then, feeling that that wasn’t enough, I gave up my dark choccies and cake for breakfast and all.  Less rubbish to toss into plastic bin liners and bins, less electricity used [baking].  It all began adding up for me.  I know one person can’t save Mother Earth alone…and I know recycling and needing to put less in recycling bins or bags is not going to save her, either.  But it surely will not hurt!  Although we are a bit past a fortnight into Fizz Free February, I ask any of you whom are reading this to please join me.  It’s never too late to get healthy, and even if you do have Type II Diabetes, you can reverse it!  And although we only have about ten years to get to nearly zero emissions to prevent another half another half degree of climate rising, it is certainly not too late to do whatever you can to help.

Reading over this writing and editing, as you do, made me think of yet another blog I have done recently.  I had been pondering how I could have lost 11.9 pounds in a fortnight.  I have never had such remarkable results.  Normally, for me, I can average about a 14-pound weight loss in the space of a month if I need to and still eat sensibly. And, of course, I do realise some of this loss is water, bloat.  However, that is the case in any weight loss, but I would still only lose about a stone in a month’s time.  It then hit me… If you read my blog, Happy Imbolc 2019, then you may remember that I spoke of doing a healing meditation in which you do deep breathing and a lot of it.  Ta da!  When you breathe, the exhalation rids your body of fat.  In the healing meditation you don’t simply breathe, you breathe deeply and slowly and exhale a lot of air.  It’s probably more breathing than most do in a day when you think about how many repetitions there are and compare it to the quite shallow way most of us breathe.  In fact, when I concentrate on something, I catch myself holding my breath for no telling how long.  It is, in my estimation, that I am ridding myself of fat far faster during my healing meditation that I do breathing normally.  This is excellent news for me as I can’t exercise very robustly thanks to my very arthritic and creaky hip, knee, and back. And, if any of you reading want to take off a few pounds safely and save money at the same time, perhaps a combination of kicking the fizz and the healing meditation will work the same for you as it has done for me.

Sorry for kind of going off course there.  I’m one of those who piece puzzles together in my brain as I speak.  And, as I am the guinea pig for encouraging my good readers to kick the castor [sugar], I wanted to be able to give a good, valid report that might encourage them to take up the good health torch themselves.

Thank you to everyone sticking to the end of my surmisal. No, “surmisal” is not a word but all of this is based on my deductions over the past two weeks.  Perhaps if you learned something which you think may help someone you know, please feel free to share via the social media buttons below.  Comments are always welcome.  Warmest blessings upon all whom wander this way. x

And many blessings to Southwark Council for getting me into this!

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver


Image courtesy of Google Images

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my lovely readers.  I hope today will be the day you become engaged to the love of your life… or the day you meet the love of your life… or the day when you renew your commitment to the love of your life you have been with for many years… or maybe you are alone and that’s alright with you.  Even if you are a confirmed loner, like myself [don’t worry, I have had love.  I just prefer my cat’s company these days.  Less trouble 🙂 ] go on and treat yourself today.  Open a bottle of Prosecco, order in something fabulous for supper, buy yourself a little prezzie…do something nice for yourself.

Nothing really magickal or sage to say about the day, except “enjoy it”.  Alone or together, you are worth it!  For those of you who do want to read something magickal, please visit my earlier Valentine’s Day blog – Love Spells.  It could change your mind about how you go about getting that special one to take notice.  If you do read it, I hope you find something in it that speaks to you…and helps.

So, enjoy the day and celebrate the love!  Happy Valentine’s Day x


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From the Wortcunner’s Cabinet – Sunflower

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver


Arif Khan and his very tall Sunflowers ~

Vine House Farm is only one of a few sunflower growers in the UK, and the largest in the UK. Due to the specific growth requirements mean that Lincolnshire is the furthest north Sunflowers can be commercially grown.  And Arif Khan grew the giant plants at his home in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex and incredibly the flower has shown real staying power by standing tall well into October of 2018.  Still, any further north of Lincolnshire you will have to settle for a pretty bouquet from a florist’s and they will most likely hail from Vine House Farm.

Unless Climate Change/Global Warming continues creating sunny, hot summers such as the one in 2018 for the UK, chances are the country north of Lincolnshire will never be prolific growers of the lovely flowers as is America, from where they hail.  And, I imagine soil would play into the growing of them as well…although it is easier to get the kind of soil mix you need than it is to command the perfect Spring and Summer sunshine and warmth needed for the stately Sunflower.

We shall have to be content with what we have…and there will be no wild-gathering for you lovers of finding your herbs and such from the lay-bys and forests and open fields…although, if you fancy your chances, go ahead and give it a try this Spring on growing them.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained I always say.

I could bang on about the various place in the UK where Sunflowers have been grown and flower shows and such, but I’ll stop here and get on with the magick.


Sunflowers harrisseeds dot com

Sunflowers ~ courtesy of Google Images

Many traditions see Sunflowers as good luck and it is thought that if you pick a Sunflower at sunset and wear it pinned to yourself it will bring the wearer good luck the next day.

To find the truth about something, sleep with a Sunflower under your pillow and the next day the truth of the matter will be revealed to you.

Why is the Sunflower a symbol of loyalty? Because each day the face of the Sunflower follows the sun throughout each hour it shines.  Would you like someone to be loyal to you?  Feed them Sunflower seeds.

For Litha brew a tea of dried Sunflower petals and sprinkle about like holy water in your sacred space for Litha rituals, around your Litha-decorated altar, and sun related spell work and ritual.

Because of Sunflower’s fertility effects it is believed that women of child-bearing years should eat the seeds to help bring a pregnancy if they have been having trouble conceiving.

Add the petals of a Sunflower to your bath to attract happiness.

For attracting wealth and abundance use Sunflower in a variety of ways.  The petals can be put into witch bottles, sachets, and poppets to draw wealth.  You can also make potpourri with Sunflower and add other flower petals and whole spices which attract wealth to set about in your home or business.  Eating the seeds can also help draw wealth… only be sure you’re also wanting to conceive if you are a woman 😊.  Bad joke, I know!

Sunflowers dried

My dried Sunflower ~ photo by i.macy

Sunday is the best time to do a spell for drawing wealth to your business, if you are a business owner, and the best time of the day is during the planetary hour of the sun.  A good way to help manifest your business wealth is to also use Sunflowers on your altar or dried Sunflower as an offering.

Sunflower is a friendship flower according to the Victorian Flower Meanings.

And, Sunflowers are known to promote courage in some cultures.



Sunflowers were originally cultivated by Native Americans and used for food and medicine. Medicinal uses included using the juice from the stems to treat wounds and infusing the plant in water to treat kidneys and chest pains.

Sunflowers aren’t used in medicine anymore apart from possibly in Native American tribes, however, the seeds are always good for one’s health.  The Sunflower oil you purchase in your supermarket is not only better to cook with than many other oils for your health, but did you know it is a wonderful massage oil? Excellent for your skin.


Planetary:  Sun, duh…😊

Gender:  Masculine

Zodiac:  Leo

Element[s}:  Fire, Air

Powers: wealth, fertility, luck, loyalty, and honesty/truth

Deity:  Baba Yaga, Ra, Apollo, Helios

Many thanks for reading my blog.  I appreciate everyone taking the time and would love it if you left comments…I answer to all.  And, if you have found something useful from reading this would you kindly share via the social media buttons below and give us a like?  Warmest blessings to all whom wander this way x





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The Magickal Poplar Tree

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram: @thewandcarver

POPULUS ALBA woodlandtrust org uk

Populus alba ~

Poplar trees, or Populus – the genus, has about twenty-five to thirty-five species, and is native to much of the Northern Hemisphere. The name Populus refers to the fact that the trees were often planted around public meeting places in Roman times. They grow rather tall, 15 to 50 metres [49 to 164 ft] and have trunk diameters of up to 2.5 metres or 8 feet 2 inches.  Different species have names other than Poplar, such as Aspen  or Cottonwood.  It all depends upon where you live, I suppose. According to Wikipedia, in the September 2006 issue of Science Magazine, the Joint Genome Institute announced that the western balsam poplar [P. trichocarpa] was the first tree whose full DNA code had been determined by DNA sequencing.  Pretty impressive, that.



POPULUS NIGRA woodlandtrust org uk

Populus nigra ~

Loosely speaking, the Poplar is divided into three groups, as mentioned above – Balsam Poplar, Aspen, and Cottonwood, in the United States. As far as I can understand, the only “like” or comparable Poplars which are found in both the US and the UK are the Aspen, Black Poplar, and White Poplar.  Of course, I have already written about the Aspen.  I did find some pretty impressive information concerning a trial which took place in the 1990’s where new hybrids of Poplar were being experimentally planted in the lowlands of England to see if they would be viable as trees to investigate the interaction on profitability….to test whether growing these hybrids would be worth the doing.  I imagine this investigation is on-going as the first seven years will be their baseline for all future events from this experiment…and I have found no ending conclusion of it in my research.


So, as we have nothing quite the same in the UK as all the species of Poplar which reside in the US… apart from the Aspen, which you can read about here, and White Poplar and Black Poplar, I shall write about the White Poplar and the Black Poplar, which both grow in both the US and in the UK, their respective genus’s and species being Populus Alba and Populas Nigra. The White and Black Poplar’s are both naturalised to the UK, having been brought from the US in times past.


Being of Saturn and the zodiac of Capricorn, any part of Poplar is best used on Saturdays during the planetary hour of Saturn. The best spell work is achieved during this time for  anything to do with safety, power, success, intellect, travelling, communication [especially into other realms]; spells to help you get through difficult times, as well as when you just need a boost in a specific area of your life.

For change and success, the Poplar wood is best ground fine and used as one of the ingredients of your loose incense created for just these purposes.  You may also use it in talismans which you create for these purposes at your altar during ritual.

For creating a protection charm/amulet, you will do well to create your amulet in ritual as in a witch bottle, sachet, or poppet of yourself or the person you’re wanting protection for.

Creating a talisman featuring Poplar wood is also found to attract money and wealth; again, may be used in poppets, sachets, and witch bottles. And, of course, in your ritual loose incense for this purpose.

The leaves of the Poplar are particularly good for use in ‘flying ointments’ for those involved in astral travel and/or hedge witchery, and necromancy – to help walk the hedge and to contact ancestors. The Spirit of the Poplar is a guide during divinations. A perfect divination pendulum can be fashioned from Poplar wood which we will be selling soon in our shop.

POPULUS ogham EadIn the Celtic Birth Tree ‘astrology’ [which really needs another designation as it has nothing to do with astrology apart from the lunar months], Poplar is a tree of growth, strength, and visualisation. Its Ogham alphabet is Ead [pronounced hadh] for the English alphabetic equation of the letter E.



POPULUS ALBA catkins woodlandtrust org uk

White Poplar catkins ~

I must turn to Nicholas Culpeper for he so kindly wrote about both the White Poplar and the Black Poplar.  You can be assured that much of what he writes is still in practise today.

White Poplar:  ‘White Poplar, saith Galen, is of a cleansing property: The weight is of an ounce in power, of the bark, thereof, being drank, saith Dioscorides, is a remedy for those that are troubled with the sciatica or the stranguary,  The juice of the leaves dropped warm into the ears, eases the pains in them,  The young clammy buds, or eyes, before they break out into leaves, bruised, and a little honey put to them, is a good medicine for a dull sight.’

POPULUS NIGRA catkins woodlandtrust org uk

Black Poplar catkins ~

Black Poplar:  ‘The Black Poplar is held to be more cooling than the White, and therefore the leaves bruised with vinegar and applied, help the gout. The seed drank in vinegar is held good against the falling-sickness.  The water that drops from the hollow places of this tree takes away warts, pushes, wheals, and other like breakings-out of the body.  The young Black Poplar buds, saith Matthiolus, are much used by women to beautify their hair, bruising them with fresh butter, straining them after they have been kept for some time in the sun.  The ointment call Populneon, which is made of this Poplar, is singularly good for all heat and inflammations in any part of the body, and tempers the heat of wounds,  it is much used to dry up the milk of women’s breasts when they have weaned their children.’

POPULUS NIGRA buds woodlandtrust org uk

Black Poplar buds ~

Black Poplar is a good remedy for urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and cystitis. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and diuretic properties well suited to alleviating pain and infection. The Poplar’s buds have all the help you need!  Add two teaspoons of the dried bud from the Black Poplar to one litre of water and infuse for 10 minutes.  You can drink two to three cups of the tea per day to stave off stones and to treat your urinary tract infection or cystitis.  For rheumatism, use Black Poplar bark in a decoction of half a teaspoon of dry bark to a cup of water, infused for 10 minutes.  Drink two cups per day to alleviate pain and inflammation.  Poplar has gallic acid, and salicin, both painkillers.  You may use the recipe above with Poplar buds instead if preferred. This recipe also is good for the gout and bronchitis and is very helpful with the common cold.


Planetary:  Saturn

Gender:  White Poplar, Masculine; Black Poplar, Feminine

Zodiac:  Capricorn

Element[s]:  Air

Powers:  Hope, Rebirth, Divination, Astral Projection, Courage, Ancestry, Protection, Healing

Deity:  Hecate, Morrigan, Tyr, Apollo, Zeus

Many thanks for reading my blog.  I hope you have found some usefulness from it and if so, would you be so kind to share via the social media buttons below as well as give it a like?  I very much appreciate interaction and if you comment, I will be happy to answer.  I wish warmest blessings upon all whom wander this way x


The Complete Herbal and English Physician, by Nicholas Culpeper

Whispers from the Woods, by Sandra Kynes

What’s Your Birth Tree is the New What’s Your Star Sign, by Isabella


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From the Wortcunner’s Cabinet – Juniper Berries

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

juniperus-ornamental-trees dot co dot uk

Juniper ~

Of the Juniper bush, Nicholas Culpeper wrote in his famous The Complete Herbal and English Physician, “They [Juniper bushes] grow plentifully in divers woods in Kent, Warney common near Brentwood in Essex upon Finchley Common without Highgate; hard by the Newfound Wells near Dulwich, upon a Common between Mitcham and Croydon, in the Highgate near Amersham in Buckinghamshire, and many other places.” Of course, Mr Culpeper would not have known they also were growing in Europe, Southwest Asia, and North America.  He wrote about what was on hand mainly in England in the 1700’s and how each herb, spice, flower, and tree could lend itself to healing in the medicine of the times.  His information was good for his time and is still as useful today.

We can not speak of the berries, which many of us use for different purposes in magick and healing without first speaking of the bush/tree, of course.  And now that we have done, Mr Culpeper has more information regarding the Juniper, “The berries are not ripe the first year, but continue green two Summers and one Winter before they are ripe; at which time they are all of a black colour, and therefore you shall always find upon the bush green berries; the berries are ripe about the fall of the leaf.”

The Juniper bush can grow up to 25 feet tall…I would say that is quite a large bush, indeed! And any lover of a good G and T [gin and tonic] knows the primary ingredient in gin is Juniper berries. But we shall now ponder the magickal and healing ways of the berries.


Juniper berries, if added to sachets and carried with, will protect the wearer from accidents and theft, as well as from attacks from wild animals and snakes.

The berries are also said to increase male potency.

If Juniper is grown by or hung dry by any entry door of your home, it is said that the home will be protected against evil forces and persons.

Juniper Berries are good for increasing psychic powers and other popular uses including incense mixtures for exorcism and breaking hexes.  It is also used in love spells.

Juniper has been said to be the guardian of the veil – the veil between the worlds.

For any magickal undertaking, the berries can be dried and crushed to be used in incenses for your purpose.  They can also be added to poppets and sachets for the reasons you wish to use their magickal properties and drinking Juniper berry tea is helpful when seeking out the other side as in hedgewitchery and necromancy. Do not drink the tea or work with Juniper berries if you are pregnant. 


Juniper berries are known for having health properties that improve memory and mental clarity.

Juniper berries act as a parasiticide (parasite destroyer) and antiseptic. Nicholas Culpeper writes, “The berries stay all fluxes, help the haemorrhoids or piles, and kill worms in children.”

Apparently, a great ridder of ‘wind’ [after all the rich foods partaken of back in the day, no doubt!] for Mr Culpeper also states, “…strengthens the stomach exceedingly, and expels the wind.  Indeed, there is scarce a better remedy for wind in any part of the body, or the cholic than the chymical oil drawn from the berries.”

Juniper 600 apr 2012 cma dot org dot uk

Juniper berries ~

Juniper berries are excellent to use in a tea for its detoxifying properties and can aid in the treatment of gout and rheumatoid arthritis.  This is confirmed by Culpeper as he writes, “…[Juniper berries] are excellently good in all sorts of agues; help the gout and sciatica and strengthen the limbs of the body.”  The berries are also known as an excellent diuretic and is proved again by Culpeper, “they provoke urine exceedingly, and are therefore very available to all dysuries and stranguaries.”

Culpeper also says Juniper berries are “a most admirable counter-poison, and as great a register of the pestilence as any growing; they are excellent good against the bitings of venomous beasts.”  I have no doubt this is true.


Planetary:  Sun

Gender:  Masculine

Element:  Fire

Zodiac:  Leo

Powers: Protection, Mental Health, Love, Male Potency, Increasing Psychic Powers, and Breaking Hexes

Deity:  Bridghid/Bridget, Dhatara, Frey, Helios/Sol, Lucifer, Mithra, Ra, Savitar, Apollo, Inanna/Ishtar

Folk Names:  enebro, gemeiner wachholder, geneva, gin berry, ginepro and gin plant

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The Complete Herbal and English Physician, by Nicholas Culpeper c 1702

The Encyclopaedia of Magical Herbs, by Scott Cunningham


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Happy Imbolc 2019!

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

Today is Imbolc, a prelude to Spring, a day when the Celtic people celebrate their favourite Goddess, Bridghid/Bridget/Briget, and is a kind of festival of light because the days are growing longer. Spring proper, of course, begins on the 20th of March. Many marks the occasion by celebrating two days, overriding into the Christian celebration, Candlemas, which likewise celebrates Bridget, but as a Saint, not a Goddess, and commemorates the presentation of Jesus at the Temple when he was a baby.

Imbolc is significant to the Pagan people because the winter has been long and dark… everyone is expectant of happy, warm days ahead.  It is like a pregnancy in the first trimester, all smugly, warmly awaiting to burst forth. Depending upon where you live, you may even spy newly budding trees and some early blooming flowers peeking out here and there.  For the most part, however, most things still appear dormant and grey…but don’t think for a second everything is dead. No, rebirth is on the way, never doubt that at all.

goddess bridghid

Bridghid ~ by Emily Balivet, Etsy

Let us speak of the Goddess, Bridghid [or Bridget, if you prefer] for a moment.  She is, after all, central to all things new and fresh and of warmth.  Her element is Fire. Her planet is the Sun. And her most notable “power” is Healing. She is the harbinger of all we hope for in the onset of Spring. We’re all very tired of the winter cold, the grey days…and of course, this is the time of year where people start making good on their New Year’s resolutions to get healthy…We want to start as we mean to go on. I think therefore over the last couple of weeks I have been writing blogs about how to get healthy.  Perhaps I feel if I at least speak of it, I’ll do it? Ah, that would have been me a year or two ago, but I am really doing what I blogged about this year!

To get back on track about Bridghid, during Imbolc she is her Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess.  This is the time for fresh ideas, Spring cleaning, clearing away the old to make way for the new. How can we honour Bridghid in this Neo-Pagan world? Easily.  One way my grown children and I plan to is by digging out every last thing we know we have no use for any longer and give it to charity.  This way we can help less fortunate people and to also make more space in every room of the house.  Not to be refilled with more unnecessary things, mind, but to  live in a cleaner, less cluttered home environment.

We are also planning a new herb garden this year, after the freezing and cold gives way to some appreciable warmth.  The old one has been neglected for a few years, considering the worsening of my arthritic back and hip, but I now have hope that these will be feeling better soon.

Then, one of our most ambitious plans is how to help clean up the environment and do more for climate change.  Of course, we have always recycled and re-used as much as possible, however, I have been reading about how to recycle more properly, like those horrid supermarket carrier bags.  Mind, we do have a dozen canvas bags but there is the odd time here and there where they are forgotten.  And the plastic carrier bags end up in the house again.  Of course, supermarkets often have collection points where you can bring back your carrier bags, however, leave it to me to forget and leave them at home half the time!  So, we have drawn up our very own Climate Change Agreement and everything is detailed on what we plan to do and how to go about doing each thing in the most effective way possible. These details all aspects of daily life in which we see a need to make changes and how they can help us save money and at the same time, do our bit to help save Mother Earth.

Some ways which may sound too small to bother with can mean a lot if everyone does it.  Some of the ways are:

  1. Turn down the thermostat one degree [minimum]. As Mum always said, put on a cardi!
  2. Make a list of all recyclables and find out where each must go to be recycled properly.
  3. As often as possible, walk or use public transportation. The less vehicles on the road that run on fossil fuels, the better. If you already own an electric car, I love you!
  4. Grow whatever you can to help reduce shopping costs and to have fresh produce right outside your kitchen door. You may not think you have green fingers, but I’m betting if you give it a proper go, you’ll be able to grow something besides weeds.
  5. Per my last blog, give up fizzy drinks and sugar. You’ll help to reduce the number of plastic bottles in the world as well as become healthier.
  6. Re-use everything you can. Make dusting cloths out of old tea towels, use newspaper for cleaning windows and mirrors,  make cat or dog toys from old denim jeans that are too tatty to wear any longer [never thought I would be saying too tatty about jeans!]; I think you catch my drift.
  7. Try zero-waste living. [Zero-waste living for the beginner, UK]
  8. Start saving for an electric car.
  9. It may not be “your job” but go round picking up litter in your neighbourhood or a neighbourhood park. Take care to separate the recyclables from land-fill rubbish and dispose of all properly.  You can take pride in knowing that unlike everyone else, you have properly recycled everything you collected.
  10. Whenever possible, buy products that are not in plastic. This means produce, dry foods, and toiletries.  You will rarely, if ever, find much of anything packaged in glass these days, perhaps apart from jams and preserves, but try to at least buy loose produce and food in boxes which can be recycled [no, I’m not talking about ready meals!]

A little can go a long way.  Imagine if everyone did all the above and more? It would make a significant dent in climate change.  Of course, there are those who baulk at climate change being a thing.  If you know of a politician where you live whom is against doing anything constructive for climate change, write letters.  We can work some seriously good magick for Mother Earth if we try.

And Bridghid will be proud of us all.   Happy Imbolc!

Many thanks for reading my blog.  I hope everyone finds something useful to take away from it.  If you have enjoyed reading, please share via the social media buttons below and give us a like?  I very much enjoy comments and welcome you to write.  I answer fairly promptly.  Warmest blessings to all whom wander this way x

climate-change davos

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